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Hi Wonder,

Thanks for your Christmas greeting .and thanks for your organization of our trip to China in October.

We had a wonderful time and were very impressed as everything went very smoothly and our guides were very helpful and informative. We found China to be an exciting and forward moving country. Both the cities and country side are interesting and there are so many highlights that we enjoyed on our trip. The time we spent on the cruise was very restful and enjoyable, we loved cycling on the old city wall in Xian, visiting the "Avatar Mountains" and the favourite city was Shanghai with the Bund and the lovely water village that we visited there.

The tour was extremely well organized and we were met and transferred by very reliable guides in each destination.I would recommend your company to anyone

wishing to have a personalised more independent tour of China. Thank you very much

Kind regards,

Janice and Geoff‚ Australia‚ December 27, 2018

Dear Jack Li,

Thank you for planning and coordinating the trip.

I would also like to compliment the both tour guides assigned to us (Ms Ma & Mr Leon). They have both provide us with extensive and insightful information regarding the place of attractions.

They both also went extra miles in ensuring that our experience in China is a fulfilling one. Once again, I would like to thank them for their good service and hospitality.


Raymond‚ Singapore‚ December 26, 2018

Hi Vivien,

We are having a great time. The tour guide xiao zhang is very good.

Merry Christmas & Happy New year!

Thanks and regards,

Maryann‚ Malaysia‚ December 28, 2018

Dear Jack,

Sandy and the driver was great. Sandy was very informative and helpful. He took care of us every step of the way. Thank you for showing us a great time in Chengdu. Happy holidays.

Best Regards,

Michael‚ USA‚ December 25, 2018


Thank you for organizing our cruise everything went very good I have been telling all my friends about the cruise and if you want to go contact Vivien, many thank you and merry Christmas from all of us in Australia.

David‚ Australia‚ December 25, 2018


Season's greetings to you and your staff as well. My apologies for the delayed response. I had a bit of catching up to do when I we got home, as well as getting ready for Christmas .

I want to Thank-you very much for all the work you did planning our travels in China . It was a lot of arranging I am sure . Much appreciated.

Our guides were all very good. They were very prompt , and really made sure we were aware of plans the next day as well as the itinerary . I am so glad that we had guides meet us at the airports and get us to our hotels . Special thanks to Kai in Bejing - He was our first contact for a tour guide and we certainly enjoyed his great knowledge of the area and the Dynasty"s lineage.  Layla in Guillan was also a patient and caring person. We appreciated Bruce's enthusiasm and interpreting skills as Ernie had to talk to many locals and farmers we met. Please pass on a note of gratitude to all our contacts. The drivers were very good as well and I was amazed at how they managed in traffic ( especially during rush hour ) . The cars were very comfortable and appropriate for 4 people. We were a little tight in one car in Xian (but it was because of our long legs) and the driver certainly tried to adjust for that by trying to adjust the back seats further. I appreciated the extra care that the guides showed with arrangements for the trains . They all made sure we had our tickets, knew where we went , and what to watch for , and the process of getting on the train. The high speed trains were amazing . Wow.

The food was excellent and very tasty. We did enjoy eating at the very local restaurants . Certainly gave us a opportunity to eat food that locals eat. We did like the meals made in private homes .

Our destinations and sites we saw were above our expectations .. and everyday was fantastic . I cannot say which were my favorites as they all were . The amount of travelling we took on was worth it. I can tell you that a few places are now off my bucket list - The Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, Terraces, Forbidden Palace, a burial tomb, Three Gorges, Li River, and Shanghai. The artistry of all the architecture, jade and marble… and so on.

Our hotels were all very comfortable and the staff was very helpful. Our night in the village on the hill at the rice terraces was a particularly fond memory. It was amazing and I am impressed that I made the trek up that hill. The view was spectacular - so thank-you for that arrangement.

All in all a fabulous trip . We are looking forward to showing picture to our family during the holidays.

Again Thank-you. Great job and Thank-you for all the effort involved in planning and arranging this tour . Wishing you well.

Jan‚ Canada‚ December 24, 2018

Hi Riley,

Thank you so much. You were wonderful and all the drivers and tour guides were awesome. We had such a great time in China despite the cold weather.

We enjoyed a lot. Only thing was the food that we didn’t like it very much. We love Chinese food and we do eat atleazt twice or once a week here in Canada so we expected a little more with the food. But it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good at the same time.

The second hotel we In Xi’an was awesome. But the first one in Beijing wasn’t that great. I wish I had a different view as well. But there wasn’t anything to complain. We enjoyed it. My husband loved the Great Wall of China and he wish that he spent a whole day there and he wants you guys to give that option to your tourist. You were the best. I couldn’t have done my China trip without ur help. You were the best with so much patience and thanks a lot for the help.

I would recommend you to my friends.

Krishni‚ Canada‚ December 23, 2018

Hi Vivien,

Wonderful trip. Thanks for your help. Happy New Year.

Jimmy‚ USA‚ December 22, 2018

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