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Located in 205km west from Chengdu,Mt. Siguniang is one of the most popular sightseeing and trekking destinations with the reputations of UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, “Oriental Alps” and “A Sacred Mountain in the East”. With the highest Yaomei Peak towering 6,032 meters crowned by clouds and ranking the second in Sichuan, the “Queen of Mountains in Sichuan Province” shows its terrific snow-capped summits all year round from a close admiration from a city. Moreover, the famous hidden Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley with fabulous dense primitive forests, wide flowery alpine meadows, shimmering lakes, grazing yaks and horses, etc. are always favored by nature lovers from Spring to Winter for a visual satisfactory and nice hiking!

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Day 1: Chengdu - Mount Siguniang & Shuangqiaogou Sightseeing

Attracted by its great reputation, I started my first visit to Mt. Siguniang for short 2 days. Get up in the early morning at 5:30 and head to the Bus station to meet with my dear fellows. For most of people living in Chengdu who is busy working from 9:00 to 18:00 would rarely see the first ray of sunshine and clear sky at 6:00am. It must be a beautiful sunny day!

Chengdu Travel Photos

Leave Chengdu in the Early Morning

The bus departed at 7:30am and headed directly to Xiaojin County. I took advantage of the road driving to have a little more sleep on the bus and was woke up by the big “Wow” of other visitors, followed by their surprising eye sight, I turned my head toward the window, a “wow” blurted out of my mouth just like the others. There was nothing but clear blue sky with few moving clouds over the snowcapped mountain as far as my eye can see from the window. This stunning view was caught when climbing through Mt. Balang with the altitude of 4400 meters.

Sigunaingshan Travel Photos

Blue Sky Seen on My Trip

After crossing over the mountain, we reached the first view deck to see Mt Siguniang from distance — Maobiliang, which is the best place to shoot the panoramic view as well as the sunrise & sunset of Mt. Siguniang. (But whether to see the great view or not, it’s all up to the weather at the moment you arrive there). 20 minutes later we got on the bus and drove to Siguniang Town for lunch and freshmen before the Shuangqiao Valley sightseeing in the afternoon.

Sigunaingshan Travel Photos

Nice Weather Created Nice Mood

At around 13:00 we got into the scenic area and took the eco-bus to the last stop (Hongshanlin) of the valley (about 1 hours ride from the entrance), and tour the valley from the last spot towards the entrance direction. You could get on or off the green eco-bus at every stop and there isn’t limit of times. In the northeastern of Hongshanlin, there is a protruding rock likes a rabbit with ears standing still and it is said the pet of Four Girls, so it’s also called Yutu Peak, with an altitude of 5280 meters.

Sigunaingshan Travel Photo

Towering Snow Peak and Colorful Forest

In the western of Hongshanlin, the mountain is called Abishan. “Abi” means grandmother in Tibetan language. Abishan looks like a Tibetan old granny with a veil on her head. She has a kind face and is very friendly. Legend has it that she is the incarnation of the grandmother of the four girls.

Sigunaingshan Travel Photo

Abi Mountain - Grandmother of the Four Girls

I felt a little sick at Hongshanlin — the highest point in Shuangqiao Valley with 3850 meters, then we dropped the forest exploration and took the bus to the next lower stop — Baishatan. This is the most ideal place to see mountains in Shuangqiaogou: To the east is the Potala Peak at an altitude of 5240 meters, to the west is a snowy mountain shaped like an eagle spreading its wings. You could also have good view of Huter Peak and Dumu Peak, Jingangshan and Yeren Peak.

Sigunaingshan Travel Photo

We saw featured mountains in Baishatan

A white pagoda stands on a wide mountain meadow — Niupengzi Lawn. Many tourists with faith come to the white pagoda and walk around the white pagoda clockwise for three times, making wishes silently. There are also yaks grazing on the lawn as if the visitors are their friends or family.

Sigunaingshan Travel Photo

White Pagoda with Fluttering Prayrer Flags

Sigunaingshan Travel Photo

Yaks in Niupengzi Lawn

The Next stop is Sigunacuo, which is said the holy lake where the Four Girls bathe. The sun was shining under the sparkling waves of the lake, and the distant snow mountains quietly surround this piece of tranquility. There are several dead sea buckthorn trees standing in the lake without falling with different shapes.

Sigunaingshan Travel Photo

Peaceful Sigunacuo Lake

In the bright sunny day, everything looks so harmonious under clear Sapphire like sky with floating cotton candy like clouds. Time stolen very fast, it was soon about the time to leave the valley (17:00), but we just see 3 mains spots of the valley, it was such a pity!

Sigunaingshan Travel Photo

Harmonious Colors of Mountains and Sky

Day 2: Wonglong Shenshuping Panda Base & Back to Chengdu

The next day was going to Changping Valley as planned, but it rains in the morning… The weather in highland is changeable. So we took the bus back to Chengdu and stopped at Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base to see the lovely pandas in the afternoon. Shengshuping Panda Base is an incredibly peaceful location for the panda compering to Chegndu Research Center and Dujiangyan Base. The landscape and environment in western Sichuan is closer to pandas’ natural habitat. Most adults pandas were sleeping in their dens, there were a few young pandas climbing trees in the garden. It was so amazing that they could climb to the very top of the tree.

Sigunaingshan Travel Photo

One Panda Climbed to the Top of A Tree

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