Things to Do in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, known as heaven on Earth, is overflowing with things to do. The West Lake Scenic Area contains over 60 cultural relic sites and several attractions of natural beauty.

Besides West Lake, Hangzhou offers much more for you to taste: retreat your soul at Lingyin Temple, have a fantastic view of Qiantang River on the top of Six Harmonies Pagoda, stroll into Dragon Well Tea Plantation to see how tea is planted, picked and processed to become fragrant liquid in your teacup…

Check out your favorites attractions and featured activities below and make your own Hangzhou tour of a lifetime.

Hangzhou Attraction Map

Impression West Lake

No.1: Watch Impression West Lake

Type: Concerts

West Lake, a world famous tourist attraction, has not only the charming sceneries but many touched legends. Impression West Lake will show you the beautiful Hangzhou Legends, like “The Legend of White Snake”. Directed by Zhang Yimou (the same man directed the 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony), it lasts about one hour, consisting of five parts: "Encounter", "Fall in Love", "Say Goodbye", "Memory", and "Impression".

Staged entirely upon the lake itself (a stage has been built 3 centimeters below the surface), Impression West Lake is a spectacle of light, music, dance and theatrics. Using the lake and its surroundings as props, lights and hundreds of actors create a sensational performance. Hangzhou has plenty to offer in itself, but if you can add the performance into your itinerary, you’ll be forever grateful.

West Lake Night Cruise

No.2: Take Night Cruise

Type: West Lake / Qiantang River / Grand Canal Night Cruise

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-3 hours

Want to explore Hangzhou in the most relaxing way? Hangzhou is a city of water, and it is on the water is where you can really experience the charm of Hangzhou. West Lake, the Grand Canal and Qiantang River all offer night cruises. Set sail at dusk and dim the lights, and get ready to enjoy the true beauty of Hangzhou scenery.

The Grand Canal Cruise and Qiantang River night cruises are in service only in summer or peak seasons. Please check the availabilities with your travel consultant.
Qiantang River Night Cruise Route: Wu Lin Men Pier -> Six Harmonies Pagoda -> Qiangtang River -> Wu Lin Men Pier (3 hours)
Grand Canal Night Cruise Route: Wu Lin Men Pier -> West Lake Cultural Square -> Gong Chen Bridge -> Wu Lin Men Pier (1 hour)

Qiantang River Tidal Bore

No.3: See Qiantang River Tidal Bore

Type: River Tide

The Qiantang River Tidal Bore is known for the world’s largest tidal bore. Annually, on the eighteenth day of the right lunar month (around Mid-Autumn Day), it is the best time to see the marvelous spectacle Tidal Bore. The tide rushing into the river mouth from the bay causes a bore which can reach up to 9 meters in height, and travel at up to 40 km per hour. Known locally as the Silver Dragon, the waves sweeps past Hangzhou. The noise it generates sounds like thunder, or thousands of horses running.

Recommended Hangzhou Tours

Top 3 Hangzhou tours chosen by most customers to explore Hangzhou in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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