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Know we are back to France for a few weeks.

Our trip was so nice, but, as you will easily understand, a little bit tiring ... since after China we added a two weeks trip to Burma ...

I had time to update our personal internet site, and I give you the internet address of it.

Please select the China chapter ...

You will find inside all our pictures (about 3000) and video clips, which you can easily download..

But I also added a chapter named "itinéraires" including

- the map of the trip

- the description of it, day by day

- our advice on each visit (quoted from 0 to ***)

You'll understand we are very glad with this journey, and with your company's help !

Know, if you wish any other detail, I shall try to help you.

In addition, I am going to complete our opinion on Trip Advisor

Have a happy Christmas,

Best regards


Jean-Bernard‚ ‚ Dec. 18, 2017

Dear Lily,

Sorry it took so long to reply I have been very busy.

First of all I would like to thank you (Lily) personally for helping me book my cruise. I appreciated your advice, professional efficient and friendly approach, it was very much appreciated! The booking process was easy to follow and communications simple and effective. Well done!

Good points

Very kind crew and staff who looked after me whilst I was on the cruise. Staff were highly motivated and customer focused. I would like to thank bar staff on the 5th floor and Reception. I would also like to put in a special thanks to ERIN  (dining room) who was very approachable and an exemplary host and ensured I had a  comfortable time on board. ERIN is a good advert for the company!!!

For those on busy tours of China (like me)the Yangtse cruise was a good chance for a respite from all the travelling and to see the Gorges and Chinas varied landscapes.

Although I was only one of two Europeans on board- the cruise was a great opportunity to mix with Chinese passengers who like to have a good time and were very kind to me.

I wear a leg brace and have mobility problems and found the visit to the Dam interesting but difficult and missed going to the Ghost City. I did enjoy enormously the visit to the little Gorges and the ride in the sanpan. On the whole the guides were informative.    

Kind Regards


P.S. my travel profile is:- (62 year old independent traveler from UK who wears leg brace and has mobility problems. My tour of China included:- Hong Kong, Shanghai, Yangste River, Xi'an, Beijing).

John‚ UK‚ Dec. 18, 2017

Hello Wendy,

Apologies for the delay in responding.  I have been in bed with the flu….  :-(

We had a wonderful tour in Chengdu, and we have written to Nancy to thank her for her efforts.   She was FANTASTIC!!! Additional comments about her are written in blue below.

I will try to write a review on TripAdvisor as soon as I can, but this being the end of the year, we are quite busy with year-end business matters.   I appreciate your patience!

David and I wish you and your colleagues a very safe and prosperous 2018, and hope that we can take more trips with China Discovery in the coming years.

Warmest regards,


Alisha‚ ‚ Dec. 16, 2017

Hello Miss Lily,

Thank you for arranging our trip on the Century Diamond. We had a wonderful time.

Best regards,


Elizabeth‚ ‚ Dec. 15, 2017

Hi Wendy,

Just want to thank you for organising a wonderful trip for us to Beijing and Xi'an. We had a great time, wishing there was more time. My children had a memorable time experiencing Chinese history and culture, as well as seeing a new China. They got to spend sometime with my brother which was valuable.

Thank you very much.



Susanna‚ ‚ Dec. 15, 2017

Dear Lily,

Everything went perfect and I will be happy to share the review. I will write a few words and send them to you in the next days.



Catalin‚ ‚ Dec. 14, 2017

Hi Wing,

I had a wondering time at Mt. Hua. My guide, Lucia., is very friendly, personable, and flexible. She guided me and hiked with me through several peaks and took many photos for me. My driver too is very friendly. I am very satisfied with your arrangement and will recommend your service to my friends. In the past, I have used China Highlight and China Odyssey. This is the first time that I have used China Discovery. Now I have another service to choose from when I come to China again.

Thank you


Tat‚ ‚ Dec. 14, 2017

Dear Echo,

We enjoyed our trip there and thanks for all the arrangement.

The service is great with very friendly and helpful tour guides. We will definitely use your service if we decide to go to China again in the future.


Best regards,


Beijing Tour

Our Trip to the Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Danny‚ ‚ Dec. 14, 2017

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