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Hi Stephanie!

We got back yesterday night!

We were so tired, almost 30 hours flight!!!

But the trip wa samazing!

And any travel photos are welcome as well. It will be highly appreciated if you agree to let us put your evaluation E-mail and photos on our website.

Of course we agree on you to put our evaluation on your website.

Here below are the questions for you:

1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Stephanie was a great consultant, she was efficient, prompt and patient in answering our questions. She was always kind and friendly.

2. How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour?

Tour guides were great!! Very knowledgeable on their city history and economic facts. They were helpful, friendly and always ready to solve our group situations. They were there for us from our welcoming at the airport arrival to the last procedure when we took our flights back home. We never felt alone! And that´s important, specially with language issues.

3. Would you like to recommend our company?

We highly recommend China Discovery Tours!!

It was the best option in service and price!

We will travel again with their support!

Let me get into my pictures, and I will send you some group photos!




Rebeca's Group visited the Tiananmen Square in Beijing


Rebeca's Group enjoyed the view of the Bund

Rebeca‚ ‚ April 3, 2018

Hi Echo,

I will lime ti recommend your company service but cannot find your company in Tripadvisor.

Please let me know your company account in Tripadvisor. Thank you.

I have put up good review of the Xiamen tour that both tour guide 徐晨悧 and driver  冉彬彬 had brought my mom and I.

We are exceptionally appreciative of their care, flexibility and helpfulness. My mom and I had a good time.



Peggy‚ ‚ March 31, 2018

Hi Wendy,

It was excellent and Lee was very good. We are back home now. Thanks again cheers Ravi. We already have given the feedback.


Ravi‚ ‚ April 3, 2018

Hi Rita,

The trip was really good, we had a great time.

I actually was wondering if you could reach out to Johnny, our last tour guide in Xi'an for me?  I do not have his information since it was supposed to be Elina.

On the very last night, I left my camera where I sat during a Tang Dynasty performance.  I am sure it fell to the floor and was maybe kicked under a chair since we did look back to check that we had everything.  When I went back to get it, my camera wasn't there.  Johnny was to check back with the facility (they wanted to view security footage and ask the staff), and get back to me.  He has yet to do so.

Can you ask him to check in please? I understand it may be lost, but I had pictures of our entire trip on that camera. I would be happy with just the SD card!

Thank you,


Sanobeia‚ ‚ April 3, 2018

Hi Catherine 

We will do the review when the jetlag is over in 2 weeks. 

The trip had some issues but none was your fault.  Zhengzhou henan museum was mediocre, Shaolin temple was touristy, taishan was crowded.  

But kaifun show was nicer than expected, so was pingyao and Qufu. All of our hotels were fantastic.  

This trip was very historical.  Only Chinese people can appreciate what happened 2000 years ago.  For non-Chinese,  pinyao would be the best place to visit.   

We are waiting for the flight back and will connect with you later.  



Bill‚ ‚ April 2, 2018

Hi Rita,

Of course! We had a WONDERFUL time! Our tour was great and we feel like we really got to see quite a bit in a short period.

I will send a few emails with photos - in case the file size is too large; please feel free to use them and I am happy to be a reference, if needed too.

I want to make special mention of our guide, Eric, in Beijing - he was fantastic ! Our driver also was great in Beijing - we never waited, he was always waiting for us and was a safe driver.

Our guide, Laura, in Shanghai was good but there seemed to be several instances of miscommunication between her and the driver. When we arrived via train we waited for an hour for them to connect and we had to walk through the parking garage to meet the driver. We had to wait several times to be picked up from locations, again, it appeared to be due to miscommunication rather than other problem - they did not appear to have a good understanding Luke Eric and Mr. Lin had in Beijing.  Laura and the Shanghai driver we’re okay, I am just letting you know in case there is something that needs to be adjusted.

Our hotels were beautiful and we enjoyed a truly once in a lifetime trip - thank you for all your help and coordination.

Best regards,


Marie‚ ‚ April 2, 2018

Dear Wendy,

We are about to leave China (we are at the airport departure lounge now) and I would like to tell you a great thank you for your so perfect organization of our trip. All went perfectly and we felt it was bespoke.

No doubt we will recommend your services to our friend and relatives.

A would like to give a special congratulation to one specific guide: Candy in Beijing was amazing. She delivered a service that was above expectation. The driver was excellent, professional and reliable.

We had no problem and were really satisfied.

Best regards


Paul ‚ ‚ April 2, 2018

Hi Stephanie,

Feedbacks as follows:

We found Stephanie Kuang to be an excellent travel consultant who provided us with timely and helpful information. She was very insightful to our needs and made recommendations that made our cruise travel and stay very worthwhile.

As a Canadian, we required a Chinese visa for the trip. The information required was quite vigorous,Stephanie was able to quickly provide  the information to complete the visa process.

Stephanie is very knowledgeable of the shipboard processes and recommended guides that met us at the airport for embarkation/disembarkation that made it easy for us to board the ship at our convenience.

Her recommendation of the Park Plaza Beijing was a great choice for us and provided a great opportunity to see Beijing.

It was a great undertaking for us to tour the Yangtze River, Stephanie and your company made it easy and enjoyable.

Thank you.



Larry's Happy Journey in Yangtze River Cruise

Larry‚ ‚ April 2, 2018

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