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Dear Mr Wonder Wang,

We are back after a long holiday in China arranged by you.

We were very well treated by the tour guides and drivers. Without them we would not have been able to have any lunch or dinner, or get proper hotel services.

In fact tour guide Mr. Thruptin at Shangri La turned out to be Indian born and could speak our language. My wife was thrilled.

Ms Sophie the tour guide at Linjian was extremely helpful to my wife when she had indigestion after eating local flower cakes. This was the only Chinese food we had problem with.

Ms Cherry who travelled with us the most, was not only a very innovative tour guide, but also an excellent travelling company for my wife, especially for the use of toilets

The next time we visit China, we should get China SIM cards, since my Indian SIM though with roaming serviced by China Mobile was not supporting 4G data. None of the hotel rooms had 4G data support.

I wish you all the best.


Tapas De‚ India‚ March 15, 2019

Hi, Yanny

I was planning on emailing you about the trip so was glad to hear from you!  We only got back home last Friday, Mar 8, and were exhausted after 5 weeks of travel, long flight with numerous time zones, and daylight saving once we did arrive. We had a GREAT time on the cruise/ tour! The ship was lovely, Shanghai amazing, and the tour guides were all where you said they would be at the right time!  So thank you for a great tour!

You were excellent in helping me with all the details and calming my nerves so I am more than happy to recommend your company and sing your praises, but I just want to be sure that my tour was different that the one in the link.  Although we did meet people who had come from the pandas in Chengdu and they all said it was fabulous!  I’ve give quick responses below to answer your questions

  1. How about your tour arrangements? 

Yanny did a fantastic job with the tour, my preferences and all the details!

  2. Are you willing to recommend our service to those who would like to come to China ? 


  3. Your general opinion on us?   

I was very nervous prior to the trip as I had never dealt with a Chinese company online for an entire tour (or any company for that matter) before.  We had a great time on both the Three Gorges cruise and the day tour of Shanghai.  I would highly recommend the company and especially my agent, Yanny He.

Carole‚ USA‚ March 14, 2019

Dear Ms. Wing,

Sorry for my late response, I was offline for more than two weeks. Now I am returning to my busy life.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos with me, but I agree to let you put my evaluation on your website, if it is of any help.

(1)  How do you like our tour arrangements and are you willing to recommend our service to your friends?

I loved the tour arrangements. Your services were highly appreciated. We enjoyed our trip, not only on board on the Century Diamond, but also in the pre board, when you helped us to arrange everything. Thank you so much, miss Wing!

(2)  Do you have some suggestions for us to improve our service?

We only had one problem.... Arriving to the harbour in Chongqing. None of taxis would agree to pick up us, apparently because there is a city regulation, and certain plates can enter to that area on certain dates. Of course, it is not your fault, but I think other customers would appreciate that piece of information. It was quite difficult to understand that with our poor Chinese. :(

(3)  If you come to China again, would you like to use our service again?

If I need to take a cruise, of course I would like to use your service again. I usually like to travel on my own. But I would recommend yoyr company to other people definitely.

Thank you so much for everything, Wing! The company is really lucky to have a person like you among the staff.

Kind regards,

Ana‚ Argentina‚ March 14, 2019

Good afternoon, Rita!

Just a brief note to THANK YOU for a magnificent learning and discovering experience in China!

Our guides Kimi, David, and Bailey were successful in sharing their experience, knowledge, service, and goodwill to us.

Ivette and Rafael E. Vicéns‚ USA‚ March 14, 2019


I am happy to report that everything is straightened out with PayPal and my payment was just made. Thank you for your patience. We had a great trip. If our comments/review card were not clear, our guide David was excellent as was our driver. 

What wasn’t on the card was a review for the pre-trip booking experience. You put together a fantastic two days of touring. Thank you for your skills as well.

T. Heston Allocco‚ USA‚ March 13, 2019

Hello Tracy

We had a wonderful time in the mainland China. We are still in Hong Kong and will be flying back on Tues, the 12th. We’re enjoying our stay here too even though its raining. 

Go ahead and give me the link to trip advisor. I’ll be happy to share our experience to everyone.

Dan Bernardo‚ USA‚ March 10, 2019

Hi Vivien

We have arrived safely at Chengdu today. The driver is very nice and Ruby is wonderful. We have enjoyed the programme today. I will give a box of chocolate to Ruby on Tuesday to pass it on to you.

Thanks for arranging everything for us.


Khin‚ Myanmar‚ March 9, 2019

Dear Wonder,

The cruise is a great experience.  My family and I were happy with it.  Please see below for the answers. 
1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?


2. How’s the experience of the cruise?

Great experience considered it was a river cruise in China.  Certainly Century cruise can learn from the ocean cruises to make their evening entertaining programme even more successful in terms of variety and quality, but for now those entertaining shows met my expectations.

I tried to look for another river cruise with another route for next year but it looks like the Yangtze 3 gorges river cruise is the only river cruise available.  I look forward to further development in future.


Eddy‚ Hong Kong‚ March 8, 2019

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