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Hi Mark,

Thank you for your email. The Yangtze cruise was wonderful. The staff on board were very helpful, accommodating and positive. The food was lovely, and the weather held up well for most of the cruise. 

I will be back at work from tomorrow (Thursday) and will discuss further with colleagues who are interested in coming with me. 

Thank you again for all of your assistance booking the Yangtze trip (my first ever organised tour inside China, usually I just travel on my own) and I look forward to your assistance with my Tibet trip. 

I’ve included a few photos from the trip below. 


China Travel Photos

Take a Cruise Tour

China Travel Photos

Sites on Chinese Currency

Tim Crowe‚ Australia‚ July 10, 2019

Hi Lily,

Thank you so much for the little pandas and present. My kids loved them!  It was a very nice surprise at Chengdu. 

We are enjoying so much everything. I will send you an email when I get back home with some suggestions. Usually I never give reviews but because we love our trip to China so much I will take the time to send you some comments. 

Thank you again for everything! We are on our way to our last stop Beijing! 

Have a great afternoon!

Solange‚ USA‚ July 10, 2019

Dear Wonder,

See my response below. Thanks.

Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions? Yes. Wonder was very responsive and patient in addressing my questions and flexible with changes needed.  

How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour? The tour guide Eben was very professional and spoke excellent English. He was knowledgeable and experienced, making our tour relatively stress free while helping us learn a lot about the history and culture of Chengdu.  

Would you like to recommend our company? Yes.

Fan Zhang‚ China‚ July 10, 2019

Dear Wang,

Thank you for arranging this tour, my team was very happy.

As per Contract suggestion, I have handed over the Complete tips money (Tour Guide + Car Driver) for Three days to Ms. Mary.

In future, if I want to Visit China, I shall contract your Company.

S.Madhu‚ India‚ July 10, 2019

Dear Wonder

Please see my answers in bold below.

Regarding the use of the attached photos and my comments below on your website:

  1. Yes, you can use the attached photos on your website.
  2. Regarding use of my email evaluation, I only agree for use of my comments on your website if my identity is NOT disclosed.  It is okay if you use “(Jennifer, Australia)” but I do not agree to the use of my full name as I do not want my identity disclosed.  Can you please kindly confirm that my identity will NOT be disclosed.

I hope the above is acceptable.

Thank you again for arranging an enjoyable trip.  And it was good that you warned me about the lack of real non-smoking rooms in those areas so that I was prepared – while I was assured by the hotels that the rooms were non-smoking, there was usually a linger of smoke in the rooms from previous occupants!

Another useful tip for any travelers taking this trip is to warn them to be prepared for the range of squat toilets (some were very clean, some were not) and to remind people to take their own toilet paper and have water to wash their hands in case there is no water in the taps (we encountered this is some toilets).  But we were prepared, so not a problem for us!

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding my comments.

Kind regards

China Travel Photos

Jiayuguan Great Wall, Large Baby Sculpture, and Rainbow Mountains in Gansu

Jennifer‚ Australia‚ July 9, 2019

Hi Wendy,

Apologies for the delayed reply, please see my answers below and I’ll leave a review on TripAdviser as well.

I have been recommending this trip loads as I really really loved it!

Here below are the questions for you: 

1.  Was your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

    Yes, Wendy was excellent and answered all my questions as well as gave me great recommendations for things that I wanted to do, I would definitely recommend.

2.  How was your tour? Are you satisfied with the tour we arranged for you? 

    The tour was fabulous, Jason was very. Knowledgeable, answered all my questions and his English was superb (which was great since my mandarin was non-existent!) The tour was just what I was after, the food was excellent and I’ve been raving about it ever since!

3.  Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?

    My one suggestion would be to have the accommodation closer to some walkable dinner spots. The hotel itself was lovely but as a non-mandarin speaker, I found it a bit isolated in the evenings when I needed to wander on my own to find things for dinner. If the accommodation was closer to Jinli Street perhaps it might be better?

Otherwise, everything was pretty much perfect!

Thanks so much for all your help.


Kate‚ New Zealand‚ July 9, 2019

Dear Ms Wendy

Thanks for your arrangement for Chendu Tour

Really sorry - I can not using company email for this family tour..

  1. Was your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Yes, travel consultant were response fast and patent for all question

Even Ruby as our tour guide has very good knowledge, patient and give good support and information  

 2. How was your tour? Are you satisfied with the tour we arranged for you?

Overall tour were Good and Well managed

Yes, it`s very good, we satisfied with the arrangement and it`s really tired, especially for Emeishan

 3. Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?

I think transport Car need to re-new, I felt it`s quite tired with travel 3 hours with that cars ..

I understand that mostly all car for travel agent same model..

I would like to write an overview in tripadvisor, unfortunately currently quite busy – I will wrote if I have time


If Jiuzhaigou already open – please inform me

We will arrange another trip for Jiuzhaigou and huang long

Best regards

Husin Daud Kosasih‚ Indonesia‚ July 8, 2019

Hi Rita,

Yes, everything just ended too quickly.

Both Anna and I are back at work in South Africa, so it is a mad house.

Firstly, I want to thank you for the excellent experience we had, that is 100% as a result of your good planning and execution of your planning.

We will send a further mail with photos as soon as we can.

Secondly, can you please pass on our thanks to all companies, drivers and guides you made use of for our trip.

Everything was PERFECT and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

K Nicholas‚ South Africa‚ July 8, 2019

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