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Dear Linda,

I wasn’t able to send a reply earlier. My apologies.

Overall, we were satisfied with the cruise. The Century Paragon was well-equipped and clean and our Executive Suite was spacious. We are happy that we selected that and that we also had a separate dining room on the top floor as well as a lounge where we could enjoy coffee or tea throughout the day, especially because food was only available at meal times on this cruise.

The weather wasn’t bad on the last day, was very nice on the second day, but poor on the first day. We didn’t realize that it is normal for it to be very foggy along that route (as was explained by the crew) and therefore, the views would not be very good. Unfortunately the fog was so bad one night that no boats were allowed to sail overnight at all. Because we were delayed until 5 AM, the itinerary had to be changed and we were unable to see the second gorge. There is not much that can be done about that.

One suggestion, however — before disembarking and preferably in the advertising of the excursions, you should warn people with disabilities or older age about the level of difficulty. I personally had a knee injury and was not able to visit The Red Pagoda because of the number of steps. I might have made it had I brought my cane but I didn’t know that it would be so difficult. There were people more elderly, too, that couldn’t visit it. We had no choice but to walk back to the ship. This happened again when visiting The White Emperor’s City. From the ship to the top of the mountain was over 500 steps. I made it up and so did an older couple, but it was very difficult and had we known, we might not have gone along. Please tell your customers in your advertising and certainly before disembarking about the level of accessibility and difficulty of the shore excursion.

Another point we would like to make — the final day. It was a bit of a let-down having left the ship to visit the Three Gorges Dam Project, only to be brought back to a bus terminal and simply left there. Had we not pre-arranged for transportation to the airport we would have been left feeling quite stranded. As it was, many of us did not fly out until that evening leaving a 7-hour wait at the airport with little to do there. (It didn’t help the the flight didn’t actually leave until midnight, meaning we had been there for 11 hours.)

What we thought might have been nice is if there had been an optional lunch arranged for us somewhere in Yichang where we could relax, socialize before we said our goodbyes, and fill in some time. Also, our tour guide simply got off the bus, probably to pick up another tour, and we didn’t know this. We would have given her a gratuity had we known she wasn’t going to be with us until the end of the bus ride.

We hope you appreciate receiving this feedback. Thank you for your good organization. We had a memorable trip.

Best regards,


Janice‚ ‚ April 8, 2018


We had a great time on the River Cruise! Thank you for your help.


Ashley‚ ‚ April 8, 2018

Hello Tracy

Please find attached the evaluation form along with a few photos from our trip which I am happy for you to use.

Just out of interest I noticed on our itinerary that when we were at Disney it stated that lunch was included on both days but as we were there by ourselves we didn't get lunch.  Were we charged for lunch on those days?

1.    Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?  Tracy Tan was very efficient and fast in responding to my emails.

2.    How do you comment your tour arrangements?  The arrangements were very good.

3.    Are you willing to recommend our service to your people who also have an interest to visit China?  Yes

4.    Your general opinion on us?  Very helpful, good service provided.

5.    Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?  One of the guides who showed us around didn’t have very good English so it was difficult to understand what he was saying.  Is their English ability tested?

6.    Can we use your comments of our service, the photos or other images that you took on the tour for our websites, brochures, marketing and publicity? If yes, could you please send us some of your photos by E-mail?  Yes

7.    We sometimes have requests from potential customers who would like to inquire from or our ex-customers. 

May they contact you for advices?  _Yes______

Kind regards



Terraccotta Warriors in Xian


Cute Giant Pandas in Chengdu

Fiona‚ ‚ April 8, 2018

Hi Wonder,

Had a great time in Kunming. The itinerary was great to see some of the sights in a short period of time. Definitely need to come back and visit a few more places.



Stephan‚ ‚ April 8, 2018

Hi Wonder,

Firstly, thank you for all the arrangements - we really enjoyed the vacation!

Secondly, thank you for refund. Next week, I will let you know how to get it.

Have a great evening.



Vijay‚ ‚ April 6, 2018

Hi Wonder,

Just want to thank you for arranging a totally wonderful tour of China.  We had an amazing time, and all the guides were brilliant, taking good care of us.  Everything was perfect from begging to end.  Shame our tour had to end.  If we come back to China we will definitely use China Discovery again.  Thank you.

Best wishes


Debbie‚ ‚ April 6, 2018

Thanks Leo,

All's well that ends well. We had a great time and were impressed with the rugged countryside and scenery. The China we saw was much better than is normally depicted here.

We had a big day getting there but were not the only ones. Our check in time was midnight so were pleased we did no have the morning extra tour option to go to.

Throughout the tour the tour guides were great and tried their best but by the time they did their speech in Mandarin the subject was usually passed by the time they got to English so we missed the point often.

I managed to make it to the top of The White Emperors Temple much to the surprise of most. Even had my own personal English speaking guide.

Generally everything went really well and the people were great.

The only thing I could suggest is that you supply a little more information on the optional excursions and the post cruise activities. We would have loved to have seen the Pandas but it was a miserable day when we departed so chose not to but if we had have known we may have pre booked this option.

I also feel that you need to adopt a code for the amount of physical energy required on excursions so that people our age can make a informed judgment. May I suggest that a 1 walking code indicate flat walking up to 1/2 Kilometre and/or some stairs, 2 walking code flat walking up to 1 kilometre and/or up to 50 stairs and 3 code suitable for those of reasonable fitness.

All in all we are very happy with everything and thank you and your team for your assistance.

All the best

Cec & Kati

Cec & Kati‚ ‚ April 6, 2018

Hi Stephanie,

Sheer perfection…your guides: Coffee, David, Angela and Kevin were the best ever…everything we did and saw was an element of surprise…..


Donna‚ ‚ April 6, 2018

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