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Dear Lyn,

I wanted to express my deep appreciation for all your efforts to make my trip in China and Tibet a true adventure of a lifetime.  You were not only a true professional in organizing my tour but also kind and patient with a client who wanted to get off the beaten track a little.  All the tour guides were excellent.  They knew their subjects well, spoke excellent English, and went out of their way after each tour to ensure I made my connections to the next hotel or flight/train (very important for an older guy like me who could easily have gotten on the wrong train and ended up in Outer Mongolia!).   I also really appreciated how everyone was very personable and friendly.  At the end of each tour I felt that besides seeing the tour sights I also knew each guide a little as a person.  Your friendliness and constant attention during the tour made me feel after a few days like a family member was watching over me rather than just a conscientious employee.  I think this human connection that you and the others provided during my tour was as important in helping me understand and appreciate China and the Chinese people as the tour sights themselves.  Thanks again for a truly great experience! 


Ron‚ USA‚ November 28, 2017

Hi Jack,

Thanks for your email.

We had a wonderful time on our recent trip to China and have no hesitation in recommending China Discovery for delivering a quality tour with an excellent itinerary and good value for money. All accommodation was of a very high standard,the guides friendly and knowledgeable, the drivers competent and safe and the meals included exceptional. Thank you very much for all your work and correspondence before hand in helping us creating the itinerary that was just what we wanted.

Best wishes


Julie-ann‚ ‚ November 28, 2017

Hi Leo,

Sorry to have emailed you only just now. I've been so busy since we came back from our trip..

First of all, we want to thank you for making our 1st trip to China wonderful and a great experience to cherish. For all your patience and support before and during our trip... for always being there to assist our issues and concerns...you've been so helpful, and we are grateful for that. It's not easy to be in a country where English language is not spoken by most people, that's one of the reason why going to China is not our priority, but with you around this has not been much of a problem. Thanks for all the infos u have provided during our trip..


Dong Fang hotel- is nice, clean and has very good bed w/ white bedsheets and pillowcases and very comfy pillow.

Location is good. Nice wardrobe cabinet..

Hotel lobby is nice and elegant.

Food is ok but limited choices. I noticed that noodles in all hotels are very oily. Inside the hotel room, better if they will provide coffee sachets also for non-Chinese guests.

Our tour guide-Mark, a nice, gentleman guy, helpful in giving us directions on how to take subway trains. Good command of English and knowledgeable. Very caring and accompany us all the way inside the train station up to the boarding gate. This is very helpful because officers don’t speak English, and we feel secured that whatever problem we encounter at least mark is there to see us thru up to the boarding gate.

Driver-nice guy, he is the best of all the 3 we had. After an activity, will always pick us up nearest to the venue...friendly and always offers a smile when he sees us.


Hotel Universal-nice, clean, spacious room but very limited wardrobe cabinet. There is only one and very small, too squezeey for our clothes.

Please provide coffee sachets as well for non-chi guests

Food: Macau restaurant is not physically nice, more choices of food.. but oily as well. Bread, pastries not freshly baked.

Our tour guide- Mr. Jingle, although older than other guides, he is a nice guy with so many stories to tell to entertain us...very professional and the traditional-like tour guide. The moment we gotten inside the car, he started to give already a brief introduction of Guilin, some important facts and figures which is nice and helpful for us to appreciate Guilin and it gave us the feeling that we are really a tourist and we felt very welcome!. He also orient us about the location of our hotel, what to expect in the hotels vicinity, where we can find food for dinner. He also gave us infos of other attractions nearby our hotel that are worth visiting, which i really appreciate bec at least in our spare time, we can visit them as well..i also appreciate him for his gestures of telling you about nomel's bday..he is soo thoughtful and caring. Thanks again Leo and mr jingle for the bday cake!!! Driver-nice as well but will always make us walk quite a distance. If feeling tired already from an activity like after biking in yangshuo and its a bit drizzling after elephant trunk hill, quite tiring and uncomfy to walk some more..


Sto Domingo hotel- nice big lobby, high ceiling, elegant, the best of all 3 hotels

Room is very nice, spacious, big wardrobe, clean and comfy bed.

Coffee sachets again pls.. Food- with most variety. Good food,  but oily as well.

Our tour guide-Melody is a nice young lady, .very professional(like jingle),she gave us facts and intro of zhangjiajie upon settling ourselves in the car. She is soft spoken but very knowledgeable, very caring and she is the warmest! She is sincere and caring and will always check the comfort and convenience of her guest. After picking us up from the train station, upon knowing that we hadnt taken breakfast yet, she brought us to a hotel with a very nice buffet breakfast ever!! (must be a 4star hotel).she even helped us get coffee for ourselves.. .she speaks English very well and all the restaurants she brought us to are all nice and attractive restaurants (she has a good taste!). She will always assist us before eating our food making sure that food is served nicely and well. She will even serve food to us personally after the waitress leaves. She’s very thoughtful!.

She is also flexible, she modified our itinerary and gave alternative things to do that she deemed more appropriate so as not to waste time and money. Bec on our 1st day, it was raining and up in the glass bridge, it is soo foggy. So after seeing the glass bridge we went to zhangjiajie national forest park and took the electric train instead and see the natural gallery, which was a smart idea bec down there we can see nice view of the peaks bec not as foggy as up there..

On our last day she even suggested that we watch the show the Charm, Xiang xi, bec she learned that it was our Wedding anniversary on that day and she said that it was a perfect way to celebrate the occasioned were not really keen but she kept on suggesting that we try bec we will not regret it. So we trusted her judgement and she arranged for our tickets and even helped to  bring us to the theater by walking with us, took us to our designated seats as well...she is soo good, doing things at an extra mile. Her client service is very sincere!..True enough, it was a great great show!!World-class! Thank you meloddyyy!! For all your personal touch!!!

But i just notice that she will not eat in the same restaurant where she will bring us:(..other tour guides will eat in the same restaurant with us but separate table..

Driver- nice but same as the Guilin's driver..will make us walk a distance also..

China is a very nice country to visit. Overall the experience is Great! The sequence of order of our trip was soo good Beijing, Guilin and saving the very best for last Zhangjiajie.. our last destination left us with a lot  of experience and the best of memories to treasure....to China Discovery, to you Leo,our tour guides Mark, Mr Jingle and the sweetest.. Melody,.....We, rinah and nomel, thank all of you guys from the bottom of our hearts!!!More power!!

May u continue to serve all your clients with personal touch! More power!!


Ms. Rinah

Ms. Rinah‚ ‚ November 26, 2017


We thank you very much for the organized trip. Transfers, hotels and guides were perect. We enjoyed every moment. Xiexie!


Envoyé‚ ‚ November 23, 2017

Dear Wing,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.  Below are the comments to the questions that you posted on your Sept 13’s e-mail.  I also attached few photos (large files so I will e-mail the photos in few separate e-mails).         

1.    How do you like our tour arrangements and are you willing to recommend our service to your friends?  The entire tour itinerary was well planned-out and complete, as we got to see many attractions and experienced a new culture and foods.  Also, there was sufficient free time to further explore Tibet on our own. Our tour guide (Dzunju) was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Buddhism, which is vital to understand more fully Tibetan history and culture. We would strongly recommend your services to our friends and family who would be interest in traveling to Tibet or mainland China.

2.    Do you have some suggestions for us to improve our service?  Yes, two suggestions: (i) with regards to Day 8 (Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse), we suggest to stay overnight at Gyantse to have more time to visit the Palkor Monestary and castle; and (ii) with regards to Day 10 (Everest Base Camp, EBC – Sakya - Shigatse), instead of returning and staying overnight at  Shigatse, we would suggest to stay overnight at Sakya in order to have more time to visit the Sakya Monastery.

3.    If you come to China again, would you like to use our service again?  Yes, most definitely.



Tibet Tour

I visited Potala Palace with my family )

Cheng Tour

Chengdu is a beautiful city (photo with Wing)

Winnie‚ ‚ November 24, 2017

Hi Wing,

Yes i’ve returned from my trip to China.

The cruise was most wonderful. I enjoyed it very, very much. What a beautiful country China is!

Everything was well organised thanks to you.

I’ve appreciated your service very much. What really works well is that from the first moment you were my only contact person in your company. That makes communication clear and fast.

I definitely am willing to recommend your service to my friends in case they want to visit China!

Your service is very good. Can’t think of any improvements.

If I come to China again and need help for a trip i certainly will contact you.

Thank you very much for all your attention.

Kind regards,


Wouter‚ ‚ November 24, 2017

Hello Stephanie,

We had a wonderful holiday. The guides were all excellent and I can't tell you how great it was that they met us as planned in all the pick up areas. We will certainly recommend your company.it passed my expectations and was really great.

My only thought is that it would be nice if the local guides gave a local map of the area. We had this in shanghai and used it a lot

Some photos attached

Best regards


Beijing Tour

Beijing Tiananmen Square

Frances‚ ‚ November 23, 2017

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks again for setting up this tour, it was a fantastic experience to interact with the pandas. Nancy was a great guide, she is a very nice and funny person.

Thanks again,


Terry‚ ‚ November 22, 2017

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