Anshun-Notable for Huangguoshu Waterfall

Anshun, located in the middle of Guizhou Province is 95 km from Guiyang-the capital city of Guizhou. The best way to get to Anshun is transfer from Guiyang international Airport.

As the center of Guizhou Karst landscape, Anshun is full of waterfalls, gorges, caves and more natural sceneries. The famous attractions are Huangguoshu Waterfall, Tianxingqiao Scenic Spot and Dragon Palace. The nearby Tun Pu Village, which is the last ancient village of Ming Dynasty in China will take you to find the authentic Han ethnic culture.

Anshun Guizhou Map

Top Attractions in Anshun

The Huangguoshu Waterfall

Huangguoshu Waterfall is The Biggest Waterfall in China, located in the 45 km Southwest of Anshun City. You can see the whole waterfall from a distance in the Waterfall-Viewing Pavilion, and get a bird’s eye view from the Water-Viewing Stage. What the most special is that you can go inside of waterfall. There is a path to behind of waterfall with half a dozen openings to waterfall. You can actually see how water starts dropping and you can touch the waterfall.

Note: Best go to in Summer when waterfall is sufficient and spectacular, even can see rainbow in bright days.

Huangguoshu Waterfall

Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou

Tianxingqiao Scenic Spot

Tianxingqiao Scenic Spot is another big scenic resort with 7km away from the Huangguoshu waterfall. It features abundance of water, rocks and caves, like a picturesque landform to view some delicate waterfalls and the special stone forests.

Tianxingqiao Scenic Spot

Tianxingqiao Scenic Spot

Dragon Palace (Longgong Cave)

Dragon Palace is a magnificent underground cave system, which consists of lakes, waterfalls and stalactites. It’s also the representative of Guizhou Karst Landscape sites. Once you enter in those crystal caves, you will feel like that you are going to visit the palace where the Dragon King living under the ground in Chinese traditional tales. It is the longest limestone river in China, where you will appreciate the various Karst (Limestone) landscapes, solemn steep cliffs and jagged stone forest by boat.

Dragon Palace

Dragon Palace in Anshun

Tianlong Tun Pu Village

Tianlong Tun Pu Village is the historical sites with remarkable buildings tracing back to 600 hundreds of years in Ming dynasty. Along the narrow path, there are local costume shops, such as silver shops, and wooden carving shops. While wandering in this ancient village, you will experience a different costume, architecture, religious belief and lifestyle.

The culture of Tunbao (Tun Pu) is unique and traditional, such as the special traditional clothes, which are designed respectively from head to foot, and Di Xi, a kind of drama that performers should wear masks and hold the stage property for performing.

Tianlong Tun Pu Village

Tianlong Tun Pu Village

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