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The travel consultant cooperation was excellent.

All the local guides were very helpful, prompt, courteous and pleasant.

Yes, I am happy to recommend your company.


Ena‚ ‚ June 29, 2016

Hi Wonder

Thank you very much for the excellent arrangements.

I have really enjoyed my time in Beijing and Lhasa.

MS Echo , Mr. Luo Sang and drivers were very helpful and nice.

The hotel in Lhasa was excellent.

Thank you very much.

Logesh Raj

Logesh Raj‚ ‚ June 29, 2016

Dear Rita,

Thank-you for your e-mail. We were about to send one to you today, having now recovered from our jetlag.

Firstly, many thanks to yourself and your company for organizing such a superb trip. Everything was perfectly organized from collection and delivery to hotels.  The hotels themselves were excellent and we compliment you on your choice.

Secondly we would like to thank Carina, Cherry, Ningima and Sandy and also the drivers for the professional way in which they conducted their guiding and driving duties . They gave us a wonderful insight into your country, its customs and traditions.

We would definitely recommend your company and look forward to travelling with you again in the future.

As a final comment, apart from the pandas, our favorite place has got to be Lijiang. Please promote this lovely old city and the Hexi Hotel, it was like going back hundreds of years in time and seeing how China was then. This isn't a negative reflection on any of the other places we visited; simply this was the ultimate conclusion to our trip.


David and Barbara Harland

David and Barbara Harland‚ ‚ June 28, 2016

Hi Rita

We had a very good holiday in Hulunbuir. The driver Mr Huang was excellent. He was pleasant, had good attitude and took good care of us. We will be happy to recommend him to our friends in future.

On the hotels - the rooms and amenities were upto expectations.

It was a good holiday, well organized.

Thank you

Viji‚ ‚ June 28, 2016

Dear Lyn,

The organization you and your agency gave me was outstanding 10/10! And I will not hesitate not even once to recommend you to my friends. I just wanted to thank you for all again and hope we can get in touch in the future!

Very kind regards!


Valerie‚ ‚ June 27, 2016

Thx June. 

Yes back & recovered from long journey … your arrangements (& the guides) were very good. You are always very responsive.

The Regent in Beijing was fabulous and the Li-An Lodge absolutely stunning: the latter is a real gem & one of several highlights of the trip.

The guides were of a high standard & knowledgeable. I have several hundred photos: luckily few feature me but they generally came out well.  Unsure what format you’d want …

So thanks for your arrangements & I’ll certainly plan to use your services again when next I visit China.  Mny thx



Jonathan‚ ‚ June 27, 2016

Dear Rita,

Hope you are well. Since we left China we have been very busy, thus it took us some time to answer you, sorry about that.

First of all we both would like to thank you very much for everything from the itinerary you prepared, to the help you gave us with any issues that occured during the trip and last but not least for your kindness. We really hope that next time we go to China we visit Chengdu so we can meet. We also hope that by now you have received a postcard we sent to you from Portugal before we left to China :)

For sure we will share our experience with our friends, in fact we have already started to do so with a few friends we have met since we came back.

We also hadn't forgotten about the feedback, so here it goes.

1. The tour arrangements prepared by Rita were amazing. We cannot think of a better person to plan it or a better plan according to our preferences. Regarding the places visited we enjoyed very much the tour, from the cultural part (visiting ethnic villages) to the history of the Forbidden City and the scenery of the Great Wall and Stone Forest among many others. From all the Hotels we must highlight the Guilin Golden Oriole Hotel, excellent, above and beyond our expectations. From the guides Maria in Shanghai was amazing, but Eric (Beijing), Angela (Xi'an) and Mary (Kunming) were also very good. Even though flexible and overall making an effort to help us we cannot say that Michael did a good job for the reasons discussed in previous emails and promptly clarified by Rita. The meals were very good and we were also very happy with the transportation arrangements. Additionally, the care to our travel arrangements by the guides was impressive and made us feel very comfortable.

2. Yes. I’m willing to recommend your service to those who would like to come to China

3. In our opinion ChinaDiscovery makes a great effort to provide a worriless tour and is very efficient in addressing our worries and problems. Of course this impression is to a great extent due to the amazing work of Rita Jiang.

4. We would be happy to publish it on our website. Photos often tell more than words and we would appreciate if you share some of them with us.

6. We have many things to do now, but we might make a photo album about our trip. Still, since we do not know when that will happen, please find attached some memorable photos of our trip that we hope can help you. In any case, when you use them please tell us so we can keep track of it.

Hope this can help you.

All the best to you Rita,

Goncalo and Sandra

The following pictures were shared by Goncalo and Sandra .

Goncalo and Sandra visited Guilin

Goncalo and Sandra Visited Great Wall

Goncalo and Sandra Visited Suzhou

Goncalo and Sandra‚ Portugal‚ June 27, 2016

Dear Cathy,

Great to hear from you after trip !

Tour was great in all aspects (with some minor "on road" issues related to itinerary and hotels infrastructure).


1. My travel consultant Cathy was one of the best. She was fast, descriptive and really really helpful. She did her best and even one step further. It was pleasure to communicate with her in every aspect of tour preparation, dealing with actual and possible issues. I was my best tour adviser experience.

2. My tour guide Danni did very well. If issue resolution was in his power, he did it fast and in a best way for me. From my point of view, some time, he did even more than it would normally require from tour guide. I would say in general all guides I met during my trip in Tibet took great care of their customers, I was really pleased.

3. I have already recommended your company to my friends for their trips in Tibet. I was really satisfied with service level, trip preparation and guidance along the way.

You can put my feedback on your website under my first name, if you don't mind.

Please find attached a few photos from my trip.


The following pictures were shared by Sergey.

Sergey's Family visited Tibet

Sergey‚ ‚ June 26, 2016

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