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Hi Catherine,

We just returned from China a few days ago. Please see below for my response to your questions.

1. The travel consultant would respond to any question I asked within 24 hours via email and was very helpful with all her responses to my questions.

2. Our tour arrangements were well thought out and matched the actual days perfectly. We had more than enough time at every spot listed on our itinerary and were very happy with the lodging and meals included.

3. I would highly recommend China Discovery for tours. Private tours do cost more than going on your own, but we did not have to worry about anything. And in a place such as Chengdu, where attractions are far-spread and English is not often spoken, it was very convenient for us to do this tour.

4. Yes, you may use my comments or photos. Please see photos from our time on the tour below:


Sichuan Tour

We climbed to the toppest pavilion in Mount Qingcheng

Sichuan Tour

The Gingko trees in Chengdu were really beautiful

Briana‚ ‚ Dec. 21, 2017

Hi Tracy!

It was amazing! I loved everything, David was a helpful guide, and I really enjoyed Zhangjiajie.

Thank you!!


Tatiane‚ ‚ Dec. 20, 2017

Hello Leo,

Thanks for the organizing the trip and my family have enjoyed it.

The feedback is good for the service, meals and accommodation provided.



May‚ ‚ Dec. 20, 2017

Hi Catherine,

With very great difficulty I managed to find time to draft a review as attached.

Great Private Tour was organized for us by Catherine Liu and her team at China Discovery (based in Chengdu) for my wife and self.

Catherine Liu and her team planned a great 12-day tour private tour for myself and my wife 

Tour covered 3 -River Gorge cruise – 4 nights staring from Yichang and ended in Chongqing. We then spend one night before we visited Chengdu for 2 nights enjoyed visiting the Panda Museum.  Catherine was on vacation when we visited Chengdu despite that Catherine came to meet us at our Holiday Inn Hotel to see us at our request. At our request she arranged for our visit to their office and meet a number of staff members there. We were very impressed with their set up and found all the staff  very professional and friendly.  Having been to their office and meet most of the staff we would definitely recommend China Discovery (based in Chengdu) as very reliable, professional,  friendly and efficient travel agent to engage for trips to China- especially in regions they specialize in.  All Catherine communicated with us most of them we could see that she had a team of workers providing her the support.

We then flew from Chengdu to Guilin -Air flight was also booked/organised by China Discovery.  Guilin ch is a must see for all tourist and it was recommended by China Dicovery. Lovely landscape with rivers and numerous cone shaped mountains where we joined  group  tours linked up by China Discovery.

Catherine  send us an Invitation letter addressed to the Chinese Embassy  with full itinerary in order for us to obtain China Visa without any hitch. She organised every aspect of the tour with great detail as we received her plans step by step.   She communicated with us rapidly and patiently answered all our numerous queries.  All the drivers picked us up at Airports, Riverports and Railway Stations on time.  Some of them even refused to accept any tips. Drivers when they dropped us at Railway Stations came with our baggage as far as the Security would allow them to come with us as we were very new to China and did not speak or read any Chinese. 

All the local  tour guides arranged by them spoke good English and very knowledgeable about their area, and answered all our questions and gave us very personalized service.

One word of advise: Google,  Gmail and WhatsApp do not work well in China. So  please download WeeChat,  VPN,  Google Translate  and get Pay- as you Go Chinese SIM Card as soon as you arrive at the airport and immediately inform China Disovery of your Chinese phone contact number.  If you have a dietary  restrictions please make sure you carry with you written English and Chinese translations with you. Without the above items we would have been very lost in China. All drivers, Guides and travel agents communicated with us via WeeChat or Pay-as-You Go Chinese phone number for any last minute changes.  We needed  all of the above most when we  had free day/time all by  ourself. Very few Chinese on the street speak English although many are now trying to learn English. It was a  pleasant surprise to see that most road signs and train stations also have English names and all figures are in English. Railway Stations are very well organised but have also have very strict security.

Chinese speed trains are the best in the world, perhaps even surpassing those in Japan and Railway station.

Catherine made us aware most  of the above before we travelled so we were well  prepared. China Discovery even gave us a farewell souvenir which we will cherish most. ,

Best Regards to you and all the sales staff at China Discovery in Chengdhu


Mehernosh‚ ‚ Dec. 19, 2017


Here is a picture from Suzhou. I can only send a specific size attachment through this email address (due to our lack of internet accessibility while at sea). If you need me to send a higher quality picture, I can once I return to America. Just let me know.

My answers are below, under each question!

Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Yes, the company was very fast to respond to my questions and concerns. They were able to tailor the tour exactly to our liking and desires. We were able to build the tour in the way we wanted.

How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour?

The tour guides were amazing. They gave us information on the sights in an informative, yet interesting way. Both guides were very kind and helpful to us. 

Would you like to recommend our company?

Yes, I would recommend your company to anyone that wants to have an easy and carefree time in China. It was very nice to have English speaking guides to help navigate us around & communicate effectively when ordering food and such. Everything was taken care of!

Thank you again for all of your help!!


Suzhou Tour

We visited Tiger Pagoda - A Pagoda over 1,600 Years Old

Elle‚ ‚ Dec. 18, 2017

Dear Tracy,

I am very well, thank you for asking.

We enjoyed our trip to China very much - thank you for organising it very well.

Eric, our Beijing guide, was outstanding.  His detailed knowledge of history was impressive and he was able to answer all our questions - we asked a lot!  We will be recommending Eric to our friends.  Eric also gave us good, practical advice about drinking water, meals, toilets and safety.

Our Beijing driver, Mr. John, was the best of our three drivers.  He made it comfortable for us in the car.

Beijing was a highlight of the trip (because of Eric) and we plan to visit it again to learn more about its history.

The Crowne Plaza Beijing Wangfujing was good - this includes the room and the breakfasts.

Our Xi'an guide, Kimi, was friendly and young.  He explained the terracotta warriors well.  We thought Xian was a beautiful, impressive city.  We would like to visit it again.

The Xi’an Sofitel International Hotel was the best hotel we stayed in.  The room was very big and comfortable and the breakfasts were very high quality.  We will recommend this hotel to our friends.

In Shanghai we were impressed with the city’s prosperity and energy.  Laura was our guide.  Laura has been working as a guide for many years and her style was not as energetic and fresh as Eric’s.  The driver in Shanghai was very friendly, but his driving was less comfortable for us as passengers.

The Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel had large comfortable rooms.  The breakfasts in this hotel were disappointing and low standard.  We would not recommend this hotel to our friends.

I hope this helps.



Jim‚ ‚ Dec. 18, 2017


Know we are back to France for a few weeks.

Our trip was so nice, but, as you will easily understand, a little bit tiring ... since after China we added a two weeks trip to Burma ...

I had time to update our personal internet site, and I give you the internet address of it.

Please select the China chapter ...

You will find inside all our pictures (about 3000) and video clips, which you can easily download..

But I also added a chapter named "itinéraires" including

- the map of the trip

- the description of it, day by day

- our advice on each visit (quoted from 0 to ***)

You'll understand we are very glad with this journey, and with your company's help !

Know, if you wish any other detail, I shall try to help you.

In addition, I am going to complete our opinion on Trip Advisor

Have a happy Christmas,

Best regards


Jean-Bernard‚ ‚ Dec. 18, 2017

Dear Lily,

Sorry it took so long to reply I have been very busy.

First of all I would like to thank you (Lily) personally for helping me book my cruise. I appreciated your advice, professional efficient and friendly approach, it was very much appreciated! The booking process was easy to follow and communications simple and effective. Well done!

Good points

Very kind crew and staff who looked after me whilst I was on the cruise. Staff were highly motivated and customer focused. I would like to thank bar staff on the 5th floor and Reception. I would also like to put in a special thanks to ERIN  (dining room) who was very approachable and an exemplary host and ensured I had a  comfortable time on board. ERIN is a good advert for the company!!!

For those on busy tours of China (like me)the Yangtse cruise was a good chance for a respite from all the travelling and to see the Gorges and Chinas varied landscapes.

Although I was only one of two Europeans on board- the cruise was a great opportunity to mix with Chinese passengers who like to have a good time and were very kind to me.

I wear a leg brace and have mobility problems and found the visit to the Dam interesting but difficult and missed going to the Ghost City. I did enjoy enormously the visit to the little Gorges and the ride in the sanpan. On the whole the guides were informative.    

Kind Regards


P.S. my travel profile is:- (62 year old independent traveler from UK who wears leg brace and has mobility problems. My tour of China included:- Hong Kong, Shanghai, Yangste River, Xi'an, Beijing).

John‚ UK‚ Dec. 18, 2017

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