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Hi Johnson,

Let me begin to tell you that our trip to China was totally amazing! Unfortunately I had  a slight set back but thank you over and over for being able to let us continue the tour with  a wheelchair!

Cookie is really the one who likes the attention and this certainly was a worry off her shoulders that your guides and drivers  were able to step up to the situation in hand with dignity and kindness !

I am a very independent woman and for this to occur was difficult for me to accept and take this kindness with dignity!  I cannot ever thank the drivers or guides for their acceptance of this challenge and they were just marvelous !

I thank you for being able to step up and for all the rearranging you had to do to make a wheelchair at all the destinations for me ! You truely had a major responsibility and took  it on  without a problem! Calling us also and checking to see if everything was working as planned and it was!

I can say that my trip was a memory I will never forget and I would and will recommend your company and you to my friends!

It’s was a dream come  true trip for sure but only with the wonderful and helpful staff that you have working with you !

All the sight seeing adventures were amazing and the hotels were just beautiful! It certainly lived up to my expectations totally !

I am improving every day  and able to walk with just an elastic knee support on but it certainly has slowed me down ! I am a very active woman who does walks on the beach and swim daily for exercise ! But now limited to swimming and short walks but I’m very thankful and blessed for sure!

Again you certainly are a well organized man and your company is very lucky to have you ! Many many thanks again for everything!

Yours Truely,


Donna‚ ‚ May 29, 2018

Hi Wendy,

All well from Hong Kong - The group has just finished the Hong Kong tour (another great guide apparently - I did not go - have been here previously).

So THANK YOU so much for all you (& Tibet Discoveries) did re the set up, planning and background work -

It has been a memorable trip for all of us and overall we are extremely satisfied customers.

The positives:

All the guides you supplied for the group individual tours were excellent - “DJ” (Duang Juong) in Tibet (and I note here Tibet was the real reason for us doing the trip - and it exceeded all expectations) - DJ had excellent English and was full of information and happy to discuss what the Chinese may consider “sensitive” - he did this really well (from a Chinese govt perspective) and we came away with a more positive attitude to China’s presence in Tibet - yes we know Tibet is an autonomous region of China - and it seems if the Chinese government continues to support and allow the region and its people to develop as we observed we are sure any historical differences may pass with time.

Any way hotels ( & food) in Tibet were very good and totally acceptable - EXCEPT "Rongbuk guesthouse" - although we noted all accommodation and food here were sub-standard (surprised the Chinese government has not corrected this already - but understand there are altitude & isolation constraints ).

A note for you here - we had done a lot of altitude preparation in Nepal - but still struggled with the conditions - all tourists coming from Katmandu to Lhasa need to be very, very aware of this and need to be well prepared.

“Walden” - in Xi’an was outstanding!!!!! A highly engaging and a very intelligent young man - we wish him well in his guiding career - He is very talented (make sure you use his abilities).

“Helen” (Jueng Wai) - in Shanghai again fully engaging with good English an excellent guide - Like Walden made our tour exceptional.

“Faye" in Yichang was also good with very good English and happy to answer all our questions.

Similarly “David” in Chongqing and “Evelyn” in Guilin showed their love of their cities and with very good English did everything to show us the best of their home towns.

We loved all the train travel - it is awesome infrastructure which will serve China well and you can be very proud of the system - pity we can not do similar in Australia.

But you need to inform tourists the transfers can not get you close to the trains (security tighter than airports) - so you need to carry bags (we didn’t have “rolling bags” or use porters.

Finally the three gorges dam tour on "Victoria Anna" - was very good, and yes more than expected. Note we did all pay for the “Junior Suite Upgrade” ($200 US per room) and were very well looked after and fed very well. Maybe you need to explain this “upgrade” program to tourists.

So again Thank you  - we will and are very happy to recommend Tibet Discovery (and you Wendy) to anyone interested travelling in Tibet and China.

Wishing you well


Reed‚ ‚ May 28, 2018


I was delighted with the cruise, so here is some useful information for future guests, especially non-Chinese people

The cabins are great, non-smoking but people do seem to often smoke on their private balconies. They do offer you upgrades to the room, but I declined. they also offer you an upgrade for dining to the VIP dinner room, but do not go for it, as you will miss the atmosphere of being with everyone.

On my cruise there were about 200 Chinese and just 7 non-Chinese, however we were very well looked after with announcements etc in English and all staff had some command of English and one of the staff, Shirley, was exceptionally good at making us feel welcome and talking to us at our table every day. The 'foreigners' were all grouped together. Shirley advised us to go on some tours but suggested we avoided one as it was all going to be presented in Chinese and we probably would not find it very interesting!

Do not miss the 'Three Kingdoms Scenic Spot' show it was truly spectacular, one of the best live shows I have seen, beating those of Disney parks. And 'no' I have no idea what it was all about but it was amazing!

Each day a couple of bottles of water were provided free. My guide recommended I took my own drinks onboard which I did, he told me that the drinks were very expensive, however by hotel standards that was not so, a decent cocktail was around $12. There are small shops on several of the deck on the ship where you can buy snacks and soft drinks.

Meal times were a bit of a crush with everyone rushing to the buffet at the start, but the food was better than I expected. On our table we were provided knives and forks, but we all refused them and insisted on chopsticks!

I was surprised that the bars were empty a lot of the time, except for the 'Farewell dinner' when the 'foreigners' were given a reserved spot, another example of being well looked after. The crew gave a cabaret performance which was certainly not Broadway, but was fun to watch.

Dress on the boat was very casual, we were wearing shorts/very casual for breakfast and lunch and a little more 'smart casual' for the evenings. the advice of a shirt and tie for the Captains dinner was not correct, simple trousers and a casual or polo shirt for men and a simple dress etc for women.

The Chinese guests on the boat were very friendly at all times, with quite a few photos taken of us with some of them. One of the highlights for me was when a lady of 87 starting chatting to me in perfect English, but I then learnt she had been a professor of languages for a career.

You are not expected to tip the staff all the time, but a small tip for the cleaner of the cabin ($15) and the same for the waiter who served all the meals at our table seemed appropriate.

At the end of the cruise, my guide who took me to the airport was very pleasant and good conversation, She did not really tell me anything much about the area, but she was nice and made me confident of the journey and assisted me to check in for my flight and then took me to the restaurant before boarding at the airport and assisted me to buy my lunch before heading home.

The service I had from Yangtze Rover Cruises, and especially my contact Linda Deng was exceptionally good, far better than usually experienced from other agencies.

Best Regards,


Larry‚ ‚ May 28, 2018

Hi Jack,

Finally back home.

Had a fantastic trip in Chengdu and Tibet.

Weather could not have been better.

Great guides and drivers - all became good friends.

Thanks for the small gifts. I gave all to my friend Oren to give to his american friends.



David‚ ‚ May 28, 2018

Dear Tracy,

The cruise was excellent!!

Everything was well organized from airport pick up until airport drop off !!

Thank you very much

Best regards


Arthur‚ ‚ May 28, 2018

Dear Rita Jiang,
O Yes we enjoyed the cruise ,had a nice room and the tours especially the one to the lesser three gorges where so beautiful .The only thing which was not the best was the weather.On the first day it rained a lot. We visited the Three Gorges Damm with an umbrella. Anyway we have seen a lot, had some fun, met some new people and got save to Chongqin. We want to say thank you so much for your good Organisation. Wishing you all the best.

Torsten‚ ‚ May 26, 2018

Hi Wing,

Yes would be happy to answer your questions

I found your tour arrangements very good and would definitely recommend your company to my friends and family,

Just a blip on the pick up as David told us to wait on the boat after trip and we were told to get off and meet at the visitor center. 

I would use your service again found you very helpful the whole time from start to end of the booking.


Karen‚ ‚ May 25, 2018

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your email - we have just arrived in Chongqing and have met our guide David. We very very pleased with our guide Ofelia in Guilin as well. All the guides are very kind and helpful in making our tour most enjoyable.

We are learning a lot about Chinese history and culture and love visiting the old towns!

Many thanks

Monica & Mark

Monica & Mark‚ ‚ May 25, 2018

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