Yanny's One Day Trip with Cute Pandas in Chengdu Panda Base

Do you still remember those photos? A baby panda fell from the stage, which was named as one of the 50 astonishing images of 2016 by Times magezine. Or the video in which a baby panda stopped Nanny’s work with hugging his legs all the time. They all come from a panda base in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

Yanny 1 Day Chengdu Panda Base Tour

A Baby Panda Fell off the Stage

Pandas, as the most famous travel card of Chengdu, remain the main reason why they travel in Chengdu, attracting domestic and overseas tourists all year. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, as the closest panda base to Chengdu, becomes the most popular one. Meanwhile, there are over 120 pandas, having many well-known panda stars, and most importantly, you are able to see baby pandas there. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding will be the best choice for one day Chengdu panda tour.

Be invited by my friends, I visited Panda base again in Nov. I would like to share with my detailed tour. I hope it will be helpful.

√ 1 Day Chengdu Relaxing Panda Highlights Tour

Suggested visiting time: Generally, our pandas have breakfast from 9:00, which is regarded as the best time to visit pandas as they are active at breakfast time. After that, you will see them sleeping all the time. Meanwhile, So that, visiting them in the morning will be recommended. And generally, Giant pandas live in the dense and cloudy forests at an altitude of 2,600 to 3,500m, where the air is thin and the temperature is below 20℃ all year round. So they are less active in hot weather.

Opening hours: 07:30am – 18:00 pm throughout the year.

Location and Transportation: Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding located at Chengdu, about 10km far from Chengdu downtown. It is easy accessible by metro, bus, taxi and private car. Because we live in Chengdu, we choose metro with which we arrived at Panda Avenue station. At there, we are guided with staff to book entrance tickets and take bus to Panda base. In the buses, there is one guide to give us some brief introduction about panda base. After 10 mins driving, we arrived at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Tickets: Full price: RMB 58 per person.

Yanny 1 Day Chengdu Panda Base Tour

Entrance of Chengdu Panda Base

After self-service entry with our ID card, we give up the sightseeing bus, but choose to hiking whole day. If you have limited time, you can choose sightseeing bus provided by the Base. Only with 1.5hr, you can see all the highlights of this Base.

We prepared to hiking, finally it turns out we spend 3.5 hr to visit all highlights.

It is important to choose a proper route to enjoy your Panda tour in the Based. After the main entrance, we firstly came to the Swan Lake where you can black swans, etc.

Yanny 1 Day Chengdu Panda Base Tour

Swan Lake in Chengdu Panda Base

With the rest of the day, we heartily enjoy our panda time as we saw many pandas in various enclosure. They are supper lazy even they are eating. The giant panda's diet is over 99% bamboo which consists of 12 genera and over 60 species. In addition, giant pandas in the wild will occasionally eat animal carcasses or other plants. All giant panda food must follow a strict set of criterion and are required to take safety and nutrition tests before use. Only those meeting the requirements can be provided to giant pandas. Do not feed them during your visiting. And although they are famous for the most adorable animal with round face, chubby body, but they are also dangerous, having paws as sharp as scalpel.

Yanny 1 Day Chengdu Panda Base Tour

Pandas in Chengdu Panda Base

Yanny 1 Day Chengdu Panda Base Tour

Panda Lying on the Outdoor Bed

After visiting some Sub-adult Panda Enclosure, we came to Giant Panda Cub Enclosure, Sunshine Nursery House for Giant Panda and Moonlight Nursery House for Giant Panda. What makes me most excited and impressive is that we saw baby pandas in Moonlight Nursery House for Giant Panda. You may unable to see baby pandas in other Panda base, let alone zoos. If you are a big fan of pandas, don’t miss Moonlight Nursery House.

Yanny 1 Day Chengdu Panda Base Tour

Baby Panda in Incubator

Yanny 1 Day Chengdu Panda Base Tour

Baby Pandas Grow up a Little

Apart from Pandas, you will know more about them, such as their foods, feeding, behavioral characteristics. etc.

Yanny 1 Day Chengdu Panda Base Tour Chengdu Panda Base Tourist Map

Here is the recommended route (3h tour)

(1) Main Entrance → (14) (15) Swan Lake (Rose Garden) (12) Sub-adult Panda Enclosure → (11) Giant Panda Cub Enclosure → (10) Sunshine Nursery House for Giant Panda ( 20) No.2 Enclosure for Giant Panda→ (19) Moonlight Nursery House for Giant Panda (18) No.1 Enclosure for Giant Panda → (17) Giant Panda Kitchen → (16) Panda Hospital → (5) Panda Scientific Discovery Center → (3) Giant Panda Museum → (1) Main Entrance

After your panda tour, you completely are able to visit other downtown sites such as People's Park and Jinli Old Street. It will enrich your tour and you will never be regretful.

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