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Dear Ashley,

Thank you for your e-mail.  We enjoyed our trip to China including Yangtze River Cruise.  Below are the answers to your questions.

  1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?  YES
  2. How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour?  ALL OF THE TOUR GUIDES WERE GOOD.  However, they will be more effective if they enhance thier English speaking skill.
  3. Would you like to recommend our company?  DEFINITELY YES.  Ashley had been very helpful and punctual in replying emails.


Agaonkar‚ US‚ October 27, 2018

Good Morning Ms. Ashley He,

We really appreciated the professionalism and timeliness of all responses. No matter how many questions we had or how repetitive they must have seemed to our consultant, she was always kind and patient.

Thank you Ashley!

With regard to our tour guides. Both our Beijing and our Xian guides were very different in how they conducted their tours, but both were equally very knowledgeable, thorough, pleasant, and enjoyable to be around. They seemed to know how to best circumvent the crowds, make efficient use of the time, and see that our connections were made. I thought it might be awkward having an individual tour with the focus just on our needs, but the guides made us feel so comfortable.

We would absolutely recommend China Discovery. All details were covered. The tour content was excellent and we always knew what to expect next.


Beijing Xian Tour

Great Wall in Beijing

Beijing Xian Tour

The Great Hall of the People in Beijing

Donna‚ ‚ October 27, 2018

Dear Ashley,

We are back home and looking back to a great holiday: Beijing, Yiwu, Guilin (with a 3 day tour) and Hong Kong where super!!

My son Dave is still in Guilin, richt today he and his girlfriend met Steven for a meal & drinky :-))

1: Ashley did a great job, always a quick respons (except during The Golden Week)

2: Steven and his driver gave us a good time. 

3. Yes, I recommend China Discovery (AND Steven his company)

Kind regards

Frank‚ ‚ October 26, 2018

Hi Ashley,

You asked for some feedback about the services your company provided for us in China. Before mentioning detailed feedback, I have to say that you gave us a fantastic holiday. Also, you should know that my wife and I are independent travellers who like to do things for ourselves as far as possible and so are perhaps not typical Western tourists.

However, we appreciated that China is very different from Europe and so in the time available to us we would have not been able to see so much and get an understanding of modern- day China without the services of your guides.

For us it was great to know that when we arrived somewhere new there would always be one of your guides waiting for us. It was also good to have you as our guardian angel on WeChat in case anything went wrong such as our delayed flight from Jiayugan to Xi’an. I don’t know how often flights are delayed by nearly 4 hours but this wasn’t really a problem for us because you were able to assure us that our guide, Waldner would be waiting for us.

Your guides provided us with a great service. Lindsay gave us a great introduction to Beijing, Daniel told us so much about Tibetan culture and gave us an unforgettable visit to the Tibetan museum in Xining. Jessica was so enthusiastic and was a pleasure to be with. Waldner told us much about modern China, David did a great job of showing us Chongqing even though the weather was not so good

After we got off the cruise ship Amanda gave us a very pleasant afternoon in Yichang where there wasn’t much to see. She was right to suggest that we might not have got our train if we had gone to the Sanyou caves and so arranged an interesting visit to the Yichang museum instead. We were particularly impressed by Jennifer’s knowledge of Wuhan especially the stories she told us which brought the Yellow Crane Pagoda to life.

After a four-hour train ride to Shanghai it was good to meet Tina who was also helpful in accompanying us to the Airport on the Maglev train.

We were also impressed with the programme that you organised for us. Generally speaking, it was everything that we wanted although there were some items not on your programme that we did see / would have liked to have seen. These were:

1. In Beijing we would have liked to have seen the National Museum of China and go up the tower next to the Olympic Park.

2. In Xining Daniel showed us the Tibetan Culture Museum with it fantastic 620-metre-long prayer scroll. This incredible scroll should be part of any itinerary you offer in Xining.

3. In my free time in Shanghai I went up the Shanghai Tower which was a much better experience than the Shanghai financial tower we went up as part of our tour. This was not just because it was higher but because, unlike the Financial Centre Tower, the Shanghai Tower had an excellent exhibition of how it was built with many photos of old Shanghai.

4. We were sorry not see the Urban Planning Exhibition in Shanghai which was closed on the Monday when it was planned we should visit it.

We are perhaps different from most tourists in that shopping is not our priority. For this reason, some of the shopping experiences that were arranged for us did not add much to our holiday. We do not like the idea of factories and museums that were in fact just tourist shops. In some case such as the Silk Workshop and Tea Museum we had a very interesting explanation of the process but at other places such as the Pearl Museum and Terracotta Warrior workshop we had only a few minutes explanation before being taken to the shop.

Although it’s only a small thing another thing that spoilt things for us was that at some of the restaurants only a small amount of beer was served, perhaps three mouthfuls, yet at other places were given a full bottle.

However, the above are only small points and I must stress that your company has given us a fantastic experience of China that we could not have experienced in any other way.

As well as learning of China’s history the holiday you arranged for us has given us a good understanding of China’s present for which we are very grateful.

With best wishes and thanks again for all your assistance.

David‚ UK‚ October 12, 2018

Hello Rita Jiang,

I enjoyed the tour, it was arranged perfectly. Thank you for your hard work. Unfortunately, I did not take too many pictures but attached two that you can share if needed.

The tour is Xi'an and Shanghai were most enjoyable and the trains between cities were very interesting. Thank you once again. 谢谢.

Xian Tour

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian

Shanghai Tour

Misty Shanghai Seen from the Bund

Jasjit‚ ‚ November 20, 2018

Dear Echo!

Everything was very good, and we are very satisfied with our trip. I cannot think about anthing that could have been done better. Give my regards to all our guides and drivers. I really hope that I can give you more business. What is the best time to visit China if you want fairly good weather and avoid the top seasons?

Med vennlig hilsen/best regards


Kjersti‚ ‚ November 17, 2018

Hi Wendy,

I was traveling an additional two weeks for work so I’ve just returned to the US. My travel in Beijing and Xian was great.

To specifically answer the questions:

  1. Was your travel consultant of our company polite and patient to answer your questions?
  2. The travel consultant was very good. She answered all questions and were very knowledgeable. The first day my travel guide was Nikki and she was fantastic. Jackson was my travel guide for the second day. He was not as impressive basically drove us to the Great Wall and back he didn’t provide a lot of information. In Xian my travel guide Ben was very good.

  3. How was your tour? Are you satisfied with it?
  4. Yes the tours were great. Overall I was very happy.

  5. Do you have any suggestions about us?
  6. In Beijing many of the people from my first day were taking the same tour the next day but we all ended up in different groups for day 2. It would have been nice to have been with the same group for day 2 since we were all going on the same tour.

I’ve included a couple of photos.

Melinda‚ ‚ November 17, 2018

Hi Wonder,

Here is your evaluation form concerning our recent trip to China. The whole visit was excellent and the services you provided were first rate. Top marks to all your guides and drivers! We now have many happy memories and pictures to look back on.

We will send you some photographs in a separate email.

PS. Sorry for the delay, still got jet lag from return trip!

1.    Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Excellent service. All E-mails with questions etc. were answered within twenty-four hours.

2.    How do you comment on your tour arrangements?

Tour arrangements were made to fit our needs and carried out flawlessly. The guides at each destination were excellent and spoke good English. They met our planes, fixed our hotels and guided us through our itinerary flawlessly. The quality of the drivers and vehicles provided were excellent, as were the hotels.

3.    Are you willing to recommend our services to your people who also have an interest to visit China?

Absolutely! Already recommended them to our travel agent.

4.    Your general opinion on us.

China Discovery’s services were excellent both in their planning and organization of our trip. There were no real problems and the trip went flawlessly.

5.    Do you have any suggestions on improving or services?

None at all.

Photographs sent separately. Feel free to use them on your web site, brochures, marketing and publicity etc.

Best regards,

China Tour

China Tour

Our Happy Time in China

Glenn‚ ‚ November 16, 2018

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