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Hello Jack ,

We just returned last night from our China-Nepal-Bhutan trip and wanted to say thanks for organizing the trip of a lifetime for us.

This trip truly was spectacular. The guides were all excellent and flexible and extremely helpful. The sights were everything we hoped for and more. We loved the hotels overall and they were exactly the type we would have chosen ourselves - most were right in the heart of the best locations with local flavor and character. The travel arrangements and vehicles were comfortable and of good quality throughout.

The only small flaw in the itinerary was the guest house in Kyirong at the China-Nepal border. We realize it probably is hard to find updated accommodations there. The guest house was not even close to the standard of the other accommodations in the itinerary. It was about a one star compared to the others that were three stars. Our advice is to either find some place different for your clients or else warn them in the itinerary that the guest house is not up to standard which cannot be helped in that area.

Despite that small flaw, everything else in the itinerary was spot on for us.

Thanks very much for all you did to make this such a special trip!


Adam and Lori

Adam and Lori ‚ ‚ May 4, 2018

Dear Tracy,

Before I start my review can I thank you very much for planning and organising our holiday to China. We had a marvellous, though hectic, time - an amazing holiday overall.

1. The travel consultant -you Tracy- were excellent and you answered very quickly all the issues and questions I had about our holiday.

2. The tour arrangements were first class - the driver and guide were always punctual and prepared to help us on anything we needed, especially with the organising of a wheelchair -very professional, always courteous and friendly. The itinerary was not followed in parts as the guides suggested a different order of visiting the sites which made it more time effective.As I had no criteria to base our grading of driver/guide on the sheet we received at the end of each city stay, I feel I was unfair in grading Mark in Beijing as only good, as we later noticed he was very similar to Jonny and Helen, so he should be given a 5 instead of the 4. The hotels in all cities were excellent, though we did miss at times some Western cuisine at breakfast but we were in China!!! The quality of the lunches provided varied from adequate in Beijing to over -indulgence in Shanghai where it was impossible to eat it all!!!

However, the only disappointing part for us was our visit to Beijing Hutongs, where it was arranged on the Sunday and the shops in the area were closed and we were also bungled into a back corner of a very small room to have lunch away from others; the rickshaw ride wasn't interesting as the area was quite plain, and if I knew all this I would not have included it in the itinerary. Likewise the Peking Duck dinner was really disappointing in the quality of the dish and as such we would not have booked it as an optional extra. However, the Tang Palace Dance Show was worth every minute. We particularly liked the evening/night snacks from 10.00pm in the Narada Hotel in Shanghai - but frankly we very rarely ate after the lunch on most days!! The tour we found quite tiring especially our first full day in Beijing so in some ways perhaps an extra free day when arriving could be an idea (but our ages were also a factor on why we found it exhausting). The guides perhaps could have provided more depth of knowledge/explanation on some of the places we visited rather than us asking questions all the time - perhaps 4/5 minutes on the historical background of the site and its significance should be given on our walkabout. Similarly an account of daily life/routine  in China would have been useful too - though background reading from ourselves would not have gone amiss!

3 & 4.Your company is thoroughly professional and  I would certainly recommend your company to other people who would be interested in visiting China on a private tour and I will certainly recommend your services to all my friends.

5. My only suggestion is that any European who wants to book a tour with your company they should be precise and exact on everything they want in the holiday. We were very pleased with everything about our holiday but some people may prefer, for example, to stay in Western -style hotel chains rather than Chinese ones,but in so doing I fell they would  miss some aspects of being in China.

6. Yes you can use my comments in promotional material but sorry as we are a rather private couple we don't tend to share our photos in the public domain.

7. Any potential customers (within reason) can contact me about a tour with your company.

Thanks again for a wonderful holiday which will always be in our memories - we might even return someday.

Brian & Dzhulia

Brian & Dzhulia‚ ‚ May 2, 2018

Hi Jack:

So good to hear from you!  Yes I came back to Canada on April 22 and am still adjusting the time difference.

Thanks for your help, we had a very good cruise down the Yangtze River.  Everything went as planned.  We were very much impressed by the smooth operation by the ship crew, despite of the large number of passengers .  One thing particularly surprised us was that passengers could board the ship as soon as they come in, which does not happen often in China.  This has eliminated the long lines and waiting.  All the shore excursions were well-organized without a glitch.   Unfortunately the weather was wet but that did not damper our enjoyment with all the sightseeing.  The food onboard was also very good.  We also appreciated it very much that your group had actively made contact with the ship in advance to fix the transportation to the Yichang train station.  Because the delay caused by the tour to the Three Gorge Dam, we thought we were going to miss the train to Zhangjiajie.  But the two ladies sent by your agency did a great job to rush us to the train station.  Not only they came very early waiting for us, they even called the train station to find out details of the layout of the train station so that we could go straight to our train without any delay.   Because of their all-out efforts, we got to the train station some 20 minutes ahead of the time, which was absolutely impressive.  If we are ever going back to China to visit your area, I know which travel agency to use.

Please extend our sincere gratitude to those ladies and please feel free to use my comments on any of your promotion info material as you see fit. 


Jay‚ ‚ May 1, 2018

Hi Jack,

Last week, I was with my parents and their friends who did the tour.

They really enjoyed the whole tour. They appreciated how smooth the organization was. The driver and the guides was nice especially the guide in Xi'an.

The only little complaint is that they did not had the opportunity to visit the surrounding of the Bird Nest (Olympic stadium). If you remember, I have cancelled the visit of Ming Tomb to allow time to visit the Olympic park.

But again, they were amazed and happy to visit your country with your agency and I will for sure recommend you again for visiting China.

Best regards,


Olivier‚ ‚ April 30, 2018

Hello Tracy,

it’s no problem I was intending to drop you a note.

First of all the guides who met us from the train at Yichang, and then took us from the boat to the airport at Chongqing were exceptional. Both times they were on time, knowledgeable about the area and very helpful including assisting us right onto the boat and then helping us to check in at the airport.

The crew on the boat were also excellent, especially Rebecca, Christina and Maggie but all were friendly and very helpful. I told the Captain his crew are a credit to him (I hope it translated well!)

The boat itself was very clean. Although maybe not as luxurious as some of the other boats it seemed to be a bit smaller which means easier to get on and off etc.

I am very glad that we upgraded 2 decks. That meant we ate our meals and had access at other times to the executive lounge which was much nicer than the main restaurant, the meals were table service and house wine, beer and soda drinks were included. It was also nice being on a higher deck for the views etc and Wi-fi is also included. I would recommend that anyone considering this cruise takes up that offer.

It seems that the cruise is slightly different now that the docking point has been moved from Yichang upstream past the dam. That means that the first excursion is also from the boat dock and the boat does not depart until the night time of the 2nd day. I think you should make that clear. It seems that all the other western travellers took the optional excursion on a boat through the dam lift. We went on the bus tour of the dam with a group of Chinese people who treated us as honoured guests and the guide made special efforts to keep us involved. However you might want to make clear to western travellers that it is a possibility.

The other two excursions were also good, especially the boat through the gorges.

The other thing you may want to make clear is that there are quite a lot of steps to climb and walking to embark and disembark the boat at each end and for the excursions so guests need to have a reasonable level of mobility.

Hope that is helpful, I will definately come to you in future if we consider a future trip.



Barry ‚ ‚ April 27, 2018


Not back till Monday . The trip you organised for us was excellent

Will give more feedback when home.


Brian‚ ‚ April 27, 2018

Hello Wing,

sorry for our very late reply.

First of all, we would like to tell you that the cruise was a very good experience and we thank you for that.

We are thinking about using your service again for a future cruise, going in the other way, from Yichang to Chongqing.

Thanks a lot for your kind collaboration.

Best regards


Adriana‚ ‚ April 26, 2018

Wing Zeng,

we have just arrived back home after having an absolutely amazing time in China.    You and the China Discovery Team and our tour guides Kai (Beijing) and Bruce (Xi’an) and their drivers made out trip.  There was almost not a single thing we would have changed.   China is such an amazingly vibrant country with so much history.   What a whirlwind trip and thanks to your group, we can hardly wait to return.  We saw so much and experienced so much in such a short period of time.

We have already decided we will do this again next year.  Perhaps a different part of China, but wherever, we will most certainly be contacting you.

The one small issue we had was the SunWorld Hotel in Beijing.   The hotel was clean, although very outdated it was just that the service let them down.   On the other hand we loved the Grand Dynasty Cultural Hotel in Xi’an.  Both hotels were ideally situated for us to explore a bit as well.

Thank you again for making our trip so memorable.



Brenda and Bill‚ ‚ April 13, 2018

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