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Hi Stephanie,

Yes, the tour was great, the service too, and I reflected that in my feedback card. We were also lucky with the weather, so really everything worked out very well. And I booked all optional tours and I am glad I did so :)

Best regards,


Milosh‚ ‚ April 18, 2018

Hi Wendy,

Thoroughly satisfied with guides and arrangements. You did an excellent job designing itinerary.  Lijiang hotel needs a new toaster but that would be my only negative comment.   It simply will. Or toast anything. During Off season staying in Shangri la old town might be more fun but the hotel you chose was only a short walk from old town.   Dali and Lijiang hotels perfect. The latter had heated mattress pads.  So did hotel in Shangri la.  Guides were all very accommodating, friendly, and interesting to be with. I would not hesitate to recommend any if the 4. Sophie in Lijiang was especially pleasant.  Lots of energy. Drivers were good too. I will also comment on TA. Took several hundred pics and will send some in a week or so. As I mentioned before in an email, Jiujiang Hotel in KMG is perfect because of AP shuttle.  It terminates on third stop just 30m from hotel entrance and only costs 25rmb. It is bus 2 from where the shuttle buses line up at KMG. Ticket offices also easy to find.


Russel‚ ‚ April 18, 2018

Hello Rita,

I have arrived home safely and having a few days to rest after a very busy time in China.

I would like to thank you for making all the arrangements for me.  You were very quick to answer my e-mails and questions about travel from Chengdu to Guilin and exercised great patience in organising things that I wanted to see and do.  It all worked out well and I was happy with the tour arrangements.

I would happily use your services again for a future visit to China.  Your English is very good, making the booking easy and trouble free. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for my knowledge of Chinese, so your services were excellent.  The full list of services and activities made the obtaining of the visa easy and the guides at each point of arrival and departure were efficient and professional.  Mr. Jerry Zhuge was very good in Guilin - good English and knowledge.

I will send a few photos separately - I am not a good photographer and prefer to look with my eyes and not through the lens!

Thank you once again.

Kind regards,


Jean‚ ‚ April 16, 2018

Dear Catherine,

Please find below our feedback on the tour we took.   We will try to be specific when needed.   Our feedback is in red.

We arrived four hours late due to weather in Shanghai.   Pick up went well and we were transferred to our hotel.  We chose to drive to Naxi Family Guest house, as the construction of the new highway and hi speed rail had the first 1.5 hours of the trek full of construction vehicles and dust. Accommodation at Tea and Horse Guest house was good as was their food. Lunch at Naxi guest house was very good. We chose to drive to Naxi Family Guest house, as the construction of the new highway and hi speed rail had the first 1.5 hours of the trek full of construction vehicles and dust.  Accomodation at Tea and Horse Guest house was good as was their food.  Lunch at Naxi guest house was very good.

In short we enjoyed our trip.   The hard class sleeper train was not a problem.

Many thanks,


Fred‚ ‚ April 15, 2018


We had a good tour and the guides were excellent.

Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Yes Wonder did a great job

How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour?

Guides were on time, English good and they had good subject knowledge

Would you like to recommend our company?

I have already done so


Gustav‚ ‚ April 13, 2018

Hello Jack,

It was one of the best trips we have ever made in China. My whole family enjoyed every single hour of it. It was impressive, exciting but also quite relaxing at the same time. We would definitely recommend to those who are interested in ancient history, who enjoy beautiful nature landscape and can value the great engineering achievements in bending the power of the fascinating Jangtze!

Best regards


Van‚ ‚ April 13, 2018

Dear Johnson,

Sorry for the delay, I had a lot to catch up on at work.

First I wanted to let you know that we are very very happy with the whole package of services and arrangements you made for us via your company. I will be submitting a positive feedback for China Discovery in TripAdvisor when I have the time. Everything went seamlessly, the guides were perfect. On this front Daniel was the best from them all our family felt he really spent time telling us details and we learnt a lot from him about Chinese culture and customs in Guilin. He was also very patient and flexible (so were the other guides by the way). The fact that he was from Yangshou also could be why we got more details and could see his passion and that he a more experienced guide. The other guides were all good too, but Daniel really was the best.

Most of all I would like to thank you for your patience in working with me to develop the holiday suited to our needs. My husband and children were very happy with the arrangements. I have not gotten this professional level of support before, most companies are reluctant to work with their clients and push their own tour agenda. You really were very helpful in researching the type of hotels I wanted and making the bookings. On the hotel, I wish China would promote more the small boutique hotels like Yangshou Mountain Retreat and the Longji Art Hotel.... foreign tourists really like these as you can escape the big Chinese tour groups and their loud guides using loud speakers that mostly stay in bog hotels.

With regard to the tour of the Water Town near Shanghai, I would like to give you feedback that the guide did not initially take us to the area where there are the tea shops along the river, its a good thing I had read about it in TripAdvisor so I told her we wanted to go there. Which was great, we had coffee in one of these places. I really recommend telling your guides to take your clients for some coffee or tea to these teashops along the canal. The visit to the pharmacy is not worth the trip, please drop it from you itinerary.

Zhangjiaje was fantastic, we loved the hiking and walking along the river. The Sky Bridge and the walk along the river was also great. Loved it. Tianmen Mountain was beautiful as well, however we did not like the crowds so much there.

Yangshou and Longji were our MOST favorite places and our favorite hotels. If we come to China again we all voted to go to Yangshou again. I would skip Guilin, nice place and we had a nice tour of the 2 rivers, 4 lakes but for as foreign tourist I'd rather have spent more days in Yangshou and Longji hiking and relaxing. Especially since you don't come across the big tour groups at all, only families.

Chengdu is a fascinating city, we like the fact that the guide taught us how to play Majong, now we all want to buy a Majong set. That was really kind of her. The Panda visit was not that impressive, we had hoped it was more natural and required some hiking etc. like safaris we are used to in India and Africa. Next time, if we come to China we would like to go to the Panda Reserve in the wilderness and camp there for a few days and then also visit Tibet. I understand that your company can arrange this too. Do you have good outdoor nature guides with good camping and wilderness experience in Panda country?

Note sure if you still need me to answers the questions below, having given you my comments above. But will answer them quickly.

Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

yes you were super fast, I was impressed

How do you comment your tour arrangements?

As mentioned above, you did a great job, I would recommend China Discovery to everyone who wants to visit china and have them get in touch with you.

Are you willing to recommend our service to your people who also have an interest to visit China?


Your general opinion on us?

Already mentioned that I was very impressed by how professional your company is and how patiently you worked with me to development my tour agenda.

Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?  

Already mentioned above in my email, on the locations. Otherwise I have not additional suggestions. You did a great job. Everything worked very smoothly, even the flights and train tickets and local transport. Like clockwork. Perfect!

Can we use your comments of our service, the photos or other images that you took on the tour for our websites, brochures, marketing and publicity? If yes, could you please send us some of your photos by E-mail?

Sure, would prefer that you don't use our names and pictures of the family but pictures I attach here only. You can say Sommer Family if you need to use a name.


Sommer Family

China Tour

We are biking in Yangshuo

China Tour

The landscape in Longji Rice Terrace is amazing

Sommer Family‚ ‚ April 12, 2018

Dear Echo,

We very much enjoyed the tour and was impressed by all three groups of nice drivers and guides. They had made the tour very smoothly and efficiently. We were able to maximize our time and also be flexible about the places we like to visit.

To answer your questions:

1. The itinerary was perfect, enough time on each site,

2. I would highly recommend your company to all my friends who would like to visit China

3. You did a wonderful job in planning everything, we like the hotels, guides, transportation and itinerary.

4. I think the only thing I would suggest is more communication on confirmation, I literally got the contacts of the guides right after I landed Shanghai. It wasn’t a big problem at the airport, but because there are many exits for the train stations like Nanjing and Hangzhou, we need to know ahead of time which we would use.

5. I plan to write a review on TripAdvisor for you, will share with you later, you can put it on your website.

6. I look forward to using your company again!

I am enclosing some photos in another email.

These are a few highlights of our trip, Yu Garden, Bund, Dr. Sun Yat Sen mausoleum, West Lake, MeiJia Tea Village.

Best regards,


China Tour

Our Wonderful Experience in China

Teresa‚ ‚ April 12, 2018

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