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Hi Leo,

1. Flights to Chongqing was on time, the tour guide picked us up and took us for embarkation

2. The Yangtze River Cruise was wonderful, the staffs in the cruise were very helpful, the attendants in the dining room remembered my issues with food allergies, every dining time (breakfast/lunch/dinner) they would either save me some food and/or show me dishes that I can avoid due to my onion and cinnamon allergies.We upgraded our cabin to the presidential cabin,my gift to my husband, whose health is failing and wanted him to be very comfortable.

3. the flight to yichang was on time, tour guide spotted us right away. Followed the itinerary as scheduled. She was very attentive to my food allergies and very informative

4. The last tour was the Sanyou cave. We opted not to see it, because we were very tired and exhausted, so opted for massage. She refunded us the cost of the cave tour (60 rmb pp). That was very nice of her.

5. Xian- tour guide was waiting for us in the airport. Went on the scheduled tour. I mentioned to her that we needed a wheelchair for my husband if we'll do a lot of walking. She secured it from the hotel. She pushed the wheelchair all the time. I wanted to relieve her but she insisted.

There was a slight issue on the hotel rooms. We had to change to non smoking room/floor. I have asthma, when I smelled the floor and room of smoke, I started coughing. I called the front desk to change our room in the morning, since my husband was already asleep. I wore my face masked all night.They did change our room the next day x2 as the first one (though they told me was a non smoking floor, soon as the elevator opened in 7th floor, I started coughing again, and a very strong fume of smoke was detected, so the bellboy was gracious enough to let us wait in the 7th floor ao he went to the front desk to change another floor/room. Finally, the 8th floor was a lot better. So when the guide showed up we were trying to change room and that delayed out start of the tour.  I think this would have been avoided if the front desk asked us if we wanted the non smoking room on check in.

The massage was relaxing. It was a nice alternate to the cave tour. According to the guide, the tour ends up in a tunnel and see the wonderful mountains and river. I mentioned to her that we had enough mountains and rivers while we cruised. in the train station, we waited while she got our train tickets. Soon as she got them, she gave them to us. She told us to go the gate for boarding, (the gate # was in the ticket), then she left. We had to asked/showed our tickets to  the train staffs to let us know was time is boarding, what floor we need to get the train etc,etc. Communication was a slightly an issue, but managed with gestures. The train staffs were very nice, we were in Q to get in the gate, when she came to us and told us to go ahead and enter the gate, we had to take the elevator to level 1 to take the train and told us to take #2 car. So we had time to load our luggage in the train. In the train, we tried to go to the dining car but they were closed and start again in 20 mins. Again, we had some communication issues, as the staff serving doesn't understand nor speak English. I was asking about the onion in the package to no understanding. Anyways, another person in the dining car came to rescue us and read us the ingredients. When we opened the pack, the individual seasoning were in separate envelops. That helped some, so I didn't add the package with onion/scallion. Overall experience was very good. I thought it was a nonstop bullet train but we stopped at least 6-7 times to drop off/pick up passengers. It was an adventure experience, since that was out first time to ride a bullet train.

Then came to train station in Beijing, we didn't know where to exit-north or south. we followed the crowd to the south terminal. Lots of folks offered to get a taxi but we told them we have someone meeting us and they were insistent. I think because we were tourist and they spot an easy target. We stopped and waited soon as we reached the south exit, they a guy comes and he says "wait", He left to get Richard, the guide, as he was also covering the north exit in case we went that way. So we walked out of the train station to the parking area, and that was a long walk, my husband was huffing and puffing. I wished he told us to wait outside the train station or a corner of the street while the driver fetched the van. Though my husband made it, I told Richard the my husband has lung and brain cancer and is unable to walk long distance as he get very short of breath. He helped us check in. I asked him if he can secure a wheelchair for all those walking tour the following days. Yes, he was able to secure a wheelchair for us from the hotel, just put deposit. He pushed the wheelchair. Yes, my husband made it to the great wall of China with difficulty. He walked the steps till we reached the big rock and up again to the see more of the wall.I thought he was going to pass out on me, but he tolerated all the activities that day.

I have a question: we paid for the gondola ride RT, I thought that was included in the package tour? Also, in the package, it didn't state that the gondola ride was not included and needs to be paid when we get there.I would appreciate an explanation.

Richard helped us a lot in checking in at the airport, and securing a wheelchair for my husband. That was a long walk. We are glad that the Air China staff provided it.

Richard had a good command of English, wonderful guide, very knowledgeable in Chinese history. We learned a lot from his information. The lunch with a family was a very good touch. We enjoyed that a lot, meeting the family and dining on the home cook food, so different from restaurants. The rickshaw ride around the Hutong village was fun too.

On day 7, I noticed now on the itinerary that there was an experience to the Tea Ceremony, We didn't experience that nor we went to one. Also, for lunch, he took us where the locals go so we experienced dining with the local people in that restaurant.

Over all, it was a very good experience for us, hotels were nice and accommodating and tour guides were very knowledgeable in history and seems to be passionate too about their country.

Thanks for setting up a wonderful tour. It was very memorable and one to cherish. My husband checked it off his bucket list!

Again, thank you.


Aireen‚ ‚ Mar. 30, 2018

Hi Jack,

We would like to thank you for your prompt response to the flight cancellation. Chasing last minute train & flights plus the lack of sleep

were offset by the fact that we had a good time on our Xiamen trip. The guides Tom (Xiamen) & John (Mt. Wuyi) were both very attentive

to details, knowledgeable about the history and culture of the area and people. Our drivers were also very good. The trip was very enjoyable

and fulfilling.

Thank you very much.

Can you tell me what month of the year is it best to do the silk road trip?


Judy‚ ‚ Mar. 29, 2018

Hi Jack,

TQVM for gifts. Sophie had put a lot of effort to get those gifts which all of us had indicated to want to obtain during this trip. Very thoughtful of her. Besides, she is also one of the best China guides we have so far. She could switch from Mandarin to Cantonese and English to make sure we understand all the things she talked about.

An important request for future tours : Please provide the bigger 22-24 passenger mini coach if we have 8 or more pax.(The one that replaced the previous van on the last day to send us to the airport). The seats and furnishings are a higher luxury class. If not sure, please ask Sophie.Also to ensure it is fairly new.

As I had said before, the vehicle is like a tourist's home for 10 or more days.If we have to spend more to ensure comfort, we don't mind.The minivan you provided was okay for someone like me ( small size) but for some of our taller and bigger passengers, the legroom was too tight.

Anyway, we had a great time . Weather was fine and we  managed to see all the flowers in bloom. Jinchuan was a let down as most of the pear trees on the hillslopes are now gone.Also I think the increase in houses in the valley and using the land for vegetable plots or other produce had resulted in smaller blooms and lesser quantity.

I am planning the biggie Silk route  tour with perhaps 10 -12 pax. Not sure if can do this year, as our country is busy with national elections. Otherwise will be 2019.



Ngeow‚ ‚ Mar. 29, 2018

Hi Wing,

Our day tour in Beijing was really good. Richard was a excellent tour guide and the driver was very reliable. We are very happy with that tour and thank you for organising it. 

We’ve collected train tickets and received your message regarding other two guides. They will have their task cut out especially trying to fit in Richard’s shoes.

Thank you


Mitesh‚ ‚ Mar. 29, 2018

Hi Leo Li,

Our trip to China was successful. Your representatives were waiting for us on all arrivals and pickups.  The guides were knowledgeable and adaptable to our needs.  Both Li & Timo were exceptional.  We had very bad weather in Zhangjaijei but Li put a beautiful smile on her face and her umbrella up.

The Century legend ship was very comfortable.  We upgraded in the dining room very worthwhile.

Your attentiveness to my persistence questions prior to going away was commendable.  Thank you so much.

The friends that travelled with us will be contacting you for their next years travel back to China.



Margaret‚ ‚ Mar. 28, 2018

Dear Leo,

First of all, thank you very much for your help to arrange the trip in such a rush and short time, your prompt response is much appreciated specially very sorry had to trouble you during after office hour and late night.

Over all the trip was very good, Both of me and my wife enjoyed it very much, Lyla is a very friendly lady, very helpful. The Driver too.

The accommodation was good and clean. The food was o.k.

Just a small comment is that the seats in the transportation prefer to be a bit bigger so that more comfortable during some of the long distance trip ( 3 to 4 hours).

However, we enjoyed the trip and your services.

Thank you


Li Chen

Li Chen‚ ‚ Mar. 27, 2018

Hello, Lily,

We would like to send our evaluation based on the form.

1. Lily's answers were prompt and she was patient to arrange our tour answering our questions.

2. Our tour itinerary was excellent satisfying our interests.

3. Certainly we are willing to recommend your service. Your service was thorough.

4. You were easy to communicate with email and the payment method was good. Your travel consultant and local guides are reliable. The guides spoke sufficient English and were knowledgeable about the areas.

5. It would be good that the local guides give us the simple map and written programs for the day and any important notes.

6.  Please use our evaluation for your marketing, but not photos.  We are not good at photography.

7.  We wouldn't like to be contacted by unknown people. Our evaluation shows your customer service is good.

We had a very good holiday in China. Thank you.

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Kiyoko‚ ‚ Mar. 28, 2018

Hi Lily,

Yes we did the tour and I will put something on the website.

Just letting you know that the accommodations in Xian were great and our guide there was so kind Kimi. He showed us around and was very kind.

Oliver was fine and helpful.

Just thought you and your company would like to know of this. I will not put it in the comments but as i said pass it on to you.

The cruise was fine but the tours we did pretty low rent n the scale.



Ann‚ ‚ Mar. 14, 2018

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