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Thank you Lily for booking the 3 gorges cruise for me.

It all went smoothly, we had a lovely time. I was a little worried at first about booking through an online agent in China, but it was fine and you gave me an excellent price. I now wish I had booked some transfers or guides with you instead of struggling to do this myself! I would recommend your service.


Mrs Toni

Mrs. Toni ‚ ‚ May 14, 2018

Dear Ashley,

I’m very good. How are you?

Hereby my anwers on the questions below.

1. The service was very good! It was fast, friendly and very helpful.

2. The service on board was great. The crewmembers were very friendly and helpful. They made us feel like home.

3. I absolutely would recommend the company to others. It was a wonderful!

Thanks Ashley for all your help to make this a special and memorable trip.



Matijs‚ ‚ May 14, 2018

Hi Linda,

Thank you for your email.  Everything about tour was great.  They came right on time and delivered exactly what they said they would.  The guide was very friendly and informative.  The driver was safe and polite.  I would definitely recommend your company to others and am glad I decided to book with your company.

Thank you,


John‚ ‚ May 14, 2018

Hi Johnson,

Please find attached the feedback form, will send photos separately. . ..might be a coupe of days as SOOOO many were taken, so need to sort!

Best wishes


Ali‚ ‚ May 14, 2018


Thank you for your follow up! 

I just arrived home in the U S, so getting back to you!

The tour you provided for me was excellent. I was concerned about many details since I was traveling alone, but you had everything covered very well.

The coordination with your guides in all the cities was also very smooth. My guides were very good, handled the details for everyone very well. I was impressed with the knowledge the guides have of the areas we visited.

My favorite hotel was Sunrise on the Bund.  It was very comfortable, good food with a good offering of Asian food and some American food.   Staff was excellent.

The Crown Plaza was a pretty good hotel. Food was good, but the hotel is little old. But no complaints.

I might suggest that when planning to go to the Great Wall,  your customers be aware that there is a lot of walking.  That was not a problem for me,  but for others it was a big challenge to get up to the lift area.

I recommended China Discovery to many people I met on my trip. 

Thank you for making my trip go smoothly and addressing my concerns as we planned the trip.

I will be on touch about my business in China!

I hope this is helpful for you.


Townsend‚ ‚ May 14, 2018

Hello Wendy,

Everything was good. I liked the tour. tour guides were excellent ,

Thank you for everything!



Andre‚ ‚ May 13, 2018


this is our draft for the trip. 

Second Private Tour with China Discovery: Ancient Capitals

Our first tour with China Discovery to Huangshan and Zhangjiajie went so well in 2017, we decided to contact Catherine Liu of China Discovery again to design a tour of the ancient capitals of Shanxi and Henan provinces this year.

She helped us with every aspect of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see. Catherine is very responsive and checked in with us throughout our travels to make sure all was well. Her suggestions and the local tour guides she contracted were excellent so we could enjoy our trip worry free.   Our guides were former local English teacher who know a lot of ancient and local Chinese history.  This is definitely a must have trip for Chinese history buff.

Most of the cities reminded us visiting China 10 years ago with construction everywhere.  In several cases, the driver had to reroute due to road construction closing. 

Our itinerary included the stops listed below. The asterisked items are ones that we recommend most. Our favorite city was Pingyao.  Traveling by high speed train between cities were some of the highlights of our trip.


* Shanxi Museum - Regional museum with panoramic view of the river; Excellent artifacts and displays that are better than many other regional museums.

Pingyao Ancient City

 * Ancient City Wall provided a panoramic view of the layout of this town.  You can easily imagine time travel back one thousand years in this small walled city.

* Wang Family Compound, the “forbidden city of non-royal residence”, a massive family compound


* Longmen Grottoes – This is a major tourist attraction and probably the most famous on our trip.

Luoyang Museum: This museum has many interesting artifacts but was not as impressive as the Shanxi Museum in Taiyuan.

* White Horse Temple, the first Buddhist temple in China over 1900 years old: What impressed us was the Luoyang Tianzi Jialiu Museum


Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Zen Buddhism and the cradle of Kung Fu

We watched a Kung Fu Performance in the Shaolin Wushu Hall and saw hundreds of students practicing wushu on the temple grounds. The grounds are quite expansive but it is very touristy.  


Dragon Pavilion, a part of the ancient ruin of the imperial palace of the Song and Jin Dynasties.

Grand Xiangguo Monastery

* Kaifeng night market - This night market is huge and a lot of fun to explore.

Millennium City Park: This is a theme park based on the Zhangzeduan, the famous panaromic silk scroll titled ‘Qingming Shanghe He (Along the River at the Qingming Festival)’.


* The Confucian Temple, The Confucian Mansion and the Confucian Cemetery. You will get a full understanding about the life of Confucius, as well as the Confucian culture. 

 Confucious birth place


You need to brush up on your Chinese history before you visit these ancient cities.  Some of the places did not accept USA credit cards.  In some cases, they only accept smart phone charge, not even cash.  In many case, a local person in line will offer to help to pay by phone,  we will give them the cash.   American tourist may be amazed that China is ahead of USA in smart mobile phone applications.

This was a very leisurely trip for Chinese history buff.  You can spend hours analyzing the historic contents of each site.  If you are in a hurry or do not have command of Chinese history, all of the significance will be lost.  Keep in mind that since 99% of the tourist visiting these sites are Chinese, the tours are very Chinese specific. 

You need to keep a sense of humor and be relaxed about things.  For example, the 200 mph high speed train station only allows drop off 400 feet away from entrance.  So you can spend 20 minutes dragging  your luggage to the train station.  Or the shuttle bus driver will wait to leaves on schedule even when the bus is already full. 

Catherine, our guides and drivers has always tries to do their best to make our trip as enjoyable as possible.

Bill‚ ‚ May 11, 2018

Thank you Rita,

The trip was great. Lori and I enjoyed every aspect of it. The guides were all good and a vast range of characters, but all shared a common passion for their cities and China.

Thank you for your help.


Paul‚ ‚ May 11, 2018

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