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Shopping in Guilin is sincerely an easy-going thing. However, compared with strolling bustling markets during the day hours, you are more recommended to shop at the lively night markets in Guilin. There are many popular night markets after the night falls, including the most well-known Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, East-west Alley (Dongxi Alley) and Xicheng Night Market in Guilin City area, and West Street in Yangshuo. The 660-meter-long Zhengyang Pedestrian Street starts just north of Sun and Moon Pagodas area and stretches north to Solitary Beauty Peak Park. East-west Alley is a historic scenic area of a serious of alleys. It is located at almost the ending point of Zhengyang Pedestrian Street and just in front of the Zhengyang Gate of Solitary Beauty Peak Park. Xicheng Night Market is settled on Zhongshanzhong Road, with a short walking distance for about 1km to the Sun and Moon Pagodas Area. West Street is the busiest street of the whole Yangshuo County, which have bars and restaurants providing service till AM.

All of the above night markets in Guilin have a huge array of items to browse, and also local snacks, bars to cheer you up at night. You can find almost everything you want at those night markets if you look carefully enough. If you are looking for more places to visit at night hours in Guilin, you can also check our Guilin Nightlife to get more ideas.

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