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What Our Travelers Say

Still deciding if a China Discovery is for you? Many of our travellers have experienced a lifetime changing trip and now more than happy to share their stories with you. Check out their memorable travel trip reviews and experiences in China.

Morning Wonder,

We arrived home safely on Monday and have just about recovered from the journey. We want to thank you for your efficiency, time and trouble - the itinerary was well planned, and your guides were all very nice and looked after us carefully. All the transport and hotel arrangements worked well too.

So we are very happy to have travelled with your company and we will be pleased to recommend you if any of our friends want to visit China and Tibet - we hope they will because we had a fascinating trip and found China most impressive.

Thanks again.

All the best

Chris and Danielle

Chris and Danielle‚ , June 1 2017

Hello Wendy,

We're back from our trip, safe and sound. We just wanted to let you know that everything went very well, we were very satisfied with the whole trip. The drivers and the guides were always on time for picking us up. They were all very friendly and knowledgeable. The only little hiccup we had was when we arrived at Yichang, but that was because the guide was waiting at the back and us at the front of the building!

So thank you and thanks to all the people you worked with for planning this trip. It was the best!

Best wishes,


Maria‚ , May 31 2017

Hi, Ariel,

We just got back from Tibet and safely arrived at home.

Here below are the answers of the questions for you:

  1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?
  2. Yes

  3. How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour?
  4. Excellent. His English was decent and accompanied us through the whole trip and said good-by after we completed the check in process to Xining.

  5. Would you like to recommend our company?The Jiuzhaigou trip was all positive.


The only unexpected thing was my wife's luggage was charged 40RMB for overweight by Lucky Air. However, her luggage had a weight less than 20Kg, We did not want to argue with the agent. Just paid it.


Herbert‚ , May 31 2017

Hi Stephanie,

I just submitted this review to Trip Advisor:

My family of four took our first trip to Asia and used China Discovery as our tour guide.  We considered 4 companies all of which were highly recommended by Trip Advisor as we worked out the itinerary that we knew would be jam-packed given the time allotted for the trip.  We had 10 days over the kids' spring break to visit Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Yangshuo and Shanghai.  We chose China Discovery for a variety of reasons but primarily because we felt they offered the best overall value.

Stephanie Kuang was our advisor who worked with us in the planning stage to determine the itinerary, activities, and hotel options.  She was absolutely fantastic to work with.  We went through many scheduling changes and she was always prompt and made helpful suggestions throughout.  She never gave us the impression that we were being "difficult" even though this process went on for several weeks before everything was finalized.  The process was very easy.  Stephanie always let us know that we were always in control and she accommodated every request.

This was a personal tour set up for just my family, my wife and I and our 2 teenage children, ages 16 and 18.  None of us spoke the language so we were totally reliant on the tour guides.  We were picked up at the airport/train station at each location by the tour guides and immediately started the tour.  While the drivers spoke no English, each of the tour guides spoke fluently.  Every pick up and drop off at the sightseeing attractions was seamless.  Upon seeing the driving conditions and congestion particularly in Beijing, I couldn't help but feel a sense of relief that I wasn't driving myself!!  The guides kept us on schedule to insure we saw everything on our itinerary.

The highlights of our trip included visiting The Great Wall which was beautiful an immense and we especially enjoyed the toboggan ride down.  The River Cruise down the Li River was another highlight.  This breathtaking 4 hour cruise was absolutely beautiful and surprisingly the kids' second favorite activity behind The Great Wall.  The ferry boats were very comfortable and the views were awe-inspiring the entire way down. 

Shopping was a big hit with the family.  We spent much of our off-time at markets that sell a variety of souvenirs and knock-off items which were great for a teenager’s budget.

We would not hesitate to use China Discovery again for future travels to China.  Stephanie checked in with us throughout the trip and followed up afterwards as well to insure our goals were met. They made our vacation stress-free and efficient.  The trip was one that we will remember always in large part due to China Discovery's expertise.


Calvin‚ , May 29 2017

Hi Wing,

Answer to your questions:

  1. How do you like our tour arrangements and are you willing to recommend our service to your friends?
  2. Very much, you have been very helpful making suggestions in finding best solutions for our route and fast. I surely can/will recommend your services to my friends.

  3. Do you have some suggestions for us to improve our service?
  4. I don’t have really any suggestions Well, may be some people would like to arrange their own trip with specific wishes. But I am sure you can deal with it.

  5. By the way, our company can also provide online the Yangtze River and Tibet travel services, I hope we have chance to serve you again!
  6. We are planning to come again in mid-September. Would it be possible to send some ideas and then see what would be the best?

  7. Do you have some suggestions for us to improve our service?

I don’t have really any suggestions well, may be some people would like to arrange their own trip with specific wishes. But I am sure you can deal with it.


Alder‚ , May 29 2017

Hi, Wendy,

Despite the very long flight, everything went fine.

I´ve already recommended you company to a friend who intends to go to China (I don´t know when). He is the veterinarian of my cats, his name is Eduardo.

Below you will find the answers.

Was your travel consultant of our company polite and patient to answer your questions?

How was your tour? Are you satisfied with the tour we arranged for you?

Do you have any suggestions on improving our services ?

Answer to all the questions:

The services of totally exceeded my expectations. For almost a year I've been planning this trip with the precious guidance of consultant Wendy Dan, always very efficient, patient and extremely kind, responding promptly to all my requests. The final script sent was very detailed, relating days and times of activities, hotels, flights, nothing that left any doubts.

Arriving in China, the good impression only increased: everything went exactly as planned, without delays, last minute changes or bad surprises. The places visited, hotels and all the drivers and english speaking guides were excellent, particularly Shannon, in Chengdu, who, besides being very nice, competent and speaking very good English, is a wonderful person who taught me a lot not only about the attractions but about the country, its culture and its people.

And I had the pleasure of visiting the company's lovely office in Chengdu and its young and motivated staff, where I was graced by Wendy in a beautiful gift.

My suggestion: just keep up the excellent work, I will advise the company to all my friends who visit China. Thanks a lot to everybody for such a wonderful trip!

Feel free to use the photos attached.

If you need anything else, just let me know.

Best regards, hope to see you guys in the future.


The following picture was shared by Christina.

Leshan Gian Buddha

Christina Visited Leshan Giant Buddha

Panda Base

Christina Hugged Panda Base

The Forbidden City

Christina Visited the Forbidden City

Yangtze River Cruise

Christinal Hiked the Great Wall

Christina‚ , May 29 2017

Hi Vivien,

So, I start by thanking you for the organization and close follow-up. Your outstanding service was greatly appreciated.

Tour, well organized. Guides, outstanding or excellent. Drivers, very good. Cars, very good as well. Hotels very good.

Your guides did a great job all along from the moment we met till they let us go at the airport. One was a little bit of a slight exception which we have already discussed. Places we visited were great. Have to say we saw some of the best of China. Kudos to you for the proposed itinerary.

Another thing I would like to mention is China in general. We westerners have a view of China being rather scary, poor, disorganized and dirty country. However, we were really surprised to see a totally different China from what we “were made” to believe. Clean, organized, safe, very good infrastructure, good airlines, excellent airports, good trains, good hotels and excellent service in general. And this has even made our holiday more pleasurable.

Some remarks I recommend you should look into for westerners. Hotels to have western food. And some of the guides to be familiar with the right restaurants to recommend to customers when one ventures on his own. And very important also, to be familiar with the right toilets, seating and clean!  Dongchuan, it’s awesome, it is very remote but a better restaurant would be good. 

Photos, sent in a separate email. Take your pick.

Once again, thank you for the organization, follow-up and the outstanding service you have given us.

I look forward to another opportunity to visit China and work with you again.

Best regards,


Francesco‚ , May 28 2017

Hi Johnson

We have just returned from our holiday in China and had a wonderful time.  We are already thinking about another trip in the coming years and would happily use China Discovery for this. I have included feedback on the attached document which we are happy to be used by your company as testimonials.  We were particularly pleased with our tour guide, Smiley, and are glad to have an opportunity to feed this back to the company.  Smiley was always polite, helpful, friendly and flexible in her approach.  She had good knowledge which she freely shared with us and this certainly enhanced our understanding of China and added great value to the tour.

We took many photos and will send some through to you when we have a chance to sort through them.



Jill & Peter

Jill & Peter‚ , May 27 2017
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