7 Days Guizhou Ethnic Minorities & Villages In-depth Tour

Guiyang / Kaili / Zhenyuan / Xijiang / Rongjiang / Congjiang / Zhaoxing / Congjiang

  • Shaving Hairs with Sickle in Basha Miao Village
  • Zhaoxing Dong Village
  • Upper Langde Miao Village
  • Upper Langde Miao Village
  • Zhaoxing Dong Village
  • Shaving Hairs with Sickle in Basha Miao Village
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Enjoy in-depth ethnic minorities tour in Southeast Guizhou. Have better understanding about different Miao’s history and culture by visiting Zhenyuan Ancient Town, Xijiang Miao Village and other Miao villages in and around Kaili; enjoy the featured Dong’s architectures and performances by visiting Zhaoxing Dong Village, Huanggang Dong Village and other Dong villages in Rongjiang and Congjiang County.

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Trip at a Glance

  • Day 1-2: Guiyang - Kaili
  • Shiqiao Miao Village, Matang Gejia Group
    Zhenyuan Ancient Town

  • Day 3: Xijiang
  • Xijiang Ancient Town

  • Day 4-5: Xijiang - Rongjiang
  • Datang Short Skirt Miao Village
    Upper Langde Miao Village, Jidao Village
    Sanbao Dong Village, Zengchong Dong Village

  • Day 6: Congjiang
  • Basha Miao Village, Bapa Dong Village
    Huangggang Dong Village

  • Day 7: Zhaoxing
  • Zhaoxing Dong Village

Itinerary Details Day by Day

Day 1 Guiyang Arrival - Kaili

Welcome to Guiyang, the Capital of Guizhou Province.

Your local guide and driver will meet you at the airport / train station and then transfer to Kaili (2.5 hours).The rest of today is free on your own to explore the capital city of Southeast Guizhou.

Stay overnight in Kaili.

Day 2 Kaili - Zhenyuan (B, L)

After breakfast, go and visit Shiqiao Miao Village. In Shiqiao, you’ll see the old people still keep their old tradition of making special paper with trees’ bark by hand, which could be dated back to 700 years in Guizhou.

Then, drive to Matang where you can see Gejia group who are not listed into 55 minority groups in China just because of their small population. You will appreciate the traditional Gejia batik in the village, and learn the art of batik.

Later, on the way to Zhenyuan, visit Flying Could Cliff Temple in Huangping. (Note: Siyueba Festival falls on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month in Flying Cloud Cliff Temple. It is held in memory of a Miao hero who sacrificed himself for Miao freedom in the past anti-ruler war. The local Miao celebrate it by singing songs and playing Lusheng. )

Shiqiao Miao VillageMatang Gejia Village
Day 3 Zhenyuan - Xijiang (B, L)

In the morning, you will reveal the myth of Zhenyuan Ancient Town which is reputed as the “Oriental Venice”. The town has more than 160 scenic spots including the ancient streets, the caves, temples, pavilions, rivers, bridges with gorgeous natural landscape. Spend some leisure time to explore in the old town.

In the afternoon, along the way to Xijiang, stop to visit some other Miao villages. Then, explore Xijiang Miao Village, the largest Miao village in Asia, with more than 1000 Miao households. While walking on the paths, you will appreciate an amazing view of the river valley with terraced fields, intricate wooden houses, enjoy Miao’s traditional clothing, daily life and join to sing and dance. If interested, enjoy the beautiful night view of Xijiang Miao Village

(Note: Our private car can only be parked at the entrance of Xijiang Miao Village. Travelers should take your luggage and transfer to a sightseeing bus to your hotel located in the village.) 

Panoramic View of Xijiang Miao Village
Day 4 Xijiang - Rongjiang (B, L)

After breakfast, pay leisure visit to explore Miao's history and culture in Jidao Miao Village, Upper Langde Miao Village, and Datang Miao Village.

Jidao Miao Village (Long Shirt Miao), located 20 km southeast of Kaili, remains original and tranquil with idyllic surroundings. Visit Shangzhai and Xiazhai and explore Old Geomantic Trees, time-horned granaries, the Cave of the Immortal, the Footprints of buffalos and Horses and more sites.

Upper Langde Miao Village (Long Skirt Miao) is 30 km away from Kaili. Visitors to Langde Village are welcomed by the 12 courses of “block-way” rice wine, then visit the traditional Miao-style stilt houses enjoy sweet Miao folk songs.

Datang Miao Village (Short Skirt Miao), also called Xinqiao Miao Village, is another branch of Miao live for hundreds years. This village is special for the unique “miniskirts”, as short as 10 centimeters, that the local women wear all year round. You could enjoy and participate in the local dance in the village square.

After the Miao villages’ exploration, drive to Rongjiang County. And stay overnight in Rongjiang.

Datang short-skirt Miao VillageUpper Langde Miao Village
Day 5 Rongjiang - Congjiang (B, L)

After breakfast, drive to Congjiang. Along the way, explore Sanbao Dong Village, the largest inhabiting region of Dong ethnic. Enjoy the Dong’s primitive ways of living, Sanbao drum tower, Sama Temple, marvelous Banyan trees to know more Dong people’s history and culture.

After the visit, transfer to visit Zhengchong Dong Village to admire the remarkable Zengchong Drum Tower, the oldest and best-preserved Dong drum tower in China.

After the Dong villages’ exploration, drive to Congjiang County. Stay overnight in Congjiang.

Chejiang Dong people's village
Day 6 Congjiang - Zhaoxing (B, L)

In the morning, you’ll visit the Basha Miao Village, a hidden kingdom occupied by the legendary Basha Miao people. Enter the Last Gunmen’s Tribe in China and enjoy the Lusheng performance by the men, rice wine presented by the girls, Welcome Ceremony with Guns, Adult Ceremony, Reed-pipe Wind Dance and more. (Note: you need to pay extra fees to enjoy some activities performed by the Miao. Please discuss with your travel consultant or tour guide whether you want to enjoy it or not.)

In the afternoon, transfer to visit Bapa Dong Village and Huanggang Dong Village to enjoy the best-preserved lifestyle, customs, folk residence and festivals.

Then, drive to Tang’an Dong Village, the most primitive Dong village in China. If you like, hike from Tang’an Village to Zhaoxing to explore Dong villages, terraced paddy fields (2 hours). Stay overnight in Zhaoxing.

Shaving Hairs with Sickle in Basha Miao VillageBasha Miao Village (1)
Day 7 Zhaoxing - Congjiang Departure (B)

After breakfast, visit Zhaoxing Dong Village, one of the largest traditional Dong minority town in Guizhou. Feel like the clock is being turned back when exploring the 5 Drum Tower, 3 Wind and Rain Bridges, visiting the local market and enjoying the famous Dong Grand Song and traditional local Dong dances.

After the tour, drive back to Congjiang Railway Station to catch a train to next destination. (Note: Congjiang Railway Station as one of Guiyang - Guangzhou high speed railway stations, is perfect for you to transfer to Guilin or Guiyang easily. )

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Zhaoxing Dong Village

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What's included?

  • Transportation as listed;
  • All attraction entrance fees as listed;
  • All meals as listed;
  • Professional licensed English-speaking guide;
  • Accommodations as listed;
  • Domestic flights or high-speed train as listed;
  • Luggage Transfers: Between airports and hotels;
  • Arrangements: The tour cost includes planning, handling, operational and communication charges;
  • Private escorted tour only for your group members.

What's excluded?

  • China Entry Visa Fees;
  • Personal expenses;
  • International Airfare or Train Tickets to enter or leave China;
  • Tips to your tour guide and driver;
  • Tourist sites which are not listed in the itinerary;
  • Any meals which are not specified in the tour itinerary;
  • Excess Baggage Charges;
  • Single Room Supplement.

Practical Info about Traveling with Us

Restaurant & Food

The restaurants we will take you for lunch or dinner are all designated tourist restaurants approved by local tourist administration bureau. They have very good sanitary conditions and the food is prepared fresh and clean.

Note: If you have any special dietary needs, just let your travel consultant know while booking.

Vegetarian food Requirement

Vegetarian food in Chinese cuisine culture is usually divided into 3 categories: the Monastery Vegetarian Food, the Court Vegetarian Food and the Folk Vegetarian Food. And the main ingredients are: soybean, taro powder, mushrooms, fresh vegetables and tofu (bean curd). It will be easier to find the vegetarian restaurants in big cities of china, such as: Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, HK, etc.

If allergic to some food

We suggest you to list any food or ingredients that you are allergic to and let our travel consultant know. Then your travel consultant will mark them in the guide’s itinerary, so that our guides in different cities can make some preparations and arrangements in advance.

Do our guide and driver join the meal with us?

The tour guides and driver will be at the same restaurants with you, but they will only join the meal when you invite. Sometimes the drivers are shy to join as they usually eat fast and could not understand English talk around the table, so the guide will be with you more often.

Will we be able to try some local foods during our visit?

Yes, you will. There will be some meals excluded in your itinerary as you like, and your private guide will be delighted to give you some suggestions and take you to the local restaurants, if you are interested in local food tasting. But remember, some local snacks may not match your stomach, so ask your guided for more information before eating.


We offer sedan cars, SUVs, business vans (MPV), and different types of buses. Different vehicles will be used according to different group size.


What to buy in China?

In China, there are myriads of souvenirs for visitors, and each city has its own specialty.

Some of the best buys are:

  • Beijing: Cloisonné; Fresh water pearls
  • Xi'an: Replicas of the Terra Cotta soldiers; Tangsancai (Tang Dynasty hand painted China); Antique Furniture
  • Shanghai: Silk carpets
  • Hangzhou: Longjing Tea; Silk
  • Suzhou: Silk
  • Guilin: Scroll paintings; China Southern Sea Pearls
  • Yunnan: Mounted Butterflies; Pure tea; Dali Batik (tie-dyed fabric)
  • Xinjiang: Carpets; jade articles
  • Tibet: Thang-ka(tanka)(Sheep skin wall hangings)

How to bargain?

Bargains are not acceptable in big supermarkets and department stores. But in some night markets or tourist shops, you can bargain for a lower price, since the vendors always ask for very high price for a certain item. You’d better ask the opinion of the guide first, and then the guide will tell you the real value and quality of the item. Please note that when the bargain is processing, the guide will be hesitate to help as it may annoy the bosses. Just try to let the guides know you will bargain in advance.

What to do with persistent vendors?

If you do not need something from them, just do not ask for price. Some of the venders are very persisted, and if they keep selling things to you, you can simply say “No, thanks.” (Chinese pronunciation: ”Bu, XieXie”). If they do not give up, you just keep silence. Silence is sometimes useful to handle this situation.

More Tips for free-time shopping

  • 1. If you think you have no desire or interest, you do not feel embarrassed to let our guide know DIRECTLY (since some of our guides are enthusiastic in taking you shopping)
  • 2. Better to choose the shops run by the state when buying expensive articles.
  • 3. Do not shop everything in one city, because every place has its unique local products which worth buying.
  • 4. Do not feel obligate to buy anything only because the shop attendants are very kind to you.
  • 5. Be smart consumers. Do not spend big money on things you are not familiar with. Do ask for shop guarantee, contacts and certificates when purchasing big items like antiques, jade, arts pieces.
  • 6. Leave plenty of time for transactions. When you see something you like - buy it. Usually, you would not find it elsewhere and you would not have time to go back.
  • 7. Always verify the date of antiques before you purchase them. Antiques dated before 1795 cannot legally be exported.
  • 8. Articles made from rare wild animals are contraband and will be confiscated by customs without compensation.

Private tour & Group Tour

A: Private tours

  • 1. Private guide, driver and vehicle are for your exclusive use; no matter you are individually, or in a family or friends group. The tour is run exclusively for you without strangers.
  • 2. Every itinerary can be customized to meet your specific interests/ wishes, that is, you can choose your favored hotels, sightseeing spots, the tour length, means of transportation, budget, etc. All are free of charge.
  • 3. Start the tour on any date you want.
  • 4. Escort you through the whole tour. All private transfers during the tour are offered, including airport/train station transfer, hotel-attractions round trip transfer.
  • 5. The sightseeing during the tour could be based on your own timetable and pace. Flexible to change at your short notice.
  • 6. Ideal for people who need considerate care and assistance, such as elderly, the disabled, families with small children.

B: Group tours

  • 1. Low Price;
  • 2. Share a guide and driver;
  • 3. Share a clean, safe and air-conditioned vehicle;
  • 4. Good chance for you to meet and make friends from all over the world;
  • 5. Tour date is fixed and unchangeable.

Emergency calls

Call your guide, or if you can’t find your guide, call your travel consultant or our office immediately. All the phone numbers include in our confirmation letter. Keep the letter with your during your trip.

Note: As our Beijing office is using the different guide arranging system, so we will not be able to provide the Beijing guide information until the day before you arrival, but once we have it, we will email you immediately.

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