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Cathy Zeng - Our Professional Travel Advisor

China Discovery Travel Advisor


"Hello, my friends. This is Cathy from Chengdu Bamboo International Tours.

The meaning of travel is not the trophy how many photos are a few attractions to occupy a few, but, you do more crazy things, and experience which the heartbeat of the moment, and whether to see more.

I’d like to invite all of you to come and visit China. China is full of contrast in landscape, cultural and historical sites. Right now, I am here waiting for your coming. I promise I will do my best to offer you quality service. You just need to sit back and enjoy, I’ll take care of every detail. "
See my blog:
Travel with Cathy: 5 days Upstream Yangtze River Cruise tour – Victoria Jenna

Why not take the advantages of Cathy's travel experience to design a itinerary just for you, that suits your budget and interests. Her passion to serve you never fades away! Ask her a question about your travel or call her at +86-15983757372.

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China Travel Advisor China Travel Advisor China Travel Advisor China Travel Advisor China Travel Advisor Visit China Discovery in Chengdu Visit China Discovery Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Hello Cathy!

Sorry sorry sorry for the delay!

I hope you will forgive me after reading my comments :-) Here are the answer to your questions:

1.    Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Cathy was a great travel consultant. Due the time zone shift she always answered me when in Italy was night, but I was sure to find her answer the very early morning when I woke up. She organized for us a very well planned and interesting tour and always tried to please my requests, when possible. Cathy is highly recommended!

2.    How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour?

Our tour guides were great, we enjoyed very much to get to know actual cheese people and spend with them whole days together.

Here one by one:

Anna (Beijing): our less favorite but still nice. She remembers the explanations by heart but overall she's ok. We had little problems in understanding her English from time to time.

Walder (Xi'an): very professional, perfect English, he always called us with our names, very well prepared. Highly recommended!

Yangtze cruise: on the Century Sun. WONDERFUL.

Zach (Chengdu): a very young and talented boy, was a pleasure I spend with him our time in Chengdu!

Smiley (Guilin): my favorite! In the two days we spent with her, I got to know a wonderful girl and I hope to see her again. Personally, she made me spend my favorite trip in the whole itinerary!

Lee (Zhangjiajie): a quite shy guide, but with time she opened and we had long chats and long walk! She brought us to a wonderful scenic spot, breathtaking!

[About the itinerary in Zhangjiajie, the last day we had a late plane so we have lost half a day with nothing to do but boring]

Laura (Shanghai): this was the most mature guide we had, very professional and nice. We had only one day in Shanghai but she arranged to shorten the whole 2-days itinerary in just one, to allow us to see everything… Amazing!

3.    Would you like to recommend our company?

During the booking procedure, I recommended the company to a friend of mine who reserved and travels with you on August, so yes, definitely recommended!

May I add a comment on the hotel? We found all the hotel clean and nice, but let us comment that 4/5 star level is not a western 4/5 star level. The only real 5 star hotel was Sunrise on the Bund in Shanghai. That was great. All the others need to be strongly renovated. In the hotel in Zhanghjiajie the swimming pool was already empty at mid-September, even though it was still warm outside. What a pity...

Thank you again...

All the best,

Alexia and Bruno

The following pictures were shared by Alexia and Bruno.

Amazing Yangtze Cruise

Alexia's Happy Time in the Great Wall

Alexia and Bruno Visited the Oriental Pearl Tower

Alexia and Bruno
October 20, 2016

Hi Cathy,

The tour was fantastic the whole group had a great time. Yangkl our guide was excellent and very informative and caring. The driver was safe and very reliable and friendly. Once we got over the email issue I appreciate how quickly you helped get everything sorted. I already have people asking who I went with and am more than happy to recommend you. (Should I be recommending - Tibet discovery, bamboo tours or Tibet vistas? - I may just give them your email) Will we chat over some pics you can use if you wish.

Thanks again for all your work before the tour.


The following pictures were shared by Adam.

Eminent Snow Mountain in Tibet

Adam paid a visit to the sacred lake in Tibet

Adam is watching the Buddhist debating Buddhist scriptures

October 11, 2016

Hi Cathy

Thank you very much for your assistance with our trip. We had a great time and the hotels were great. All the tour guides were really friendly and helpful and made our trip very enjoyable.

Thank you

GaikLin and Ching-Howe Chan

GaikLin and Ching-Howe Chan
September 13, 2016

Dear Cathy,

I had some bad luck on the way home, but that has nothing to do with your company.

The airplane tried to freeze us to death; the whole flight crew was already sick and spread its germs all over the plane, so I was struck with feverish cold for the whole week.

That's why I am late in giving feedback.

We have enjoyed the tour immensely. Your organization was perfect, everything worked fine.Everything worked perfectly, and we would never have made such a tight schedule in connections if we had tried to organize that ourselves. The river cruise on the Yangtze was a wonderful experience. The ship is very modern and comfortable; the crew placed us at a table with fellow Germans...

In summary, the organization of ChinaDiscovery has worked perfectly. I will recommend them to everyone.

I'll get back to you with pictures soon.

And I hope to do another trip with you in the future.



September 23, 2016

Dear Cathy,

Thank you for your email.

It was a wonderful & memorable tour. Thank you so much!

Cathy always gave very fast response.

The tour guides during my whole tour is excellent & very helpful.

Here's some photos. Thank you & have a great day!

Thanks & Best Regards,

Maria Toi

The following pictures were shared by Maria.

Maria's happy memory in Tibet

Maria Toi
August 15, 2016

Dear Cathy,

I would like to thank you very much for corresponding with our son Jason and helping to plan our itinerary to China 12th July to 23 July.

My husband Norman and I enjoyed our holiday. All the guides were informative, helpful, took special care of us making sure we had enough water, time to see the sites and time to rest.

Our guide at Jiuzhaigou was so thoughtful, because of the change in weather he made suggestions the best viewing places and revisiting the places the next day because the weather was clearer.

Leedan our guide at Hangzhou, amazing, our day had finished, she suggested an evening performance, made bookings, took us out to a local eating place before the performance, met us after and made sure we got back to our hotel by taxi. A big thanks,

John (Wu Zhong) made sure our accommodation was comfortable, very knowledgeable, great stamina climbing Huangshan at our pace, very enjoyable company and even found someone to repair my glasses, put the lens back into my glasses as the screw had come away.

All the accommodation were in walking distance to shopping.

Thank you Cathy for making our stay in China memorable.



August 9, 2016

Hi Cathy,

We had a great time on the tour! I put our answers below in blue and have attached some photos.

Take Care,

Heather Sonmez

The following pictures were shared by Heather Sonmez.

Heather Sonmez and Family visited Beijing and Xian to enjoy brilliant culture of China

Heather Sonmez
August 13, 2016

Dear Cathy,

We had a fantastic trip with China Discovery.

1. China Discovery were absolutely fantastic from start to finish, they tailored our trip to suit us and made sure

We were comfortable throughout and we were making sure our time every city was not wasted

2. Our guides were great people first and foremost and very knowledgeable of the regions we were in. They were very patient, excited to be showing their China and it's fantastic food&.

3. Absolutely, I would recommend China Discovery and there guides with an problem at all. I don't think our trip could have been any better except for having more time in some cities we visited


August 4, 2016

Hi Cathy

Thank you for your email. I know my parents really enjoyed their trip and appreciated the great service you provided. I will speak to them this weekend to get more specific feedback that I can pass on.

Kind regards


August 3, 2016


The travel consultant cooperation was excellent.

All the local guides were very helpful, prompt, courteous and pleasant.

Yes, I am happy to recommend your company.


June 29, 2016

Dear Cathy,

Great to hear from you after trip !

Tour was great in all aspects (with some minor "on road" issues related to itinerary and hotels infrastructure).


1. My travel consultant Cathy was one of the best. She was fast, descriptive and really really helpful. She did her best and even one step further. It was pleasure to communicate with her in every aspect of tour preparation, dealing with actual and possible issues. I was my best tour adviser experience.

2. My tour guide Danni did very well. If issue resolution was in his power, he did it fast and in a best way for me. From my point of view, some time, he did even more than it would normally require from tour guide. I would say in general all guides I met during my trip in Tibet took great care of their customers, I was really pleased.

3. I have already recommended your company to my friends for their trips in Tibet. I was really satisfied with service level, trip preparation and guidance along the way.

You can put my feedback on your website under my first name, if you don't mind.

Please find attached a few photos from my trip.


The following pictures were shared by Sergey.

Sergey's Family visited Tibet

June 26, 2016

Hello Cathy

Thank you very much for your support. Everything was all right and we enjoyed our trip. Our feedback see below.

My travel consultant of your company is fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer questions.

The tour guides during the Yangtze River Cruise spoke good English and was very friendly. The guide (coffee) in Yichang spoke also very good English, was flexible about the program and also very friendly. We are only not sure, if we didn't pay to much (148 RMB per Person) for the entry into the "Three Travelers Cave". His Behavior was a little bit special.

I would absolutely like to recommend your company.

Best regards

Iva Krüttli

Iva Krüttli
May 6, 2016

Hello Cathy,

We really had a wonderful trip! After all we were happy that there were so few of us on the ship.


Laura Hyttinen
April 11, 2016

Hello Cathy,

We had a fabulous trip and really enjoyed it. The Century Sun is definitely a bit dated; but it was beautifully clean. The staff were 100% excellent all the way, we could not at any point fault service. The food was fantastic, new foods on every buffet. The guides and off shore excursions were great. My most major issue was out of anyones control; we did not get to do the ghost city as not enough passengers signed up, and that was the only voluntary excursion i really wanted to do!! A pity.

A lot of my friends are waiting to hear back how it went and yes we will be recommending you and the Century Sun.



April 09, 2016

Hi Cathy,

You were effective and efficient. Penny was wonderful. A great guide and very knowledgeable. We will definitely recommend your company.



April 04, 2016

Hi Cathy,

“Dealing with Cathy has been a pleasure to deal with from start to end. Not only was she very prompt, professional and friendly with responding, she was able to organise my 5 day within a very narrow time window (I actually confirmed and paid the same day as airport pickup). For all of this, I am extremely grateful.

I would highly recommend Cathy and China Discovery to all. Not only was I able to customise my tour itinerary to suit my own interests and time frames, I actually found the price to be the best out of all local tour companies I enquired with.

The tour itself exceeded all of my expectations and even with 4 days dedicated to indulging myself in this unbelievable wonderful scenery, I couldn’t get enough – even with the amount of walking involved.

I couldn’t have wished for a better guide than Sarah. Not only was her English impeccable, she was very sweet & personable, and had incredible knowledge of the local area and customs. Not only did she endure all the walking and stairs with me, she handled every part of the tour – from tickets and local food to transport (something I doubt I could have done, even as somewhat a savvy traveller).

From suffering through the latest Batman movie as a way to burn time til my midnight flight (my choice and I do apologise for the choice), to seeing me off at the airport, she went way over and beyond – and I sincerely thank her for everything she did.

I had the experience of a lifetime, and will never forget the time I had in Zhangjiajie – to everyone involved, I big heartfelt thank you!”

If you could please also pass on my sincere gratitude and comments to Sarah, that would be highly appreciated. She was simply magnificent during the whole time and I wish I would have spent more time there.

Thanks and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.


The following Zhangjiajie trip pictures were shared by Michael.

Visit Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain

Experience Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Cable Car

Visit Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain

Michael Visited Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain

Visit Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain

Michael Visited Zhangjiajie Mountain - 999 steps to the cave

April 01, 2016

Hi Cathy,

I was very satisfied with the consultant's answering all emails and questions in a timely manner. The tour guides were very good, balancing both Chinese and English commentaries -- which I know is difficult to do. I would definitely recommend your company.

Hope this works for you.



Mar.16, 2016
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