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Hi Ian,

We are back to Geneva! Please find below a short summary of our trip which you may feel free to edit or shorten it as you deem appropriate.

We have so many photos to share, though you may decide which one you would like to publish it.  I am going to forward those photos to you by different emails.   

Many thanks again.   Best regards.

“Quote Unstoppable WOWs for our Amazing China Discovery Tour!

As orchestrated by Ian Wei of Chengdu Bamboo International Travel, two of us were wandering from one natural wonders to endless wonder spots of China. We were wandering from the soft fertile earth of red land to multi-formed stone forest and strolling in the village of diverse ethnic minority of Yunnan. Our journey continued to nonstop amazing historical heritage and nature beauty in the land of world roof in Tibet.  Worldly cute panda and Giant Buddha as well as Luodai and Jinli ancient places plus shopping spots of Sichuan made our visit simply unforgettable. We were following the track of silk road and visit numerous wonder places in the Gobi desert of Gansu province, for example, climbing up sand dune mountain and circling the crescent lake of Dunhuang, walking inside mogao grottoes, Yardang geopark, western great wall, Jiayuguan fortress, reclining buddha of Zhangye.  Every view point in the area of rainbow mountains gave us no chance to brink our eyes and kept exclaiming Wows!  Lastly 4000 steps of stairs plus a double downs to tops ride of cable car to reach the peak station of Huashan in the outskirt of Xian was such a stunning and challenging trip.  

The above merely captures the essence of our 18-day (1-18 April 2015) trip organized by the impressive services of Chengdu Bamboo International Travel. Ian Wei is our host who stood ready to track/follow and response to our request throughout the tour. I have a full confidence and offer a big applause to the second to none service of this travel agent. Many thanks to Ian and his tour guides and superb drivers who made our trip every possible and so memorable.    

Cheers.  A couple, residents of Geneva, Switzerland ”

The following are some of the photos shared by Boonshan Sangfai

Yunnan Dongchuan Red Land

Lhasa Potala Palace

Glacier Tibet

Yardan Geopark

Boonshan Sangfai‚ Geneva‚ May 5, 2015

Dear Olivia,

I wish to send my hottest thanks to you and colleagues for the wonderful trip in your country.

Best regards,


Constantin‚ ‚ May 5, 2015

Dear Laura,

We completed our trip and safely back in UK where it is Bank Holiday today.

On behalf of myself and my wife, we would like to thank you once again for all the attention and help you have provided to us before and during our visit to China.

Great Wall in particular was simply breathtaking and we thank you to arrange us to go to the Mutianyi section. Some other tourists we encountered went to the other Badaling section and could not even walk easily!!

All activities arranged by you were excellent although some of them we decided to cut short at times, to suit our own considerations. Overall we were extremely satisfied with all the services provided by your Company and will certainly recommend to our Friends who may be interested to visit China. Some of our Friends who have been to China before were particularly skeptical about the food and water and warned us about possible problems we may encounter with our digestive systems based on their bad experiences there. I am glad to confirm that all food and beverage services provided by your Company have been good and we did not have any problems with our digestive systems. In particular provision of bottled water throughout our car journeys were crucial and most welcome letting us not to worry about from where and how to obtain drinking water. 

Both shows in Beijing and XIAN were simply WONDERFUL. Our Guides in Beijing (Linda and Justin) were excellent and we are grateful to both of them. Justin's meeting us at the mega train station and taking us through thousands of crowds to our waiting Car was such a relief for us.

I have noted our above observations for your own benefit hoping that it may be of some use for your Company to be aware of as far as what our expectations were.

Kind regards

Kubilay M. Ali

Kubilay M. Ali‚ UK ‚ May 4, 2015

Dear Tiger!

We arrived safely in Lijiang this evening.
The guide in Shangrila was excellent! The guide in Lijiang is also very good. All the logistics with the car and guides is functioning very smoothly. And finally many thanks for the repayment of our unjustified expenses in Huanglong! It is very generous of you a d your copany!!!!

Keep in touch and express our thanks to your management.

Tan‚ ‚ May 3, 2015

Hi Isabel,

Thanks you for arranging the tour. We had a wonderful time. Our guide Steven was very informative and helpful. He had provided us with great service. The driver is good also. Hotels in general is quite good too. Overall we enjoyed ourselves a lot. Of course we thank you also for the whole arrangements.

Jalina‚ Singapore‚ April 30, 2015

Mr Wonder Wang

Thank you for the email. I meant to email you as well, to thank you directly. We were very impressed by your organisation of the trip and would definitely recommend you to our friends, if they were to visit China. The transport and accommodation were all excellent, we were very happy. The high speed train was very impressive. The delay in the flight from Guilin to Beijing was nothing to do with you.

The trips were very interesting, albeit the last day was very busy, with perhaps too many things to do and we had to cut out the bike trip to the Bunyan Tree and Moon Rock, in truth we could have omitted the Pearl factory but that is the only change we would make. We definitely would recommend a bit more time on Xi'an city walls, we took a bike for an hour but could have spent longer there.

The guides were really good, Gerry was excellent. He was very well informed and very polite. Jayne was very nice but got a bit pressurised on the last day trying to fit everything in. These observations aren't meant as a criticism, we appreciate that China has so much to offer and the time is very short to take in what we did in the six days.

Thank you again, you and your company were brilliant!


Stuart & Julie Kyle.

Stuart Kyle‚ UK‚ April 29, 2015

Dear Ian,

I am pleased to share with you a few points of comments.

1. Overall we are pretty satisfied with our 18-day tour as we are able to see and visit all wonder places as expected. We began and ended our tour with a fond and unforgettable memory. China's cultural and natural wonders are extraordinarily amazing and wonderful. When looking at our photos, we managed to connect with the places and its stories as narrated by the guides.  In addition we are so impressed with the modern systematic public infrastructure and housing projects being implemented by the government. The co-existence of diverse ethnic people and their assimilation in the community look so functionally impressed and amazed.

2. The transfer during the tour from one point to another was smoothly carried out and coordinated.  The guide facilitated our movement and stay until the last minute before boarding the planes.  

3. About food/lunch, the guide should present the menu or ask what we would like to eat instead of simply ordering for us. We knew only when food came. Some guides show us the menu and explain to us about each dish.

4. Customer Care: I really appreciate your calls and communication with guides at each location enquiring about us and the tour.    Your immediate response to irregular/incorrect issues about the tour program and the hotels (especially in Zhangye) is very much appreciated. Some guides also indicated to us that they appreciated your follow up and phone calls. urely we will recommend your agent to our friends.

That's all at this stage.  I will think about writing the story or sharing photos when getting back to Geneva. Right now we are busy with other issues during our short stay in Manila and Bangkok.

Thank you very much for everything. Wish you every success for your business.  

Best regards.

Boonshan Sangfai

Boonshan Sangfai‚ Geneva‚ April 26, 2015

Dear Yachne,

Thank you very much - I am sorry for the late reply, wo gongzuo hen mang :)

I have already left a reply, I think they are revising it now on Tripadvisor as usual.

Please accept my deep thanks to you and the team as well as Ricky and Penny, my two wonderful tour guides. I had a lot of fun during all the tour! The panda base with Penny was a great day - I really enjoyed seeing the pandas with her.

Kind regards


Rea‚ ‚ April 25, 2015

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