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Hi Jack,

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Guilin, Yangshuo and Zhangjiajie are world class tourist attractions. The scenery is spectacular. I was amazed I did not see more foreign tourists. I think it is because most people I have spoken to overseas have not heard of these places or realise how good these places are.

Guilin, Yangshuo and Zhangjiajie town centres are nice. They are a pleasant change from the crowded, polluted, concrete jungles of Shanghai and Schenzen.

The tour guides were very good. I especially liked Smiley. She tried very hard to make sure I was happy. She did well to change my itinerary after my flight was changed. The optional night boat cruise in Guilin and night show in Yangshuo recommended by Smiley were very good .

My only disappointments were:

- spending so much time travelling from Guilin to Zhangjiajie after my original flight was cancelled

- not being able to go out with the cormorant fishermen

- not being able to see the staircase through the hole in the hill in Zhangjiajie (because it was too far away and I had to leave for airport)

- having mist and low cloud obscuring the view when I went on the worlds longest cable car to the mountain with the glass walking platform (you can't control the weather)

Overall, I was very happy with the trip. If I had to do it again,  I would allow more time. I think you need at least 3 days in Zhangjiajie.

You did well to organise the trip at such short notice Jack.

I am sure you would get many more tourists if you advertised these areas overseas.

Best regards


Tony‚ ‚ January 5, 2017

Hi Johnson

I am doing fine. Hope you well too

The tour was fantastic I had a wonderful time.

I answered the questions below and attached some Picts. Hope they work for you.

1. Yes. Johnson not only was patient but very helpful with all my concerns about the trip. He also made many suggestions to facilitate my vacation.

2. Very well. Everything went smoothly

3. Absolutely your company not only gave a great value package but a quality one.

4. Excellent service with flexibility and understanding.

5. No, I have no suggestion or complains.

6. Yes. You can use my comments and photos

Thank you for all your help



The following pictures were shared by Virginia.

Night View of the Holy Potala Palace

Virginia's Great Time in Jokhang Temple

Virginia Visited Karuola Glacier

Virginia‚ ‚ January 4, 2017

Dear Stephanie,

We had a great time. The trip went without a hitch from start to finish.

Only 1 little thing worth bringing up was the train ride. The tickets were purchased when we got to the train station. Possibly a little later. 4 of us (my 3 children an their aunt) were seated in carriage 6 and 2 more (my husband and I) at carriage 8. So I was unable to share their fast train experience with them.

Feedbacks as following”

1. Yes. Stephanie for planning my family’s 1st china trip.

2. We were very impressed by all the tour guides assigned to our group. special mention for Chengdu

3. Definitely, we’d like to recommend our company.


Sue‚ ‚ January 3, 2017

Hello Wing Zeng,

I have to say sorry that I answer you so late. But sadly I got sick directly after arriving in Shanghai.

Thank you very much for your nice present which Kevin gave to us. I feel really sorry that the hotel does not give your nice present to us and that we are not at our room when you arrive at the hotel.

I was really happy with the whole trip and the organization around operating by you. Thank you very much for this organization. For us it was not the last visit in Chengdu. We hope that we can come back soon.

Hope to meet you one day,

All the best for you!

Best regards,


Jana‚ ‚ January 2, 2017


Wanted to let you know the tour was wonderful. We had an amazing experience. I will fill out the evaluation letter when I return to California. Thank you so much for helping us have an awesome trip.


Laura‚ USA‚ January 2, 2017

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for checking in and the two afternoon tours were great and I will do the evaluation on the website tomorrow I am just back in London now and thanks.


Jennifer‚ UK‚ December 31, 2016

Dear Vivien,

I can send photos when I get home.  You may use my comments on your website.  Answers are below:

Vivien was very responsive and thorough.  I was able to book a second tour and a transfer easily from my phone using email.

Mars was an excellent guide.  Since we had to wear gloves to do the Panda keeper experience, she followed us around with our camera and took good pictures of us.  She was very flexible, pleasant to be with, and after we returned to the hotel she helped us plan our evening activities.

Daniel was also excellent.  He is flexible and he adapted well to our style of travel.  When we returned to the hotel he gave us suggestions for dining and assisted in booking a transfer.

Both guides went above what was expected and I would easily recommend Mars and Daniel for English-speaking tourists.

The consultant, guides and drivers were all excellent and I would definitely book with you again.  It was so great to be able to have immediate access to an English-speaking consultant to book additional tours for me while I was busy touring in Chengdu.


Christian Johnson ‚ ‚ December 30, 2016

Hi Johnson,

Here are answers to your questions:

1. Yes, Johnson was very attentive to detail, and also willing and rapid in response

2. Good selection of activities and locations that were well set out and planned. Hotels were placed conveniently for travel and browsing.

3. I’m willing to recommend your service to my friends who also have an interest to visit China.

4. This tour arrangement has good planning and service and good value for money.

5. I suggested that itinerary could possibly be a little longer, given the particular lack of queues and resulting free time in off peak season and short days.


Tony‚ ‚ December 29, 2016

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