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Dear Bella,

We have 3 guides of our travel. Thank you because it was a marvelous travel for us. These guides were perfect in Beijing, Xian and Guilin. We were very happy of the trip, because we see Beijing, Xian and Guilin and all that was marvelous for us.


Andre‚ French‚ April 21, 2014

Dear Mr. Wang,

Thank you so much.

Both the tour guide service and the arrangement are EXCELLENT! You and the other service providers have fulfilled all expectations and beyond. Everything went so smoothly and we've had a lot of fun.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks again,


Oded‚ Israeli‚ April 21, 2014

Hi tiger,

Apologies for the delay in replying but I have been very busy since returning home.

Brett and I never had an issue with the late flight at all which we repeatedly told Sarah. Our frustration was that I didn't check the itinerary thoroughly enough as the free day in chengdu should have been the first day rather than the second. If it was the first we would have access to the hotel room facilities and had a relaxing day. I did mention to sarah a number of times it was my responsibility to check the itinerary and no way the fault of you, her or the tour company. I did feel a little sorry for frank and my yow as they had to wait at guilin airport for us and we didn't get to the hotel until after midnight and then they were back at 8.30am to pick us up. On the free day we did travel down to the grand Buddha in leshan on the local bus which was an interesting and worthwhile experience. The grand buddha is impressive. We did meet a number of people who only spent one night in chengdu or arrived in the morning and left that night after seeing the pandas. In hindsight we should have had only one night in chengdu and spent additional day in either guilin or yangshou. The countryside down there is so beautiful and pollution free. I felt with Sarah, she repeated herself a lot and didn't really understand what we were saying. Her knowledge of the sites was good and grace, earnest & frank had excellent conversational standard level of English Language. I also felt Sarah was more interested in us having a massage which both us definitely didn't want and would have preferred more than 2 hours at the pandas.

Unlike most people we didn't take any photos. I prefer to buy postcards as the background always has a blue sky! I did forget to take my camera to the panda's which I really annoyed with myself for forgetting the camera!

Also I would like say how punctual the guides were. Always there waiting for us (not that we were late) but they were always early.

Please don't feel bad about the flight as that wasn't the issue...it was the timing of the 'free day' and I should have checked the itinerary better so it was my fault and I accept responsibility for that. Although visiting leshan was a pleasant surprise. a aussie we were chatting to in xian airport (they were flying to chengdu and us 4 were the only westerners on flight (we did stand out a little!) recommended we visit the grand Buddha if we had the chance.

For future reference for Aussie tourist booking your holidays mention the tipping upfront as in all our guide books say that tipping isn't expected and or required in china....although in high end restaurants and hotels they do charge a service fee of 15 per cent which was mentioned. We had already bought our yuan when the itinerary was emailed to me and only on the back page it mentioned tipping for private tours. We had change more money in xian as didn't have enough for the tipping.

The quality of the hotels we stayed at were of a high standard and thanks for booking all our flights and trains. Much appreciated.

Thank you for organising our trip

Kind regards


Vikki‚ Australian‚ April 21, 2014

Hello Mr. Wonder Wang,

How nice to hear from you again.

Everything on the tour was Wonderful! The travel logistics and hotels exceeded our expectations. The guides were pleasant and knowledgeable. We particularly have high praise for Cindy in Huangshan. The drivers were also very good and drove very safe especially when it was raining.

Your service in arranging our tour was very professional and well done. We appreciated your responsiveness to our questions. We would recommend you to others and if practical would utilize your services again on a future trip to China.

Thanks again for your help in arranging an enjoyable and memorable tour to Shanghai, Huangshan city area and Yellow Mountain.

Best regards,

Margaret & Michael

Margaret & Michael ‚ American‚ April 11, 2014

Hi Ian,

This China tour arrangement is very good. I will definitely recommend your service to those who would like to come to China. The tour guides are knowledgeable about the city, able to customize trip well, with friendly and well trained.

Many thanks

Viji‚ Indian‚ April 11, 2014

Hi Ian

We are fine. Just back this evening from our holiday in China.

We had a great time. I think you are a very well organised company. Organisation of flights and transfers were very well done and efficiently carried out. There were no delays or problems at all from place to place and our tour guides were always there to meet us on time. The major highlights were The Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors.

I will recommend your company. The tour guides were really very good in each city, especially liked our tour guides Jenny in Xian and Linda in Guilin. They were excellent, particularly Jenny who we spent more time with. We enjoyed her company very much. She was extremely knowledgeable and knew how to deal with western guests. Enough information and enough space to ourselves.

Thanks for all your help arranging the visit.

Kind regards


Manuri‚ British‚ April 4, 2014

Hi Ian,

The whole trip was wonderful and thank you and your team of tourist guides. I will reply fully to all your requests when we return to the UK.

Many thanks


Kind Regards

Graham‚ UK‚ April 3, 2014

Dear Laura,

I would like to confirm how positive my trip and experience has been. I came to see the pandas and have not been disappointed. It was one of the best experiences of my life and will never be forgotten. You are very lucky to have such wonderful creatures so close to Chengdu. I cannot do in the UK what I was able to achieve here with them. Especially at Bifengxia.

I think the pandas will encourage people to use your service because they are unique!

I also enjoyed learning about the history of Chengdu and Sichuan. The Ancient Street and Buddhist Temples were wonderful, not forgetting the Giant Buddha of Leshan. In addition, the Sichuan Opera was fantastic. You did not need to understand the language to follow what was happening on stage. I loved the music, the actors and the spectacular. It was the perfect end to an already perfect day!

Now I would like to let you know my opinion of the hotels I stayed in.

As you know I chose the Holiday Inn Express in Gulou before I contacted your former colleague, May Deng. I noted in her itinerary she too recommended this hotel. It is very good, clean, comfortable and with very friendly staff. The ladies and gentlemen on the Front Desk speak English, some better than others but they understand what you are saying and are very helpful.

The choice of breakfast, which is included in the price, is huge. It ranges from Chinese to Western type meals. Judging by the number of Chinese tourists here, they were all enjoying a "hearty breakfast" as we say in English! It means a large amount of food. I thoroughly recommend this hotel.

Moving on to the Huasheng Hotel in Emishan. This hotel was fabulous. Extremely comfortable and had everything a traveller could wish for. First Class!

I shall be sad to leave on Monday but hope one day to return to follow the progress of "my" pandas. I cannot thank you and your colleagues enough for all the help and kindness you have shown me as indeed the Chinese people I have met have. I hope this very long e-mail will be of some help to you.

Please say goodbye to your colleagues for me. Perhaps we shall all meet again one day.

With much love and gratitude.

Kind regards,


Cecilia‚ Scotland‚ April 3, 2014

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