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Hi Lyn, 

The trip was great. I had an amazing time. I really enjoyed the food and the beautiful scenery. All of the guides were friendly and knowledgeable. You did a great job organizing the tour. I hope to go back to China again soon. Maybe next year. I am attaching some photos from the trip.

China Travel Photos

Mountains, Rivers,and Cities of China

Brian‚ USA‚ September 5, 2019


The trip was amazing!  Waldron and Andie were both great!  Thank you for making a bucket list vacation come true.

Glenda‚ USA‚ September 4, 2019

Hi Tracy

We are on our way home. We don't want to leave! Been an absolutely wonderful holiday!

Definitely. Amazing service. Treated like VIPs. Thank you so much. Made very special memories x

Alfred Michael Gibson‚ UK‚ September 4, 2019

Dear Mr.Leo Li'

Please find below some comments regarding our experience in Tibet-Nepal.

All the guides, in Chengdu (Mrs. Gila), Tibet (Mr. Po Ta) and Nepal (Mr. Bishnu) provided us an excellent service, they were very informative, forbearing and helpful about every matter along our stay (check in/out in the hotels, tickets for the attractions, rides, queues etc etc), also the drivers were very skilled and safe in driving us to the many visited spots.

The vehicles were in good condition of maintenance, we always found bottles of water on board for us (provided by the assistant driver)

The daily organization of the visits in China and Nepal was mostly done in the perfect timing, respecting the schedule (some more consideration about Nepal will follow)

The included lunches and dinners, were very welcome. 

Almost all the hotels were very good, high standard, comfortable, clean and the their staff very helpful.  

The only exception was the hotel in Gyirong, of very low level (one star ? maybe less) and very old. 

Furthermore the morning after we slept there, we found out that there was no water in the bathroom and it was really a bad situation for us and at our request to do something the staff was not helpful at all. 

It seems that the missing of water in that hotel (maybe in all the city) is recurrent , but in this case would have been very simply to provide some spare water in the rooms.

A note about the "road" on the border from China to Nepal.... from the information provided in the program/itinerary we supposed to find a bumpy and muddy one ....but in reality it was much worst than that, the journey by car was stressful, very long and extremely dangerous (no guardrail at all and the overhanging on the river in the valley !!!).

The drivers were very skilled and they drove in the safest possible way, but at end for the time needed to get in Kathmandu would have been better to return from the Everest Camp Base to Lhasa and take a flight.

The itinerary in Nepal should be balanced a bit better considering the huge time needed for the transfers, of course not because of the schedules provided by the guide or the driver but because of the incredible traffic jam and the very poor conditions of the "roads", for example both Patan and Bhaktapur visits would have been deserved more time. 

Same consideration for the time needed to go and to come back to Nagarkot, where, beyond that, the view is also too variable because of the weather. 

In Chitwan park, the possible options to chose from, should have been provided (and booked) before (as we requested many times by email)  because not everyone can enjoy what scheduled by default.

Some of the group didn't like to ride the elephant because this causes him/her pain, and for the same very poor conditions in which the animals were kept (chained and with no space), they didn't like the "elephant breeding center".

To conclude, the suggestion is to include in the itinerary/program all the possible information and details (even the sensitive ones, as  the mentioned bad treatment of the animals), so that the clients have the right to decide what to see and what to skip.

Dear Mr.Leo Li, hope what above gives you a better feedback about the great adventure we lived thanks to your agency services.  

And please share our special thank also to the representatives of the local nepalese agency, they were very welcoming and helpful.

We'll be happy to be back to you, with further details in future if requested

Best regards

Alfonso & friends‚ Italy‚ September 4, 2019

Hi Tracy

All ok at X’ian. Our guide Carla very available. In Beijing too. Now we are in airport for the flight. Your country and your people very beautiful.

We liked everything, it was a beautiful, comfortable journey with excellent organization.

We will advertise your agency

Nicoletta‚ Italy‚ September 4, 2019

Aloha Echo,

We had a wonderful time on our tour through the four cities in China.  All of our tour guides were excellent each with their own special talent.  Our first guide, Forest in Beijing was extra attentive and flexible working around our special circumstances, traveling with my “special needs” granddaughter.  He was also extremely knowledgeable about Beijing and the attractions that were included in our tour.   His assistance at the train station also made our transfer to XiAn less stressful.  Waldner in XiAn was full of humor.  Unfortunately, my son was pickpocketed at the Terracotta Warriors Museum and his cell phone was stolen.  That caused a period of negative emotions during our stay in XiAn.  Waldner also assisted us at the train station to make the transfer less stressful.  Gila in Chengdu really went out of her way to allow us an authentic “taste” of Chengdu.  Gila also helped us check in at the airport for our flight to Shanghai.  Nanette in Shanghai was also very helpful when we got a late start to the airport.  She assisted us through baggage check to see us off in good time to make it to our flight.

The tour guides’ assistance were also valuable because of the minimal English that is spoken or understood throughout our travels through China.  I was quite surprised that even in the hotels that were booked for us, the staff’s ability to communicate in English was very limited.

The hotels that were included in our tour were very nice.  The location of the hotels in Beijing and Chengdu were exactly what I like with dining and shopping immediately surrounding the hotel.  The location of the Xian hotel felt a bit less comfortable. 

I would definitely recommend China Discovery to my friends and family if they are planning to visit China.

Thank you very much!

Leslie‚ USA‚ September 4, 2019

Hi Johnson,

Here are my feedbacks.

1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Johnson Wang has been an outstanding agent to deal with. He handled our booking efficiently and effectively and organised everything right down to the last minute - AMAZING service.

2. How do you comment your tour arrangements? 

Every day of every tour that organised for us was Outstanding!!

3. Are you willing to recommend our service to your people who also have an interest to visit China? 

Yes, I have already recommended your business to 42 to friends, and one is in China at this moment doing one of your tours based on our recommendations

4.  Your general opinion on us?

Amazing, efficient and outstanding Tour Company. Great Ambassadors for China. Your guides and drivers are outstanding tour guides and drivers - some of the best in the world.

5. Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?

Maybe just not so many places where the customer feels like they have to buy something at the end of the tour - thats the only thing I could say to change.

6. Can we use your comments of our service, the photos or other images that you took on the tour for our websites, brochures, marketing and publicity? If yes, could you please send us some of your photos by E-mail?

Yes, you can. I will put some photos together and send them through to you.

7. We sometimes have requests from potential customers who would like to inquire from or our ex-customers. May they contact you for advices?  _______

Yes, please - ask them to contact me if you need. It would be an honour.


Hui Martin‚ Australia‚ September 4, 2019

Thank you Rita,

So nice.

I am going on line to review. All was fantastic.

Michelle‚ USA‚ September 4, 2019

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