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Charm of Silk in Suzhou

Silk is one of the major ancient civilizations of China. Enjoying the preferred geographic environment and having the predominant skill of silk making, Suzhou is favored by many people from the globe, other than its gardens, water, etc. Possessing a history of silk making of over 4,700 years, Suzhou was once a prominent place to produce silk products to the whole China and is praised as the “Hometown of Silk”. And till now, it is still working hard to provide the soft, exquisite, elegant, royal, and treasurable silk items to the other counties.

Brief Introduction of Suzhou Silk Factory

Suzhou No. 1 Silk Mill (苏州市第一丝厂) is also named Suzhou No. 1 Silk Factory or Suzhou Silk Factory in short. This historic state-owned plant was established in 1926 and become a particularly honored century-old factory in Suzhou. For its traditional skills of making silk and direct exhibition of culture and history of silk in China, Suzhou Silk Factory has been recommended by the BBC Travel. As a result, you could go to this silk factory to see closely the detail steps from silkworm breeding, selecting cocoons, making silk, feel the soft, thin and light silk quilt and fill your eyes with various unprecedented excellent silk exhibits, which will tell why the Chinese silk is so charming that many people are wowed by it.

Suzhou Silk Factory - No. 1 Silk Factory Suzhou Closely See Each Step of Silk Making in the Workshop
Suzhou Silk Factory - Suzhou Silk Delicate Silk Items Exhibiting in Suzhou Silk Factory

Why Visit Suzhou Silk Factory

Know about Culture & History of Silk

The thousands-year-long splendid culture and history of silk in Suzhou and China is perfectly presented to you with historical pictures and words. Also, you will admire the very typical old silk clothes in ancient China, like the imperial robe in Qing dynasty, costume of women, ornaments in delicate patterns, etc. What’s more, the vivid scenes of ancient Chinese people breeding silkworms, dyeing raw silks, and many silk manufacturing machines in ancient times are well exhibited in Suzhou Silk Factory.

Interact with the Silkworm babies & Silk Cocoons

Suzhou No. 1 Silk Factory as an aged silk manufacturing plant offers you a great chance to see the real mulberry trees and silkworms. In the workshop, you can ee a lot of silkworms eating mulberries leaves on the round bamboo sieves, and even more, you can touch them to feel their softness and see why these so tiny lives can produce so amazing silk. Furthermore, you can pick up a silkworm baby to take a picture with yourself to memorize this fantastic silk visit, which would be so cool!

Besides, silk cocoons are placed in another room, where you can see that some cocoons are going to be chrysalis, some are laying eggs, and some are still immature.

Watch How the Silk Is Made

In another large part in the workshop, you can see many large machines working. You would know that silk cocoons of different shapes, colors, sizes are for diverse usages while selecting cocoons; that cocoon cooking in the hot water is good for the easier dissociation of cocoon silks; and that silk reeling is a vital step to make cocoons into the raw silk. It is surprise and awesome to see the very thin silk become the common threads. You can see how the staff works in each step and touch the cocoons in different sections. Moreover, you can also see the ancient machine weaving fine silk cloths with delicate patterns.

Get Close to the Silk Exhibits

Terrific moment is to watch the four staff making the silk quilt in site. And you are surely welcomed to touch the super soft, light, fleecy, and warm silk quilt. You must doubt about your eyes and touch while getting close to this pure silk quilt. Moreover, there is a sea of fancy silk items exhibiting in Suzhou Silk Factory, like the smooth bedding articles, scarves, pajamas, silk embroideries, qipaos, shirts, etc. Your eyes will undoubtedly be puzzled by these shining, silky and colorful silk exhibits showed here.

Take Your Favorite Silk Items

You will absolutely disappoint to be told that the exhibits are not for selling when you see some very nice things. However, you can buy some superior silk items in Suzhou Silk Factory to complete your silk visit in Suzhou. Since Suzhou Silk Factory provides genuine silk articles, considerate mailing and currency exchanging services, many people home and abroad have taken their silk favorites back home after visiting. With the good silk materials, clearly marked reasonable prices, various patterns and sorts, Suzhou Silk Factory is your best place to do some shopping.

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Map & Transportation of Suzhou Silk Factory

Independent Travel:

Suzhou No. 1 Silk Factory is located at Nanmen Road (南门路), with the Panmen Scenic Area (盘门景区) on the west and the Grand Canal on the north. You can get there by bus, subway, taxi, rickshaw, bicycle, etc.

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If you want to get rid of hustle of public transportation and troublesome navigation, you can book a private tour package which covers sightseeing, dining and transfer from us. Our local tour guide and driver will escort you to Suzhou No. 1 Silk Factory with speed and convenience, and take care of all the details. You just need to focus on sightseeing.

Suzhou Silk Factory - Suzhou Silk Know about Culture & History of Silk in Suzhou
Suzhou Silk Factory - Silkworms Take a Picture with the Silkworms
Suzhou Silk Factory - Silk Cocoon Watch How to Select the Better Silk Cocoons
Suzhou Silk Factory - Silkworm Cocoon Touch Cocoons and Feel its Status
Suzhou Silk Factory - Silk Quilt Feel the Soft, Thin, Smooth & Light Silk Quilt
Suzhou Silk Factory - Silk Production Lifelike Emroidery Work of a Cat on Silk
Suzhou Silk Factory - Suzhou Map Click to Enlarge the Location Map of Suzhou No. 1 Silk Factory

Useful Tips to Visit Suzhou Silk Factory

1. Services: mailing service (including overseas), currency exchange service, parking lot, hotel, café, restaurant, washroom, etc. are available in Suzhou No. 1 Silk Factory;

2. There are some staff can speak a little English, but it is recommended to visit Suzhou No. 1 Silk Factory with a tour guide who can explain the details of each silk manufacturing step clearly in your language and make your visit more meaningful.

3. If you want to buy some silk products of Suzhou No. 1 Silk Factory, you could directly go to the silk factory to have various selections of high qualities. Besides, you could visit their official website:, send Emails to:, or call the staff (can speak some English) at: +86-0512-65613733.

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Questions & Discussions

Following are latest questions and answers from our webusers and customers. You can learn many useful information from the discussion and cases. You can also join in the discussions or ask your own question. Our experts will help you ASAP.

Can I wash silk pillows purchased from there?
I visited your factory 6 years ago and bought a Doonah and pillows. Wonderful. Unfortunately I washed the Doonah and ruined it. Would love another silk one I am now wondering how the pillows would go if I washed them. Could you please advise me.
2017-05-22 03:52
Hi Diana,

Silk products need washing very gentle. You can dilute neutral detergent like shampoo or shower foam in normal temperature water, and wash your silk pillowcases very gently, and rinse them for at least 3 to 4 times to remove the detergent. Then, press them gently to remove the water. And it is very important not to twist in order not to make the silks out of shape. Make the laundry time within 5 minutes. Spread out the silks and use clean and dry towel to soak up the water. And let them dry out in the wind at cool and dry place. This is only some advices from us, and you can know more tips about the washing of silk products from the Internet.

Have a nice day!
I bought some pillows when I visited China. Can I buy more from you directly and what is the cost involved please.
2017-05-25 22:35
Hello Linda,

I’m sorry that you can’t buy the silk pillow from us. And if you want, you can contact the staff by sending Emails and the address is If no one replies, you can directly call the silk factory at 0512-65613733 to know about how to purchase and the detail prices. And staff there can speak some English, they will help you!

Have a nice day!
Silk doona cover
Is it possible to get a price list for silk covers from No 1 Silk Factory? I bought a queen size silk doona earlier this year & would like to get a silk cover. My friend will be there next week & will purchase it for me..hoping for a reply. Regards. Valerie
2017-06-03 09:59
Hi Valerie,

Thanks for your question. Prices change according to the patterns and sizes of the doona covers in Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory. Covers sized 210*150 cost around 1700RMB, 210*180 around 2200-3200RMB, 220*200 around 2450-3200RMB, and 240*220 around 2680-3300RMB. Those prices are only for your reference. Besides, you can visit the official website of Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory:
call the staff who can speak English at 0521-65613733, or ask them by sending an Email at SZFIRSTSILK@163.COM to know more detailed prices and information about the silk products including the doona covers.

Have a nice day!
yarn silk
How are you, greetings from Guatemala. I have a question. Do you sell the raw silk?. We are interested to acquire it, and how much would be the quantity to be able to buy it and the price. Thank you.
2017-06-17 05:02
Hello Gustavo,

Thank you for the question. However, I’m sorry that we do not sell the raw silk. And if you want to buy it, you can contact the staff by sending Emails to: Besides, you can directly call the silk factory at +86-0512-65613733 to know about the detail quantity and price of the products sold and how to purchase it. Since staff there can speak some English, they will help you!

Wish you a happy day!
Where can I Buy a Duvet from THIS Factory? I am in the U.S. California!
I want to find a Website that sells from this factory
2017-07-18 15:02
Hellow Jenny,

Thank you for the good question. The Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory is specialized in selling silk products and you can visit its official website: to buy silk quilts and other great silk products. Besides, you can contact the staff by sending Emails to: or directly calling the silk factory at +86-0512-65613733, since staff there can speak some English, they could help you know about the detail quantity and price of the products sold and how to purchase and the details about mailing.

Have a nice day!
Buy crinkle silk fabric
Hello, i want to buy 100% silk crinkle 10152 fabric. Please advise me how to contact the factory directly/
2017-08-01 20:13
Hello Ibrahim,

Thank you for the question. You can visit its official website of Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory: to buy silk products. Besides, you can contact the staff by sending Emails to: or directly calling the silk factory at +86-0512-65613733, since staff there can speak some English, they could help you sincerely about how to purchase.

Have a nice day!
silk purchase
Can I buy scarves on line from your company?
2017-09-25 06:59
Hello dear Sheila,

Thank you so much for the good question. However, I’m sorry to tell you that we do not sell silk products online. If you like the silk scarves very much, you could visit the official website of the Suzhou No. 1 Silk Factory: Besides, you can contact the staff by sending Emails to: or directly calling the silk factory at +86-0512-65613733, since the staff there can speak some English, they could help you sincerely about how to purchase.
Furthermore, if you are interested in more knowledge and the making process of silk products, our professional Travel Consultant could help to customize a tour in Suzhou for you to visit Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory and more exquisite Suzhou gardens and water towns that are very popular among world people, and they would provide great services to give you an impressive vacation and nice quotation.

Wish you a wonderful day!
missing sheets
I purchased the silk doona, mattress protector and sheets set, with pillows on 9 September 2017 when I was in China. I brought the goods home in a suitcase you supplied. I opened the package to use on the weekend and discovered that the queen size silk sheets were not there. I brought a king doona and queen mattress protector. There was 2 pillows cases in the packet but no sheets. Can you please send them to me. I can supply my receipt.
2017-09-25 12:32
Hello Ann,

Thank you for the message. I’m sorry for that. Since we do not sell the silk products and have no cooperation relationship with the factory but only introduce them to all travellers and net users, you could contact Suzhou No. 1 Silk Factory directly by calling at +86-0512-65613733 to tell about your case. Staff there can speak some English and they would help you to deal with that.

Have a nice day!
phone contact
i just rung the number you gave me twice and when i said hello and english the man hung up on me. do they have an email address i can use.
2017-09-26 10:29
Hi Ann,

Thank you again! And yes, you could try to send Emails to the factory at: If it would not work either, you could contact the travel agency that you chose when you visited Suzhou for help.

Good Luck!

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