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Dear Johnson,

We are safely home, settled into our normal life and it is with great pleasure that we respond to your request for feedback.

1.    Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

I can not recommend Johnson Wang highly enough. He was incredibly prompt and patient with my numerous emails, and super helpful in allaying concerns or accommodating specific requests. 

2.    How do you comment your tour arrangements?

From my initial enquiry, until completion of our tour 12 months later, Johnson ensured that every detail of our tour was thoroughly met. The tour arrangements exceeded our expectations!

3.    Are you willing to recommend our service to your people who also have an interest to visit China?

There are multiple tour companies and travel agents offering very cheap packages for China tours, but we are so pleased we chose to contact China Discovery and negotiate a package that met the travel needs of each of us, and that made our experience in China feel exceedingly VIP compared to the travel stories we have heard from our friends who chose the cheaper deals. We would only recommend your services, as every detail from the communication, guides, drivers, itinerary and special touches are what made our tour so incredible!

4.  Your general opinion on us?

Admittedly we had some reservations about creating, booking and paying for the tour entirely online, as there are too many stories about dodgy agents and fraudulent companies, but China Discovery (& particularly Johnson Wang) were exceptional to deal with, reassuring and very trustworthy. I give them a 100% recommendation!

5.    Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?

The recommendations for optional activities was appreciated, but as the expectation between Western and Chinese culture is so different, I think a suggestion of dress code for each activity would be a good idea. 

For example, in Western or European culture the dress code for an Opera is formal, but in China it is casual, so we felt a bit silly when we dressed up very formally but then had to walk 30minutes to the venue and everyone else was wearing casual clothes.

6.    Can we use your comments of our service, the photos or other images that you took on the tour for our websites, brochures, marketing and publicity? If yes, could you please send us some of your photos by E-mail?

Of course.

China Travel Photos

Our China Trip in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai

Jody‚ Australia‚ October 5, 2019

Hi Vivien

We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise. Thank you so much.

Anthony Casetta‚ USA‚ October 4, 2019

Hi Leo,

Apologies for my delayed response. My family and I greatly appreciated the beautiful gifts that you had sent us. We also greatly enjoyed our experience with the Tibet tour. My feedback is overwhelmingly positive! Thank you also for accommodating my family's request for the additional hotel room. It was decided on the trip that it would have been best to have three rooms instead of two. The hotel in Lhasa had wonderful accommodations as did the hotel in Shigatse, though our first night in Shigatse had rooms that seemed a bit outdated. However, it was still very comfortable. I also appreciated the experience at the Rongbuk Guest House because it was such a unique experience. Most of us could not sleep at the Rongbuk Guest House but that was due to the high elevation and not because of the room. 

The tour guide and driver kept us on schedule and our tour guide shared very good information. We all felt it was very thorough and informative beyond what we could have learned on our own. He was also transparent with adjusting the schedule and I thought that was a very good adjustment. It was probably better to do the longer sightseeing drive (11 hours) going back to Lhasa from Shigatse rather than what was originally on the itinerary. By then, we had been more acclimated with the altitude so we were less tired and able to enjoy the sights more. I think that was a very good change. He was also great with helping us navigate through all the monasteries and palaces, even with the large number of other tour groups.

My mother did have some feedback regarding some of the bathrooms along the way from Shigatse to Lhasa as well as the bathroom at the Rongbuk Guest House. However, I did share with her that we were informed in advance about the more rugged conditions. She wanted me to share this with you, but everyone else in my group had no issue with the bathrooms as we understand that there are certain areas in Tibet that are far less developed. 

Thank you again for your hospitality. I have also shared my positive feedback with my Uncle Stephen who will be in China with your company later this month. I do plan to return to China and possibly visit a different area in the future and will reach out to your company when the time comes.

Leslie‚ USA‚ October 4, 2019

Hello, Wendy,

I write just to express our satisfaction with your work and with all the trip: everything was OK.

There is only one repair: the train trip between Yichang and Shangai was very long and it' ll be better to take a flight.

The program, hotels, guides, transfers were really nice and we are very grateful to you for all planning.

My best regards,

Deolinda Costa‚ Portugal‚ October 4, 2019

Dear Tracy 

Sorry the delay in answering you. The tours were very good. Everything was as expected. Thank you for planning it.


Lucianq‚ Brazil‚ October 4, 2019

Hi Vivien

Our group of four would like to thank you for the fascinating Sichuan and Guizhou trip arrangements. The weather was good during this time of the year. The guides and drivers were all very professional. We especially like Mr Billy 張 of Guizhou. He was very dedicated to his job and so knowledgeable. The driver 王師傅was very nice too. Hotels were satisfactory considering the cost and environment. Will consider to pay more to upgrade accommodations in the future. 

You will hear from us pretty soon regarding future travel plans in China.

Thanks again for your wonderful service and sincerity!


Stella Wu‚ USA‚ October 3, 2019

Hi Leo,

We are home safe and sound and wanted to let you know I submitted the review. Thank you again for the enjoyable marvelous trip. I cannot tell you enough how much we have enjoyed working with you and your company to make our trip such a success. I wish you great success and happiness in the future. We loved everything about our trip. You planned such fun sites for us, delicious food, and lots of surprises.

Thank you is not enough words to express our gratitude.

With Regards and appreciation,

Judy‚ USA‚ October 3, 2019

Hello Catherine,

First let me apologize for the length of time getting back to you.  As soon as we returned home on September 17, following our twenty-two day cruise from Shanghai to Sydney, my wife had to go to the doctor with a strained hip muscle.  I stopped all my activities for almost a week to help her as she could barely walk.  Then on the 26th we had to fly Phoenix, Arizona to attend a "Celebration of Life" memorial service for Myrna's brother-in-law who died while we were gone. We didn't return until the 29th.

Finally I am able to respond to your request for information about our China Discovery Tour.  Here are our comments:

1. You, Catherine Liu, our Travel Consultant, were excellent in answering our E-mails and definitely patient enough to answer our questions. We were very pleased with all you did to make our time in China a wonderful experience.

2.  Our tour arrangements were very good although we were under the impression that the same people would be on our tours each day.  Picking up different people at different stops each day took more time from touring than we expected.  

3.  We definitely are willing to recommend your service to people who are interested in visiting China.  We have already been doing so.

4.  Our opinion of your service is very good.  The explanation of our China Discover Tour we received before booking was very thorough.  Our hotels were excellent. Our tours were very informative.  The guides were very good.  The people that met us and/or helped us at the airports and train stations were very helpful. Without their help we would have had a great deal of trouble.

Our only problem was when we arrived in Beijing from Los Angeles.  We were not met upon arrival and had to call to find out what to do.  Evidently the person who was to greet us, and take us to the hotel, went to the wrong exit gate.  He did find us after receiving a call from your office.

Our tours were generally very good although we did not get to stop at Tian'anmen Square and our long walk through the Forbidden City was in the rain.  We were able to avoid a 1-2 hour wait in line at the museum in Shanghai because of our age.  The others in the group were quite unhappy to have to wait in line so long. 

We were disappointed in the 2nd class seating on the Bullet Train ride from Beijing to XiAn.  It was extremely crowded.  We had to store our large bags in the next compartment and put our smaller bags between our legs for the entire trip.  Out suggestion would be to book 1st Class or higher tickets rather than 2nd Class train tickets.

Highlights of our China Discovery Tour were our visits to The Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Warriors, XiAn and the Pudong and Bund areas of Shanghai. 

5.  A suggestion would be to include a dinner at a Hot Pot restaurant.  We did this on our own in XiAn with the help of our guide.  It was a great experience. Also, unless you can get immediate entrance into the museum in Shanghai, you should eliminate this stop.

6. You can use our comments.   As to photos, we have not separated them as yet but will email some at a later date.  I have yet to start on my article but will notify you when it is published on-line....probably not for a few months.

7. You can have potential customers contact me at 501-922-1101 or by email at Chuck@TheTravelingGuy.com.

Catherine, again I apologize for the delay in getting this information to you.


Chuck‚ USA‚ October 2, 2019

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