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Hi Ian,

The whole trip was wonderful and thank you and your team of tourist guides. I will reply fully to all your requests when we return to the UK.

Many thanks


Kind Regards

Graham‚ UK‚ April 3, 2014

Dear Laura,

I would like to confirm how positive my trip and experience has been. I came to see the pandas and have not been disappointed. It was one of the best experiences of my life and will never be forgotten. You are very lucky to have such wonderful creatures so close to Chengdu. I cannot do in the UK what I was able to achieve here with them. Especially at Bifengxia.

I think the pandas will encourage people to use your service because they are unique!

I also enjoyed learning about the history of Chengdu and Sichuan. The Ancient Street and Buddhist Temples were wonderful, not forgetting the Giant Buddha of Leshan. In addition, the Sichuan Opera was fantastic. You did not need to understand the language to follow what was happening on stage. I loved the music, the actors and the spectacular. It was the perfect end to an already perfect day!

Now I would like to let you know my opinion of the hotels I stayed in.

As you know I chose the Holiday Inn Express in Gulou before I contacted your former colleague, May Deng. I noted in her itinerary she too recommended this hotel. It is very good, clean, comfortable and with very friendly staff. The ladies and gentlemen on the Front Desk speak English, some better than others but they understand what you are saying and are very helpful.

The choice of breakfast, which is included in the price, is huge. It ranges from Chinese to Western type meals. Judging by the number of Chinese tourists here, they were all enjoying a "hearty breakfast" as we say in English! It means a large amount of food. I thoroughly recommend this hotel.

Moving on to the Huasheng Hotel in Emishan. This hotel was fabulous. Extremely comfortable and had everything a traveller could wish for. First Class!

I shall be sad to leave on Monday but hope one day to return to follow the progress of "my" pandas. I cannot thank you and your colleagues enough for all the help and kindness you have shown me as indeed the Chinese people I have met have. I hope this very long e-mail will be of some help to you.

Please say goodbye to your colleagues for me. Perhaps we shall all meet again one day.

With much love and gratitude.

Kind regards,


Cecilia‚ Scotland‚ April 3, 2014

Dear Wonder Wang,

We really enjoyed the trip to Chengdu.

Regarding your questions:

1. I especially appreciated your service. Communication was instant and all the bookings were well choosen.

2. The tour guides were really friendly, helpful (good English!) and available throughout the whole time. Thank you to Cindy, who quickly rearranged our Monday schedule and also to Liu. As I said we were happy with the tour. Again thanks a lot! I can definitively recommend your service.

Best regards,


Anne‚ Germany‚ April 3, 2014

Hi Tiger,

Yes back in shanghai! Mum and I had the most fabulous time. Everything went so smoothly and it is the most amazing scenery in Zhangjiajie - something we will never forget!!!

I am flying to the USA on Monday so spending the weekend with my sister here in shanghai - mum has just flown back to Australia. Once I get to the USA (went I get the chance to download photos to my computer) I will send you another email with some photos and compete the feedback questions you have sent through earlier.

Thanks again Tiger it was truly something magical!!



Emma‚ Australia‚ March 17, 2014

Dear Laura,

Chengdu Panda Base was amazing and the baby panda was truly adorable. I have been very greedy this week as I have had two "cuddles" i.e. Have held two baby pandas. One at Bifengxia and the second today at Chengdu.

Cindy, once more, has been fantastic. She has shown me many interesting things and is really making my trip most enjoyable.

I thought you might like to see my panda "friends". What a fantastic experience which is a once in a lifetime privilege. Thank you Chengdu and thank you China.

Will be in touch

Best wishes,


(The following are tour photos from Cecilia)

Chengdu Giant Panda

Bifengxia Panda

Cecilia ‚ Scotland‚ March 17, 2014

Dear Laura,

I must thank you and congratulate you for the great tour that you organised, The trip was excellent combination of culture and good life remarking the different food that we became in very good restaurants and the very nice hotels. I also appreciate the good attention of the guides fron Xian and Shanghai. It was uexpexted for me and a agreable surprise the cake that you send for my birthday. So I enjoy to celebrate it with my family like we do it in our country.

Laura it was a first class trip that we will remember long time. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Susana and Company

Susana‚ Germany‚ Feb.26, 2014

Hi Wonder,

i have had the most wonderful experience, better then i dared hope, and John and I know that we could not have possibly organised such a wonderful experience on our own...it has been fantastic.

Thank you so much.


The very detailed feedbacks are offered in the following questions:

1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

I cannot praise the service from Wonder Wang highly enough – most attentive and polite, most helpful and genuinely kind to us and to the needs of the agents too...diplomatic and fair…responding to every contact even when on the weekend or on holiday…I could not ask for better.

2. How do you comment your tour arrangements?

I think there were so many factors that could have made this fail…The time of year…the variety of the trips…the numbers of contacts. That we were met at the stations and taken to the correct location made such a difference…that alone made our holiday a success. Everything went so well…The tour was brilliant. I would not hesitate to call on Wonder again.

3. Are you willing to recommend our service to your people who also have an interest to visit China?

Absolutely yes – knowing China and how difficult it can be if you don't speak the language and do not understand the culture. I would actually tell people they would be foolish not to take wonder’s advice.  

4. Your general opinion on us?

Outstanding company, very reasonable, customer service excellent, excellent response to customer needs – delivers as promised in every way. Exceptional company.

5. Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?

The cruise was the most amazing experience though….amazing. I highly recommended it.

Fran‚ England ‚ Feb.08, 2014

Dear Bella

Thank You for Your e-mail of the 28/1/14. We are home and all OK and our Chinese adventure is now a nice memory.

In Beijing all went very predictable and very busy time visiting all the interesting sites. The number one reason for everything going so well is to the credit of our guide Mr. Carl Wen whose experience and professionalism made us fill relaxed and at home and with his knowledge of the city we managed to do and see a lot more than our original  programme. In the few days together nothing was too difficult or impossible for Mr Wen and by the time we said good bay we had made a new friend. MR Wen is a major asset to Your company, do not loose him.

Harbin is very different to Beijing, (customer service is not yet mature here) but we went there for the snow and ice festivals and this was very impressive. From Harbin to the ski resort was also a very good experience to see the Chinese country side. The snow village is more beautiful than a postcard and the accommodation was adequate (may be the bed  of wood a bit hard but ok). Again the accommodation at Jabuli ski resort was also ok and we enjoyed the skiing and fire works.

So thank You for Your planning in such short notice at such busy time, we had a good time.

I will stay in contact for future trip to china.


Tommaso‚ Australia‚ Feb.04, 2014

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