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We have a broad selection of things to do in Luoyang for you to browse through and learn about all the most popular activities. It’s easy to find all the must-see Luoyang sights like by looking though our list of all the most popular Luoyang attractions. You won’t miss Longmen Grottoes and White Horse Temple in Luoyang and Shaolin Kungfu experience in Dengfeng. And the annual Luoyang International Peony Festival will sure attract you to come in spring.

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Luoyang Peony Culture Festival

Luoyang Peony Culture Festival

The Peony Culture Festival of Luoyang has become a major annual event featuring flowers, exhibitions of traditional Chinese calligraphy, painting and photography since April 1983, when the first peony festival took place. Every year, from April 1st to May 10th, you can come to the Luoyang Peony Festival to appreciate various different kinds of peonies, as well as lots of cultural activities.

The main venue of Luoyang Peony Culture Festival is Luoyang National Peony Garden, which located in Mongshan on the outskirts of Luoyang. Besides, there are some other gardens where you can appreciate the peony flowers as well as the leisure atmosphere, like Xiyuan Park, Luyang National Flower Garden, Sui & Tang Dynasties Relics Botanic Garden, and so on.

The booming date of peony flower is from April to May.

Kungfu Revelations: 9 Scrolls

Kungfu Revelations: 9 Scrolls

Time: 20:00 – 21:30, Tuesday to Sunday

Place: Luoyang Meditation Theater

Louyang Meditation Theater has become the home of the “9 Scrolls” since 2014. 9 Scrolls of Kungfu Revelations is China’s first indigenous style of stage play. It uses a poetic and dramatic form of Kungfu to interpret and portray the very soul of Chinese culture, art, and philosophy. The show allows the audience of the world, burdened by the anxiety of a modern life, to attain a new sense of the vigor and essence of life.

9 Scrolls provides a venue for visitors to enjoy the nightlife in Luoyang and offers something entirely new in a permanent venue for a stage featuring traditional Chinese culture.

Longmen Grottoes Night Scene

Longmen Grottoes Night Scene

The Longmen Caves include an astonishing 1350 caves, 750 niches and 40 pagodas, which together contain some 110,000 sculptures.

If you want to go out at night, this Longmen Grottoes will show you amazing night scene! During April 01 - Oct.10, it offers night tickets from 18:30 till 22:00. At this time, you could stay for night as the caves lit up! You’ll not only know more about the Buddhist culture, but also appreciate the most beautiful night view at Longmen Grottoes.

Heluo Culture Tourism Festival

Heluo Culture Tourism Festival

The Heluo Festival, an annual event that celebrates the cultural and travel resources of Luoyang. Heluo culture is one of the most civilized of China's cultures.

Every year, it is held during late September to early October with different themes. It draws many performance groups from over 20 countries to participate in the opening gala. As a whole, it is a festival to understand Heluo culture better.

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