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Hi Wonder,

The trip was brilliant.

The driver and hotel were very good.

The guide was very informative, who treated us like friends.

Good service.

A reasonable breakfast.

Rose and her sister thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Thank you very much for organising it so well!

Please thank Mr Lee (driver) and Walander (guide Wally) on their behalf.

We are leaving Dulwich College this week and returning to England although we have recommended highly your services to our colleagues.

Kind regards


Mark‚ ‚ June 13, 2018

Dear Echo,

I never got the first card back, as I never pressed the button that said 'Return Card' (we don't have it in England, it comes out automatically and BEFORE you get the cash, not AFTER, which confused me even more... especially with jet-lag on arrival). I needed a guide to think *for* me, ah :)

But I had packed a spare Visa card (THANK GOD I DID !!!) and this one still works and I'm still using it now I'm back in the UK as I do not have any others... I only have two.

In England we don't use WeChat or QR codes so everything is via the Visa card (we swipe it to pay for the bus, etc.).

Anyway, I still had THE most amazing time... pity you can't use Facebook, people have LOVED my photos... I'll just attach a few now for you to see... I'm about to dash to work... can't send many more...

Take care,


Sylvie‚ ‚ June 13, 2018

Hi Lyn,

Seriously, we are very happy with your agency and definitely we will recommend you. We are happy with both guides and drivers.


Eduardo‚ ‚ June 13, 2018

Dear Vivien,

We are in Lhasa. Everything is great. The gifts are wonderful and we both were very excited from it.

Daniel was very helpful and nice.

So thank you very much, I am sure we will enjoy the tour and will recommend Tibet Discovery for the great service.

Best Regards,


Ben‚ ‚ June 13, 2018


Thanks for the follow up. I filled out the form Yiben gave me pretty completely with comments. There were all positive. Being able to fit in Emei Shan and Qingcheng Shan in our short travel time in Chengdu required some long days, but we were up for that and were pretty much able to keep to the schedule. Having a younger guide was great because for example he hiked up Qingcheng with my kids while my wife and I took the boat and the gondola. The Tianfu Sunshine hotel was in a great location because my daughter is a runner and in the morning she could run 3 blocks to the Jinjiang River and then had a nice trail to run on. It was not too far from the subway which we were able to take to the mall (the one with the panda on the side) where we had hotpot with a former student of my wife’s.  The food there was great and the breakfast hours started at 6am which gave us lots of time to prepare for the day in the morning.

The flexibility in the schedule worked out great. From Yiben’s recommendation we went to the show at Emei Shan rather than in Chengdu which fit in nicer with the schedule.

The only small issue is that the drivers became distracted sometimes. One driver left his cellphone in the car when we needed to return from Jinli Old Street so we waited for a while and then walked most of the way back until he caught up to us.  We had to wait over half an hour for another driver when we exited the Dujiangyan Irrigation system at another exit because the path to the temple at the top closed at 5pm.

The pictures from Chengdu are on my wife’s phone and she will be in China until early July. We have lots of pictures from the parks and mountains. I will ask her to send a couple which I can forward to you.


Howard‚ ‚ June 12, 2018

Hello Rita,

We enjoyed our Guilin trip. Our tour guide was very good and helpful and made us feel comfortable throughout the trip. She has also  taken a few pictures of our family.

Thanks and regards,


Snehal‚ ‚ June 12, 2018

Hi Linda!

We are just sitting at the airport here in Shanghai be and just about to message you.

Firstly a big THANK YOU for making the whole process so easy. We could not have done this cruise without all your guidance, it is greatly appreciated! I hope your boss knows how great you are.

In regards to the cruise we had a lovely time! Overall a fabulous experience. Below I will leave some comments and constructive criticism.

Activities and Shore Excursions: Andy was a great River Guide and we enjoyed all the lectures with him! We also enjoyed our shore trips - especially the goddess stream!

Food: We liked the mix of western and Chinese food, always enough to eat! Last dinner was a great idea. However we think it is unfortunate that dinner was not included on the first night, it was too hard to eat before the cruise and would have been nice to meet everyone. Maybe just increase the price a little and include.

Also it was a little frustrating to always have to wake up early for breakfast...being on holidays we would love to sleep in! Not have to be awake at 7am for food!

Cruise rooms and cleaning: loved the rooms, very comfy! Everything was always clean and awesome!

Cruise staff: Were helpful and always smiling!

But again those are just small things which did not take away from our time on Victoria Anna. We had a great time and thank you again Linda!

Kind Regards,


Ashlee‚ ‚ June 11, 2018

Dear Mrs. Wing Zeng,

The arrangement was very professional and I will recommend you.

1.  Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Wing Zeng was very helpful and answered all my question.

2.  How do you comment your tour arrangements?

Well organized  

3.  Are you willing to recommend our service to your people who also have an interest to visit China?


4. Your general opinion on us?

You met my expectations

5.  Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?

The only for me frustrating thing during the trip was how much tips I should give. I thought it was not common to give tips in China. I would have preferred to have tips included in the salaries in order not to worry about how much to give. I think the guides and drivers should be paid enough not to be dependent on tips. So please, change your recommendations about tips. If someone despite no obligation to give tips would like to give some, of course they may give. But you should tell the travelers that tips are included.

6.  Can we use your comments of our service, the photos or other images that you took on the tour for our websites, brochures, marketing and publicity? If yes, could you please send us some of your photos by E-mail?


7.  We sometimes have requests from potential customers who would like to inquire from or our ex-customers.   May they contact you for advices?


Best regards

Harald Moi

Tibet Tour

Majestic Potala Palace in Lhasa

Beijing Tour

We hiked on the Great Wall

Guilin Tour

Lijiang River in Guilin

Harald‚ ‚ June 11, 2018

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