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Dear Echo,

Thank you very much for all your help and assistance before and during our vacation.  We enjoyed Shanghai and Beijing very much!  

I just have a question for you.  Is there a reason why in Tianjin we boarded the Bullet Train in the South Station, and not in Tanggu station that I believe was closer to the port?  We enjoyed on the way back Tianjin, as there was no traffic and the driver and guide showed us some nice parts of Tianjin, so we did not mind, but were slightly worried about the distance and the time we had to be on the boat, as we did not know how the traffic was going to be.  It took us 1.5 hours to the South Station and apparently Tanggu is closer.

I will certainly recommend you with my friends, and our next visit to China, I will most certainly contact you.

Best regards,

Vaish‚ ‚ November 15, 2018

Dear Ashley,

I am fine and back in my country.

I really enjoy the Yangtze river tour and thank u for ur support.

1.     Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Yes, all time just in time.

2.     How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour?

Friendly and take care of the time shedule.

3.     Would you like to recommend our company?

Of course, any time again.

Ronny‚ Germany‚ November 13, 2018


We got back yesterday and I wanted to answer your questions as soon as possible.

1.  You, as our travel consultant were great.  You answered my e-mails very quickly and also answered all of my questions.  The itinerary worked out fine.  The hotels were very nice we were very happy with the entire trip.  Everything went very smoothly. 

2.  Our guides, Andie and Waldener were both very good and knowledgeable.  We especially appreciated their

help with getting our boarding passes for our flights.

3.  We would certainly recommend China Discovery.

Lillian‚ ‚ November 3, 2018

Hello Ashley,

Communication before the trip was very good and all questions were answered timely. Tour guides were good during the whole trip and I'm likely to recommend China Discovery to other travelers. 

Best Regards,

Manfred‚ ‚ November 1, 2018

Dear Ashley,

I’m fine to provide you with a feedback on your questions; you may put it on your site.

1. My mails were all answered the next day, I was very pleased with the services of Ms. Ashley He,

2. The services of the tourguides was fine, all of them service-minded and fairly good Enghlish,

3. I would recommandeer the company since I was services well.

Some remarks: After embarking on the Yangtze Gold 1, the crew asked us for upgrading the Cabin from standaard to 4st Floor, and for upgrading from 2nd Floor dining to 6th Floor restaurant. We agreed and were upgraded for 1000 Yuan to a langer cabin on the 4th deck. The 6th floor diningroom was full, which was a pitty since the rood on the 2nd was not great. 

We were not aware of there upgradabilities in advance, we would have chosen those for sure.

Thank you for your good services,

Best Regards,

Jan‚ Netherlands‚ November 1, 2018

Hi Ashley,

We are ok to post our review on your web site. Unfortunately, we didn’t take photos for the ship  

Here below are the questions for you:

1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Yes, the consultant was very prompt answering our many questions. 

 2. How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour

The three guides were good. The first one was excellent. 

 3. Would you like to recommend our company?  


Sami‚ Canada‚ October 28, 2018

Dear Ashley,

Thank you for your e-mail.  We enjoyed our trip to China including Yangtze River Cruise.  Below are the answers to your questions.

  1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?  YES
  2. How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour?  ALL OF THE TOUR GUIDES WERE GOOD.  However, they will be more effective if they enhance thier English speaking skill.
  3. Would you like to recommend our company?  DEFINITELY YES.  Ashley had been very helpful and punctual in replying emails.


Agaonkar‚ US‚ October 27, 2018

Good Morning Ms. Ashley He,

We really appreciated the professionalism and timeliness of all responses. No matter how many questions we had or how repetitive they must have seemed to our consultant, she was always kind and patient.

Thank you Ashley!

With regard to our tour guides. Both our Beijing and our Xian guides were very different in how they conducted their tours, but both were equally very knowledgeable, thorough, pleasant, and enjoyable to be around. They seemed to know how to best circumvent the crowds, make efficient use of the time, and see that our connections were made. I thought it might be awkward having an individual tour with the focus just on our needs, but the guides made us feel so comfortable.

We would absolutely recommend China Discovery. All details were covered. The tour content was excellent and we always knew what to expect next.


Beijing Xian Tour

Great Wall in Beijing

Beijing Xian Tour

The Great Hall of the People in Beijing

Donna‚ ‚ October 27, 2018

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